Friday, February 24, 2017

White Flag

This song has been reverberating in mind all day! Perhaps for a reason...who knows? Everything happens for a reason I believe.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Playing The Dice

Playing the dice! Einstein was adamant, 'God does not play dice with the universe!' But did he mean that we're all subject to the whims of fate? Actually, he seemed to suggest that there's an order to the way things unfold...that it's not all down to chance. The universe has many tricks up its sleeve and many surprises waiting to be sprung. The planets suggest possibilities but do not dictate the future. Don't get lost in someone else's fog. If you can keep your wits about you, you can benefit from all that unpredictability.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Movie Nights

I found myself watching two movies this month. My sisters and I have a get together every now and then just to catch up and this is what we do. We schedule a movie and dinner night. Watch the movie first and then after go for dinner where we then talk about the movie and generally just catch up and inevitably always have stomach aching laughs! I love this time with my sisters.

So, last weekend we went to see Collateral Beauty with Will Smith. Wow! A movie that certainly made you think about Love, Time and Death. A strong message certainly came out of that movie for me. It had many elements including some romance that really brought the tears on. There we were all three of us with tears streaming down our faces!! :D -  A movie I thoroughly enjoyed and would possibly even hire the DVD when it comes out to watch again.

Oh and then, once again being brought to the harsh reality that no matter where you are here in South Africa, you HAVE to be alert, even in a shopping centre - where we were. We went to Northgate Mall. I can only thank my lucky stars that Angie and I were on guard that night. We had left the restaurant and then gone to the loo's in the mall as Angie needed to do a pitstop before heading home. She lives further away than Rita and I do and would not have made it home. As we come out of the loo an Indian lady comes in. We walk out and as we get to the end of the passageway leading back into the mall, I look to my left and see this guy (which I at first thought was an Indian guy), leaning against a counter there. My immediate thought was that he was waiting for the Indian lady. Anyway, the three of us veer off to to the right and make our way to the exit to the parking area. As we round the corner to the exit I immediately sense someone coming up close to me on my left, so straight away I looked over my left shoulder. Angie, who was in the middle also looked over her left shoulder at the same time I did. I made eye contact with this same guy that had been at the loo's and in that split second this guy then hastily carried on past me. Angie and I then looked at each other and said "shit, he was going to lift my handbag!!" I had my handbag slung over my left shoulder. When we looked again he was gone!! My writing this feels like forever but let me tell you that this all went down in like 3 seconds!! I also then realised when I made eye contact with this guy that he was in fact a black guy and not Indian. His aim of lifting my bag was obviously thwarted as he did not expect Angie and I to actually look at him. I keep replaying the incident in my head and last night after watching 50 Shades Darker, again at Northgate, we spoke about that incident again. This time we were extra alert. 

Anyway, so, yes, we went to see 50 Shades Darker. Was I disappointed after my looking forward to seeing the movie? No, definitely not. I absolutely loved the movie! I actually get so annoyed when I hear or see people commenting on how stupid the first movie was/is and that they thought the books were ridiculous! These people clearly are either frigging prudes or perhaps they are too afraid to explore in the bedroom. But it's not even that, the author of the books, E.L. James, made it absolutely clear that the movie was not to be about porn. In the movie you really do see very little, as you do in any other romance movie. What those people that have nothing good to say about the movie don't see is that there is in fact a story behind all of it. This movie is in fact a romance movie. It's the perfect movie for Valentine's day. This movie shows how the relationship between Ana and Christian grows. It shows how you have to work at a relationship to experience every emotion that goes with love. The joy, the laughter, the warm feelings, the trust, the importance of communicating and then the fear of the possibility of losing someone too. Then also the fact that a relationship is not about owning and controlling someone either, and most importantly too, about being able to compromise. This is what appeals to me about the movie and this is really what it is all about!! So, to those that think the books and the movie are a waste of time....shame...I feel sorry for you is all I can say :)

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Moving Closer To The Rainbow

This is absolutely incredible!!! Another reading for 3 February 2017 that is all about being creative. Achieving what it is I want to achieve. My previous post "The Wind Is Blowing In The Direction Of My Dreams" was right on point and here is another. Goosebumps galore...clearly a message from the Universe for me that I am on the right path. Yes, just as Gregory says, "I am going to do it, even if it is scary" - exactly my take on things yesterday the 3rd of Feb! I deserve to be happy in my life and I will walk through the doorway. There is a beautiful, exciting future for me out there and I am stepping toward it! You just have to agree that these things cannot be made up. Come on - really - two readings on the same day from two different people? I just love it when the Universe speaks to me - this is not coincidental! 

Friday, February 3, 2017

Run To The Water

Another awesome song that has taken my fancy! As I was shutting down this Friday afternoon this song was playing on the radio...quite hope and faith restored...

