Thursday, December 13, 2018

Stay The Course

Incredible!! The messages of 12 December 2018 and this one for today resonate 110%!! And the part about learning new things...Boy have I learnt a whole bunch of new things on this journey right now! You have no idea how much!!

Today's Daily Angel Card Message for Thursday, December 13, 2018

The Fairy Tarot by Radleigh Valentine (Doreen Virtue, PhD)

The Princess of Autumn (Pentacles) reveals that you are developing skills and knowledge necessary to help you fulfill a purpose and need. A whole new world is starting to open up to you, as you're making connections and learning from your mistakes. This is a positive sign that you're shifting in the right direction, or that things are going to take a better turn for you. It's becoming easier to move forward, as you begin to see the steps unfold in front of you. This might give you a clearer indication of some opportunities you've been waiting to come. They may not be fully expected, but nonetheless they're completely welcomed blessings. You've shown restraint in the past and this has kept you stalling from receiving other opportunities. Somehow, this time, you feel different and better about your odds, and you feel this chance is totally worth the risks. From where you stand, you only will gain from whatever is provided. Now, you must stay the course with faith and trust in your chosen path. The decision has been made, and now you must let it play itself out completely to see what rewards are presented along the way!

The angel number 980 appeared for this reading. It's message says, “God is ensuring that, as you devote your time and energy towards serving a spiritual focus, all of your material and financial needs are met.” The surplus of energy in the universe is a limitless reserve of enthusiasm, generosity, and abundance. It materializes from your soul's radiant joy, which summons the Divine source of love to bless you endlessly. Anything which activates this presence of joy within you is focused around a spiritual purpose. To keep the flow of revenue and resources coming, you only need to continue to foster your own happiness and take action on the ideas, which gives them expression. Even if you aren't sure of a specific project or wish that you might serve and offer, you can incorporate in any routine the creativity of your imagination, which is an extension of your joy. Instead of connecting to a task through criticism, reverse this approach and try optimizing it through your mind's creative ideas and solutions. There's no guarantee that everything you pursue will be fun once you get moving. It's a choice to make it so, and thereby you make the difficult easier and enjoyable.

This card might suggests that you are a diligent and responsible person who enjoys learning and exploring new things. However, you may have lost your perspective and your way, as you allowed an unfortunate incident to discourage you in some way. It is possible that someone doesn't play by the rules and takes liberties to gain what they want. You are perhaps discouraged and disappointed by the unfairness of others who seem to get ahead without consequences. Their actions impact others and you're unwilling to follow. Watching this has made you feel that you won't be able to accomplish your dream, because you aren't willing to put your needs ahead of others. Morally, you feel obligated to do the right thing no matter what consequences you think you may suffer by not being more selfish. Short cuts are being taken, and they may seem like the only solution. However, your creativity is endless, and the universe has untapped potential that it's banked in you. It's just waiting for you to discover it within yourself. Once you seek it, they will release it to you in spades.

This is the best position of opportunity for you to be in, even though you don't truly realize it just yet. This early stage of development is going to open your mind to all kinds of changes. Your situation will change, as your perception of various pieces shifts and your knowledge and experience accumulates. A great deal of what you see and understand will expand into new information. What you will do with it will change the level of the game you're able to play on. There are quite a number of advancements you'll encounter. Prepare to receive new ideas and opportunities. Don't be afraid of them. They're preparing you to make way for changes you've been praying for and waiting to happen. You'll need the advantages that'll to come along with them. Your confidence in your abilities will grow and this will give you a new sense of value and worth. Think further about the ways you're guided to contribute to making differences in communities small and large. Don't be afraid to start on a small scale until it grows in the momentum of its own merits. Get ready for something great, and prepare for the prospect of it being an easier and smoother transition. You deserve good things. Embrace this as a part of your vision. Resist making things more complicated than is necessary. May the Source be with you always!


Appreciate The Process Of The Journey

Today's Daily Angel Card Message for Wednesday, December 12, 2018

The Fairy Tarot by Radleigh Valentine (Doreen Virtue, PhD)

Before you entered this situation, you knew that it would require grit to get things accomplished. The Nine of Spring (Wands) suggests you're not willing to give up and that you're not out of ideas about how to make things better. You're completely committed to this project or plan no matter how challenging things become. You're not quite as prepared as you'd wish, but as caretaker of this idea, there's no one more qualified to choose the next course of actions. You built this for a reason. Focus on your vision. Leave any painful details behind you. This is an opportunity to open up your heart and trust something higher than yourself. There is a spiritual purpose driving this agenda. It's important that you complete it. You can feel this particularly strong at this time. There are some choices you hadn't planned on considering, but circumstances has made them relevant now. It seems like something has interrupted your plans unexpectedly and may create unwanted compromises, if you are afraid to handle them. Don't stand down, because you're unsure of the direction your actions might influence. These are not calculations you can fully predict, especially for the long-term. Right now, it's imperative that you do what's best for the present. You can be as clear in your handling for whatever may or may not happen in the future.

