Thursday, May 31, 2018

New Roads

New roads are laid almost daily. Most of the time it isn't a problem, until we find our usual paths inexplicably blocked. Then we must use our innate sense of direction, or relearn the route. This can be applicable to life too. Just because you're on an unfamiliar road, doesn't mean you're heading the wrong way. In order to address a current problem, you must face old issues. Serious thought is needed to bring imagination to the fore. It's a challenge to be embraced.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Choose What You Desire

I absolutely love when a card completely resonates with my situation. About two months ago I thought of this idea I could use to incorporate with what I am doing now with the cryptocurrency trading, but, I shot the idea down. All kinds of excuses I made for it not to work. Then I forgot about it and carried on with life. Recently again this idea came to me and again it was almost like the Universe was putting all kinds of things relative to this idea in my path, so much so that there was just no way for me to just disregard it. I eventually decided that this is probably the path that the Universe wants me to follow. Wow! Once I decided that and started looking into the possibility, everything just started falling into place. Amazing!! No more delays. The wheels have been set in motion. I am excited, nervous and happy to see how this will all unfold!

Today's Daily Angel Card Message for Monday, May 28, 2018

In this card, The Ego (Devil), we find the Dreamer masked and in a repressed state of mind. It appears as though what he began with has become compressed or scaled back. The portal was expansive and filled with many different things symbolizing spiritual fulfillment and purpose. Now, this scene feels empty. However, in this emptiness, it seems to beg for more to fill it. Even when it feels like you've nothing to offer or that there's no clear purpose or direction, this vacuum creates a desire, which summons something wonderfully new to replace it. You are in the perfect position to be aware of this, and to carefully choose what you desire. The vacuum automatically draws new energy to replace it, so that something should always exist wherever a vacuum might occur. Your role isn't as difficult as you would make it. It may be that you worry about what's to come next, and fret over coming up with an answer or making a decision. Something is coming. After a contraction, the expansion will ensue. You don't have to make any effort for the effect to unfold. You just need to be open to the best and highest good.

In fact, if you would just trust yourself and go with what inspires you, or begin whatever you are most clear about for the present moment, the cooperative components will become available. When you are charged by your ideas, you create a portal for abundance to channel through you. A vortex is formed, which keeps materializing and containing everything you need to assist you in completing and fulfilling your desires. It will continue to expand as you express yourself through joy. It's good when you dive in and fulfill actions that heighten your senses, thrill your intellect, encourage your heart, and empower your soul. These kinds of experiences escalate the activity of possibilities and opportunities for you to interact with and seize. Nothing can really chain you down for you are pure Spirit, which is unbound and unlimited. Perhaps, the mask is the clue to help you undo what you have done by choice, knowingly or unknowingly.

The mask reminds you of the freedom you compromise and trade, when you try to hide any part of yourself. Perhaps, you are hiding behind some excuse, which you are using to keep you from getting on with something important. The angel number 49 appeared when I called in your higher self for understanding and guidance about this reading. It says, “The angels urge you to get to work on your major goals and life purpose without delay. Ask them to help you with ideas, courage, and motivation.” Now is the time to foster your goals, and that they become your first priority. To nurture them, you have to apply discipline and commitment to what your heart wants. Simply, let your impact you, as a discipline to cherish. This is the perfect moment to organize a strategy to help you keep your mind stimulated and focused. It's easy to allow other matters to distract you and to keep pressing through until you give into them. You may want to decide the things that you need to hand over to someone else to manage, so that you can relax knowing that it's being taken care of. Planning for other options, just in case the usual distractions pop up, is a great idea to avoid losing sight of your spiritual priorities. It is most important that you be yourself and honor your truth. Participating in things that don't benefit you or make you happy causes you to start lying to yourself. The next thing you'll find yourself doing is working to make others happy. This will cause you to feel like your world is contracting and you'll feel empty inside, as well as, the world around you looks empty and uninteresting.

