Friday, April 29, 2011

Wondering And Waiting

Wondering and waiting upon a moonlit midnight clear sky.... are you there my handsome love? A yearning hunger lay deep within me, stirring my soul to ever brilliant waves of energy and love … and yet who is it for? There is nobody here but me and so I wonder and wait for that special someone to hear my lonely cry in the middle of the night, to share a sweet embrace and a warm kiss against the cold beneath the beautiful moonlit night sky. The oh so beautiful moon, it's silvery sheen gazing down upon me, lulling me ever deeper into its mystic embrace… leaving me longing for a gentle tender embrace from another... a gentle deep kiss, lips taking in mine ever so slowly, the sweet taste of his mouth strumming me alive. Can you not hear my cry my handsome love, and feel my passion as I reach out towards you. Oh my handsome love, my oh so special love, where are you, why have you delayed so long to find me…will you ever find me?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Life ...

We always want life to be wonderful. Sometimes it is - and sometimes it isn't. Why is that? Does life itself change, or is it just our perception that alters, causing us to feel that some days are great, others rotten. Just as it is possible to 'learn to love' certain foods, colour schemes, styles of music and even people, if we are really willing to try, we can learn to love situations and experiences. Some events will prove easier to enjoy than others, but all have the potential to be magical.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Friends And Enemies

We can't always be sure who our friends are. Some people treat us nicely because they want something from us. Others can be rude and deliberately set out to challenge us.  Friends take liberties that enemies would never contemplate. Friends don't always do us favours. But who are our worst enemies? The people who used to be our friends.  You may need to redefine your involvement with someone with whom you would once co-operate with without question. It may, or may not, need to change, it certainly needs to be thought about.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Where Has It Gone

Where has it gone, romance, manners, chivalry and all the other stuff that life has lost! Come on people these things used to matter! I am fed up with these people today with the attitudes.  I like to get to know the person first!  Always have and always will!! Enough of the f*cking around and serious mind games! Come on people these things used to matter!  Why is it these days that when you have just interacted with a man via e-mail or chat on the internet it has to lead to “what colour panties are you wearing…”.  Give me a break!!  I thought you had potential … I wanted to get to know YOU as a person and my hope was that you wanted the same.
My hope is that women will finally stop accepting this shitty behaviour from men and demand to be treated as they deserve. Maybe men will finally get it. Maybe then, they’ll be more like the heroes we see in romance novels – and I’m not referring to tall, brawny and well-endowed – I’m speaking of a man with honour and integrity. Someone a woman wants to share her life with ... a relationship based on trust and respect for one another.  A relationship where you share laughter and fun and support one another’s dreams.   A relationship where intimacy matters ...
For me, looks have never been important when it comes to loving a guy. A sense of loyalty, fidelity, integrity and maturity happens to be what I’ve always looked for. Sadly, it isn’t often I find it in men older than me, much less ones that are younger.  Am I ever going to find a guy who wants to be with me because of who I am?  Maybe I should just settle at being single ….