This is not to say that you should ignore anything that comes to mind about the future outcome. However, you do need to weigh the matter based on your priorities for the present moment. If you can foresee a future impact that's not going to serve the greater good, freedom, and purpose, then you must keep searching your heart for a better solution. However, I don't foresee it being that complicated of a decision. Although, it is the conditioning of the human mind to worry, it's usually unnecessary once everything has been said and done. Usually, you discover that the mind makes things appear more difficult than they actually were. There's usually regret over allowing the mind to have so much influence, which usurps all the pleasure and joy from your experiences. This is something to try to regain by being mindful of the lessons of the past. Everyone arrives at the conclusion of any endeavor only to realize they could have done it easier. Yet, there is something that forces us to make the same choices, as if there was no way to see it coming, all the extra stress and hardship we place on ourselves, because of the mirages of the mind and its fears.

Maybe, the first thing we need to accept is that we can't fix everything, and that perhaps some imperfections are useful to our development and free will. It's like the distraction of trying to rid your garden of every insect or pest (perhaps a term of the ego's criticism and annoyance). Is it insane to believe that you will get rid of everyone of them and that this will make you happy or less anxious? The contrast of the universe will continue the cosmic dance of balance and free will. There are solutions to help you manage a problem, but a fix, as in permanent, isn't realistic to obsess over. You can enjoy some peace of mind from the management of the situation, in which the solution helps maintain a healthy balance of cooperative and uncooperative parties. You're not sweeping something under the rug, but you are aware that you have to keep looking for better options while applying the best solution for now. At some point down the road, there might be a far more advanced opportunity to deal with the changes you foresee occurring. As a result, your concerns might become obsolete. You may strongly foresee irreplaceable outcomes based on what is available now, but someone may have innovated something that changes the entire outcome you predicted. This leaves the future secure in an unforeseeable way.

Don't let annoyances turn into debilitating frustrations. They will exhaust your reserve of enthusiasm and optimism, so that when the time comes you can't appreciate or experience what you've worked so hard to cultivate and accomplish. You need to think about what's important and let some things go. Surrender to the higher good. Think about the value of your goals. What is it that you most wanted to share, that it was so important for you to take on this responsibility? What did you envision when you first started this project? Then consider, what is possibly compromising this dream. Are they distractions to this and has it been worth it? Finally, ask yourself, what would make everything you did truly worth it? Without delay, put those ideas and solutions into action. Forget about the what ifs. They're not totally eliminated from the realm of possibilities. Right now, they make it impossible for you to leave the driveway. Those questions and doubts are you driving with one foot on the gas and the other on the brake. This is a bad driving habit you learn early on not to do. Keep your foot on the gas the pedal, and move forward. You'll learn to read the signs once you get on the road and they'll give you some sense of direction, that you're nearing your destination. You can't trust or appreciate the process of the journey until you are actually driving on the roads taking you somewhere. If you need to suddenly come to stop or need to pull over, you'll have the brake and other tools available for use under the right circumstances. Now, stop worrying and go! May the Source be with you always!


Sunday, December 9, 2018


Do you want to change the way things are? Would you like to fix a situation today so that you don't have to deal with it tomorrow?  Perhaps you had an argument with someone in which you blew up and said things you regret. Maybe you neglected an important obligation, and inconvenienced and really angered the person who had to fill in for you. Or you did something selfish and thoughtless that wounded a friend.To fix a situation is not as impossible as it sounds. All it requires is a gentle stroll back into the past and a look at an old memory or two. A formative part of your history has been misfiled and categorised in a way that creates misunderstanding. If you look back, it brings the chance for you to see this incident in a new way and opens doors for an opportunity to fix a situation. If you would like to fix a situation, rather than thinking about how scared you are to make the apology, or what the other person will say, ground yourself in the simple fact that you intend to do the right thing, no matter what.Then your future will appear in a brighter light. This brings the song "Fix You" by Coldplay to mind.This song can have many different meanings to people.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Synchronistic Events

Today's Daily Angel Card Message for Wednesday, December 5, 2018

The Fairy Tarot by Radleigh Valentine (Doreen Virtue, PhD)

The valve for new emotional connections and experiences are occurring, and as a sign you're starting to notice a thread of synchronistic events, such as repeated patterns of goodwill and opportunities. You may notice that your heart just opens toward someone or something with tremendous faith and trust. You might not know the reason, and it somehow catches you off guard. A feeling of innocence and purity holds you captive in a world changed through new eyes, which are now spiritually penetrating the illusions with true clarity. This allows you a new freedom of choices and decisions to consider. A complex problem or situation is now made simple, easier, and more pleasurable, as you gather greater stride and advantages from your new perspective. You can imagine different possibilities, which expands your options. Your soul initiates an innovative spirit of higher vibrational ideas and plans. There has been something you've closed off your heart to, but in this new frequency, the freedom of information under the grace of unconditional love reopens the doors of your heart. Now, you are able to breathe and embrace your creative spirit and dreams, as the channel of wisdom explodes with joy and renewal!

