Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Pet Psychic

I had to move home at the end of February and not by choice, which I would think made this move for me more stressful. I was in a complex that belonged to a property group. All the units were rental units. One of the directors of the group decided he wants to go overseas and ofcourse that meant that his shares in the properties had to be paid out to him. So as a result of that the property group put up the all the units for sale. The tenants, which ofcourse included me, were given the option to buy. There are two reasons I never took up the option 1) the place I was in was not exactly worth buying as it just needed to much repair. Had I bought I would have over capitalised. 2) I do not want to be bound by anything in this country as it still is my goal to emigrate to Europe, preferably Spain - hopefully sooner than later.

To find something else to rent was already a mission. The places I saw were tiny! No garden. No garage and the prices were horrendous! I eventually found the place I am in now. I was very lucky as the day I saw the ad it had already had 365 views. It is a 2xbed 2xbath with a huge loft and balcony upstairs. Patio downstairs with a small garden and a single garage. The lounge and kitchen is open plan. A very nice spacious unit.

With the house move I had to move my two cats. My one cat that has been with me for about 12 or 13 years went missing on the second day I was here in the new place. I am devastated! I have searched and searched - called all the vets - have been to the SPCA a couple of times - walked the streets calling her - put up posters everywhere - I am so exhausted and my feet are so sore. I have easily covered 12 to 18kms everyday on foot searching surrounding streets! I have people at the old place keeping an eye out for her in case she should go back.

Out of desperation I approached a Pet Psychic named Antjie. I was referred to Antjie by a woman, Leandrie, that had called me after seeing a stray cat which she thought was Jolie. She did look very similar to Jolie. Very interesting. All Antjie wanted from me was two fotos of Jolie - one where she can look into Jolie's eyes and one full body foto and then ofcourse Jolie's name. I never told her where I was from or anything else, for all she knew I could be living in Cape Town. I approached her on Friday night. I waited anxiously to see what she would come back with. 

Next day, mid morning I get an e-mail from Antjie advising me that Jolie is still alive according to the body scan and that she is not hungry or thirsty. She has access to water. Antjie then described what Jolie sees around her and how she got to be where she was. She described a fenced off area with a light green steel palisade fence. To the left of this she saw an open field and further in the distance she saw some buildings. I nearly flipped over as I knew exactly where it was that she was describing to me!! Right next to my complex is an open field and to the back is a green belt that is fenced off with light green palisade fencing. She said that Jolie was closest to the palisade fence. Needless to say I called and walked there the whole weekend with no luck. It had also rained heavily so I cannot see how Jolie would have stayed there. Antjie did a follow up on the Monday evening. This time she described a facebrick house with an extended roof and a black palisade gate. I asked her if it was light facebrick or dark facebrick - she said it was light. In my complex there is a house matching that description, but once again after calling Jolie - there is still no sign of her. I do believe she is nearby, I just wish she would come out of hiding. So, for those of you that are skeptic about Pet Psychics - maybe this will convince you otherwise. I highly recommend Antjie. She certainly has a gift! I include here the foto's I took after receiving the descriptions from Antjie.

This is the house that matches her description - the gate is now open.


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