Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Twin Flames

Wow! I was about to log out of my computer when I was prompted to go to this folder. Something said that it needed to be cleaned out. It was not on my to-do list to do any cleaning out of any folders. I just looked at all the bumpf in this particular folder and was about to delete the whole lot when once again I was prompted to see what this strange note said. I don't even remember when I saved this.  What I do know is that it gave me goosebumps when I read it, and right there and then I knew I had to save this again to a place where I would see it. I have to wonder, was I meant to see this for some reason? Perhaps a message from, or to my Twin Flame. This is just so incredibly beautiful...Fabulous!! It also brought to mind the song by Leona Lewis and Avicii - "We Can Collide". Goodness me! This is very interesting how the lyrics of that song tie in with this note. I am in awe...synchronicity or coincidence is the question!

Friday, June 8, 2018

Vacation Time

Three more sleeps! I just love that feeling of looking forward to a vacation :) I cannot wait to breathe in that fresh Mountain air and I really do hope that this time there will be some snow on the Mountains! This time we planned the vacation later as last year we missed seeing snow by two weeks. We had gone to the Drakensberg in May last year. I was so disappointed not seeing snow. The last time I saw actual, proper thick snow where I went tobogganing was in Germany many, many years ago! I actually have not checked the weather for the Drakensberg as yet but judging from the freezing morning and night time temperatures here in Jo'burg there must be snow on the Lesotho and Drakensberg mountains. I just feel saddened again that my sister Karin cannot join us (the rest of the sisters) once again...It is just infuriating that things have gotten so expensive in this country, that it is just not possible for most people to just get on a plane to visit family. My son was very fortunate to have gone to London this week on business. I was actually quite envious of him...that is another destination I have on my bucket list along with Paris and Spain! The photo he took at Jamie's Italian at London Bridge is absolutely awesome. It must have been quite a sight to people walking around him as he says he lay down on the ground to take the pic! Right...I need to get my ass into gear and get out to the Mall...last minute shopping for the holiday...whoop whoop!

Jamie's Italian London Bridge

Snow at Underberg - Drakensberg (I hope we see more of this)