The Ace of Summer (Cups) indicates that your heart is blossoming, and in doing so, brings forth all your spiritual gifts, which are relevant to the changes you're aspiring towards. These changes were already set in motion at the same time a dramatic event revealed hidden bleeding wounds, which hadn't resolved. The contents of this wound hosted an environment of various indifferences, regrets, and loss. This rush of love heals and repairs, as your soul soars in the spotlight of its truth and powerful creativity. You may have strong convictions about healing the world through your services. You will at least be able to affect it from your corner of it. There are people within your community who will most graciously benefit from your new heart activation. As you share from your simple and humble beginning, it will spiral out as each person you meet will carry the activation with them to other places. This process will continue to increase in its range the more each interacts with more and more people. Don't underestimate the power of your vision and its effect on someone else.

It's what they do with it that really matters. How they internalize the vision is what adds to its potency. When you share it for the first time, you have no way of knowing how the idea changes someone else, and changes through them. This isn't really any of your concern or right to control. You have to trust that you did well in offering it in a manner that they could receive from it what was meant for them, in order to get them going. When you exert so much energy trying to get something perfect, or the conditions, in order to present whatever you're working on, you are too hung up on how to control your gifts to exact the specific outcome you're looking to influence in others. When in fact, you will never have any control over that no matter how much science you calculate to manipulate the results. Of course, it's attempted and some succeed in doing something along those lines. However, the reaction or the fall out eventually will come around, and unpredictably so. If you would place more faith in what you imagine and understand as you're performing, you'll feel more at ease about accomplishing any goal or desire.

You know when your heart is open or freer. The feeling of freedom expanding is the opportunity to know that your time is now to start sharing your talents, vision, and skills. You don't need to know the reason or how. When you feel the doors open at particular moment the conversation or intercourse will align and occur. Yes, in that moment, the iron is hot and ready for you to strike it! There are no questions or answers. It's simply time to explore, network, and engage the audience, which is suddenly and unexpectedly before you. The angel number 548 was indicated for this reading, which says, “The angels say that the changes you're making will give you more financial security.” The dove in this card goes before you to symbolize that this is a path of peace and security. You shouldn't try to avoid this decision or choice just because you're afraid and uncertain. It's best if you make peace with this opportunity and accept that wanting to feel in control isn't a sign of mastery. It's the opposite. A master doesn't know what to expect, but they trust the wisdom of the universe within them, that they'll know what to do in the moment. The clarity is already available where you are headed, along with the resources, energy, opportunities. You are looking for a new start, not a familiar outcome. Open your heart and discover it anew. May the Source be with you always!


The To Do List

We all have a diary or notebook with our daily "to do" list. Sometimes an endless list! What are you going to do once you've managed to do everything? Make another list? You can't imagine ever getting to that point? Does that mean that you're intending to spend the remainder of your days running about dealing with different sources of stress? If that's the only option, there's only one way to tackle it. You're just going to have to learn to enjoy the experience! Success is about the journey, not the destination.

Monday, December 3, 2018

The Dream, The Goal and The Plan

So relative! Today I had all these intentions of really getting stuck to the grindstone. I have so much I want to get done...and murphy's intentions flew out the window! So many interruptions today it's just not funny...BUT...I took a step back and thought that this could only be happening as this all has to do with timing.

Today's Daily Angel Card Message for Monday, December 3, 2018

The Fairy Tarot by Radleigh Valentine (Doreen Virtue, PhD)

The illustration of the Four of Winter (Swords) provides some insight and advice for how to deal with a situation you feel you're unable to manage at present. The conditions surrounding the situation aren't in a favorable position for you to take the kind of action you'd like. It's possible that your actions might be too hasty as there are other considerations you haven't noticed yet to receive the answers you're seeking. Give yourself some time to learn important lessons because of what's happening. Just because it's not a favorable time or response, doesn't mean that the disadvantages aren't working out something for your benefit. There's nothing that doesn't benefit you, if you keep an open and positive mind towards any situation. You have access to a great storehouse of universal wisdom you've lived along with many other ascended souls. This databank is an unlimited and shared library of enlightenment. When you are feeling like your movements are restricted, this is because you are not flowing in alignment with this knowledge, and the purpose and truth, you're seeking to fulfill. The universe and your higher self has got your back at all times. The flow of alignment is a secure connection you have, and will still continue enjoy. It's a good thing when you recognize that you're missing it and that you never wish to go without it.