The Wind Is Blowing In The Direction Of My Dreams

Holy crap!! Goosebumps and I nearly fell off my chair when I read this, this afternoon!! Again this so resonates with me...I am stunned beyond words. Last night while washing dishes I was thinking about all kinds of things...I had a person on my mind...and then I was thinking about what I still had to do after washing the dishes...and then next thing this idea popped into my head from out of nowhere! From there the wheels in my mind were spinning out of control...thoughts racing like a Kawasaki Ninja H2R flying down a race track! I could not wait to get to bed just so that I could start today and get cracking with my new idea. Totally inspired. All done. Lets see how my idea pans out. :D

Today's Daily Angel Card Message for Friday, February 3, 2017

You have stumbled upon the perfect idea, but foresee a few hitches in your plans. These hitches were not something you had accounted for. It may mean considering other changes you weren't expecting or open to doing. It's come up, and you'll have to address it. It's best to get things out in the open, so that you'll have real knowledge to work with. It may not be as complex or unsettling as you are thinking. The angels were giving me several angel numbers to speak to your concerns. The first was 858. It says, “To heal your career and finances, you've got to make some positive and healthful changes in your life. You already know what you need to do, so trust this knowledge and act upon it without delay.” This unexpected twist is helping to push you in this positive direction. Don't resist this. It's a necessary part of your transformation.

It might not be easy to make this decision, because there are many other variables involved. But, this is about doing what's healthy and best for you. You have an opportunity to find happiness and fulfillment in your life, that you haven't experienced for a really long while now. You may want to hang onto a situation as an excuse to make this more challenging than it really is. Resist this impulsive behavior. Take into consideration other key aspects of this opportunity. What other possible details are you overlooking, because you're blindsided by some deep fear? You may have to give something up, in exchange for a whole host of other wonderful things. Don't try to evaluate the new situation with the former standards of your life. They existed as your best options then. Now, they no longer remain the direction and center of your soul's evolution. You have to adjust your settings to the present circumstances you're summoning through the desires your heart is offering and expanding through. More possibilities are endlessly available to connect with you. You feel the alignment calling you toward these changes. Let yourself go there!

The next angel number was 602. It reads as the following, “Trust that God is helping you with your daily needs, because this is true.” As you are called, the help is forming along with it. Everything you need is available through the enjoyment of your participation. The more relaxed you are in your mind, the clearer the beat of your heart's meaning becomes. Those beats are signals of communication from your Source guiding you each step. Obstacles along the way help you review your options, so that you don't close off from connecting with your inner voice. You may not know where to turn in those initial moments, but you will learn to pray for clarity as a practice before reacting to any situation thrown at you. You don't have to have all the answers to start something important. Even when you believe you have it all mapped out, there are far more unseen variables you can't predict. There will be future decisions you don't know about or have answers for, but that doesn't hinder you in this moment. There's no difference between the possible problems you've considered or the ones that haven't occurred to you, yet. When the time is ready either way, the information you need will appear to guide you in making the best choice.

The less you concentrate on little issues the less you create confusion and disturbance in your emotional vibration. The more you're able to alleviate any resistance, you will experience more needs being met in your life. Find a different area to focus your gifts, that sustains your eye for all the cooperation that's actively unfolding around you. If there is a necessary move factored into your plans, don't worry. Pause the list of cons you're factoring. Observe from the intention that the universe is cooperating with you on every level. Some of your concerns will be temporary at the most, but not enough of an issue for you to back out. These transitions have a positive conclusion and eventually give you a peace of mind. You're standing too close to the situation to see things objectively. Don't involve your emotions in negative criticism, as they lay the foundation for how and what you get. This card is also about a period of initial ideas. Enjoy this phase of the process. This is not the stage to start dissecting and analyzing your ideas. This is a time for dialogue and exchanging ideas. It's also about communicating and articulating your ideas clearly to others whom it may concern. Before you assume, get the facts and learn all you can. Leave your assumptions and presumptions out of the equation. Approach the situation with a clean slate, so that the truth can be easily revealed.

The final angel number was 273. It reads, “You're going in the right direction, thanks to your prayers and the help of beloved ascended masters “ Like the card illustration reveals, you may feel you've peaked and clouds have settled around you. It may seem you've reached a dead end or the new circumstances have caused you to feel isolated at the top. Think of this as opportunity to write your own script, instead of following someone else's perspective or expectations. Don't blow the circumstances of these changes too far out of proportion to what's really going on with you. You don't have to be afraid of your dreams or your decisions. Don't deal with these moments alone. Call upon the angels, and especially Archangel Michael to help you become fearless and confident. Ask him for signs validating the path you've chosen. Don't let go of the inspiration, which caused you to take each action step forward. Believe in yourself! Don't always defer to others for belief in what you do.

At that moment when you feel like you've lost the scent of the trail, sharpen your senses and seek it out. The bump in the road just indicates that the wind has shifted to a better course of action. Take a moment to adjust by closing your eyes and feeling which direction the wind is blowing. One thing is certain. It's definitely blowing in the direction of your dreams and purpose! Have an enjoyable weekend of sifting through the opportunities that are in the air for you! Breathe and embrace them. May the Source be with you always!