When this happens, you aren't full of brilliant ideas, and you lack courage and motivation to accomplish anything. Of course, you'll feel like you should be doing something amazing with your life, and then you'll feel guilty, because you aren't doing anything about it. You'll hate yourself for feeling that way and for doing nothing about it. The reason you have this draw to do better, even though you aren't aligned to do anything about it, is because the truth of your soul, underneath the mask, cannot be suppressed. It won't allow you to rest or take comfort in lying to yourself blindly. It will make the feeling of your truth more intense to keep you real and honest with yourself. Instead of taking your emotional guidance to heart, as in, it's making a judgment against you, use it to help you. It's helping you to stay unsettled until you are ready to acknowledge your truth. The mask is a symbol of illusion and that you are not being honest. Your choices won't feel bad when they're right for you. Change your actions to suit the way you want to feel. Choose the situations that trigger happiness within. Then, you'll unleash the power of abundance and inspiration within you. These voices are never gone. Your decisions and actions either turn the volume high or very low, which determines whether how much more or less you will hear.

You have opportunities, ideas, and options incoming. Now is the time to plant the seeds, and put all of your energy and resources into it. You'll feel successful once you do what you love. You may have an important dream to give back and to help create blessings in other's lives. If you have a passion for doing something that improves other's lives, and this is what makes you happy to see this unfold, then don't delay. Don't think about what you'll need to start helping, start helping from what's available to you. More will come, as others are inspired by your mission and will provide additional support, encouragement, time, and resources. You don't need a lot to do this work and the same applies for anything else. The important tools are inside your soul. What another needs to get on their feet and to thrive is for them to get help discovering the same within themselves. That's the moment when both of you are freed from the prison of your minds, and the world becomes filled with unlimited resources, data, possibilities, and opportunities. Don't try to be anything. This will make it easier for you to start doing what comes naturally. You'll find many facets of yourself fully ablaze with enthusiasm and a willingness to serve in various ways, small and large, and subtle and obvious. Even though you don't feel you have any choices, you do. Walk through the portal open to you. The Dreamer senses a portal nearby and prepares to enter no matter what lies ahead. Life is neverending. If he follows Change, he will find his breakthrough in the next card, which is the Tower. Keep taking the risks. It's worth it. May the Source be with you always!


Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Magic Words

We know the word 'abracadabra". It's an extremely potent magic word. Words are powerful. If you find the right words, they can have a magical effect. Magic words grab hold of people’s attention causing them to become engrossed in your message without even knowing it. There are five magic words, when part of the right scenario, will provoke specific, subliminal actions. What are they? The 1st magic word is “YOU.” It’s hypnotic when used in any form of communication because it changes the tone from general to individual.The “YOU” personalises your message. The word “YOU” also represents a customer focused approach in marketing communication. The 2nd magic word is “BECAUSE.” It’s proven that when you ask someone for a favour and explain the reason why, they are much more likely to agree. The “BECAUSE” can literally double your success rate. The 3rd magic word that hypnotises people is the word “IMAGINE”. “IMAGINE” starts a mind-game, triggers in people feelings of ownership, and helps them visualise being a part of a specific scenario. If they enjoy their visualisations, they are ready to own them. The 4th magic word that speaks to our subconscious mind is the word “REMEMBER.” “REMEMBER” stimulates the imagination similarly to the previous magic word “IMAGINE,” but it also does something extra. It recalls past situations and recreates them, enabling you to experience those same feelings and emotions. The 5th. Never underestimate the power of “WHY.” Humans are curious by nature and “WHY” satisfies the basic and natural feeling of curiosity. “WHY” promises an explanation. This is due to the phenomenon referred to as the curiosity gap. When a person realises there’s a gap regarding a specific topic, the subconscious desire to find out more is triggered, and it can only be satisfied through learning. So now you know the 5 magic words that, when used correctly, can bewitch your prospects and boost conversions.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

The Sky Is Clear

As Norman Vincent Peale, the great promoter of positive thinking, wrote: 'Shoot for the Moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.' So give it your all! The sky is clear. Now is not the time for holding back.Throw yourself into life head first, with all your gusto! Who cares about the people who've doubted you? What do they know, anyway? As you smash through the troposphere, the stratosphere and finally the mesosphere on your way to the stars, spare a thought for them. Perhaps they could learn from you.