Don't be disappointed in yourself or dissatisfied with anyone else when you're not feeling fulfilled by your results or their responses. Take the hint, and figure out how to adjust your perspective and rediscover alignment where it's available. It may happen to come from an unexpected resource. This doesn't mean for you to get there that you have to analyze your steps in a critical manner. Beating up on yourself or anyone else doesn't compel a connection with the enlightenment which can assist you in moving forward again. You're sometimes too focused on identifying mistakes in yourself or another that you miss the point of finding the solution you're really after in the first place. Give yourself a break sometimes, and you'll lay down a whole new neurological network of behaviors and ideas. To do this, you only need to break the habit of the way you react to unfavorable conditions you don't know how to deal with, because of the abruptness or how far out of the scope of your normal practice it may be for you. The new experience of beginnings and changes is something you will need to adjust for, if you are to find a sense of peace with their purpose. It wouldn't occur if there wasn't any benefit to you. No matter how much it may offend you or make you anxious, it's a part of your journey to help you fulfill the hopes and aspirations you have.

To wait would be a primary message and something that's hard to do when you feel you must do something to maintain control of a situation before it gets out of hand. However, if you have a question about a sign, and you need it to give you the green light, it would mean you don't have enough information or keep doing what you do until you have this clear sense of the right moment. Keep in mind, you aren't waiting for the right moment that suits someone else. You are looking for the right timing for you. Not understanding the difference will create confusion and anxiety. This is possibly one reason you are experiencing delays. You might be holding back because of people close to you. All of your concern is about doing the right thing for them, and you've been waiting for it to be the perfect opportunity for everyone. It can happen, but it will also feel right to you, meaning it fits into your sense of timing. Likewise, there are moments or circumstances where this isn't true. You have to trust yourself, meaning your wisdom and truth. It will resonate with you, as in you'll feel a new level of freedom. You have to square things with your heart first. This means that you need to make a decision in your heart. Once you take this action, the external matters will begin to move like pieces on a board. As the universe anticipates your direction and needs, it will help by making adjustments that will continue to create a path of relief and ease. It does this according to how you decide within your heart.

Everything is balanced according to the decision which forms in your heart. You may hesitate or feel you don't have the right because of other people and conditions surrounding you. In the immediate moment, things are not in a position where you can take action, but you can always agree or decide within yourself. Within your soul, you aren't arguing with anyone or the elements involved in the situation. You've set an intention, and made a goal or outline for a plan. You understand that in this silence the universe listens without objection or judgment. It seems natural to our human needs to express everything out into the world for we look to it to be our soundboard. We rely heavily on this feedback and it's validation. It's hard for us to witness the silence within our souls as a voiceless wisdom and truth guiding and revealing without fanfare. It's feedback is neutral. It's not seeking your worship and obedience. It only wishes to share in the experience of whatever joy, peace, and enlightenment you obtain from whatever unfolds, as it's a constant presence of support and unconditional love. The support it enables for your dreams is balanced according to the flow of freedom you allow. Don't take it personally when things aren't going to your satisfaction, and also when everything seems hung up. Love yourself unconditionally and discern what your heart truly wants. It's not telling you what you want, but it's helping you to know, what you already know and feel, that will bring you happiness. It holds the pure intention of your purpose and is helping you to remain clear and focused on this desire.

Out of all that you live, your soul records everything. You discover your desires and wants through loving and living. There are multiple instances where this occurs much under the radar of your awareness. However, the awareness of your soul is attentive and observant. It misses nothing of value to your spiritual light and its development. When you fall in love with an idea, you may not likely remember the purpose, which inspired you and the emotional connection along with it. Your soul prioritizes each of them and places the strongest and clearest at the top of your mind and correlates them to the most open frequency of your heart and its freedom. This for you is like getting drawn into the orbit of a radiant sun, which is summoning you and filling you with vitality, talents, sacred knowledge, and supportive resources. Every idea that drops into your consciousness is an expression of this radiant idea. You may sometimes feel like the rays are bearing down on your back and applying pressure. It's not really. It's just strengthening the connection for you to the idea, the dream, the goal, and the plan, so that you know that you have a hope and a future. It reminds you that you have a purpose, and when it becomes too heavy to bear, it wishes that hopefully you'll take joy in being busy with a meaningful purpose. Have no fear about the silence or stagnation, which the conditions warrant. Now's the time to access your wisdom to make internal decisions. This is where real change happens and is most effective! May the Source be with you always!


Friday, November 23, 2018


Niks beter as 'n brandende vuur in die Suid Afrikaanse bos met die sterre in die hemel en goeie geselskap nie! Nou is ek lus vir lekker braaivleis!!