Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Growing Pains

Busy With A Purpose

100%!! "Whatever you are planning or developing could use an extra set of eyes, and possibly, hands to help you complete deadlines". I wish I did have someone who could help me with this as I am feeling exhausted! The only thing is that this is my project and no other friends or colleagues that I could ask to help with this would be able to as they would not know what to do to help me anyway! I have set myself deadlines but murphy's law something will happen to throw a spanner in the works! But, they happen for a reason. These reasons give me the opportunity to "panelbeat" the hiccups I encounter along the way. Today I was supposed to start the coding on the new website...well that never happened...I had to "panelbeat" some documents as they were not 100%. I so want to have this project up and running by Christmas but I have now lost another two days to unforeseen hiccups. At night I try and read to just shut the chatter off in my head but next I find I have the book on my chest and I am reading through closed eyelids!! Then early hours of the morning I find I am awake again with all kinds of ideas racing through my head...I am exhausted but have no regrets as it will all be so worth it when I have completed this project. time for some coffee and perhaps two blocks of chocolate to motivate me...hahaha....and then I hear this song "Growing Pains" and I had a good chuckle as it almost relates to me right now..."I've always been a go-getter" also so funny!

Today's Daily Angel Card Message for Wednesday, December 19, 2018

The Fairy Tarot by Radleigh Valentine (Doreen Virtue, PhD)

The Three of Autumn (Pentacles) reveals a powerful secret in the early stages of your developing plans. Notice that this faery isn't rich, which is suggested by his clothes, footwear, and other apparel. However, he is engrossed in the design of his work. If it was about the immediate rewards of money, success, and achievement, he would probably have chosen a different path. It might look more like a hobby than a career, but his face shows that it's something more, as he's deeply invested in the service he provides. It gives his life purpose and meaning. The activity structures his time and energy, and keeps him from falling into a slump, which can happen when we don't channel our gifts. Our soul is able to nourish our lives when we are fulfilling a goal that allows us to share the joy and love in our hearts. This is the powerful secret to remember and prioritize. The challenges that come up when we're processing the downloads of new information, perspective, and creativity help us to move forward in reaching those higher goals which are on the horizon. The floodgates of ideas and innovations are available to you, and the possibilities are far more vast than you can imagine. You are about to experience an amplification of opportunities to help you succeed!

First, the angels want you to know that you have a team of support at your disposal. Don't be afraid to ask for what you need, and don't hesitate to get involved in anything that really calls to your spirit. Trust and be open to others whom you might find it useful to collaborate with. Pay attention to like-minded people you connect with, and feel comfortable in sharing your ideas and skills. Whatever you are planning or developing could use an extra set of eyes, and possibly, hands to help you complete deadlines. This might be related to work or some event you're preparing for the holidays. Keep this in mind, especially if you have a large production of some kind to pull off. Don't try to do this without support. Although, you enjoy doing it, it isn't wise to overwork yourself when you could have more fun doing it with friends or colleagues, who share your passion and enthusiasm for the project. In this instance, it feels like the more the merrier to help you perfect the finer details. You might want to carefully select people who have a particular talent and skill for those details, which you can't oversee. However, knowing that you have connected the right people with the task, which matches their abilities, will allow you and them to breathe more easily, and everyone can enjoy themselves with more pleasure as they fulfill their purpose.

Trust that this hobby can actually become a source of income. You are already applying your heart, time, and energy. It's the same formula of success for any great career or work. Just because you enjoy yourself more than some other things you have done, doesn't make it any less of a career. If you have suddenly found something that creates sparks for you, consider it more seriously as a possible opportunity for a profession. This situation may flip your idea of what success is. This faery doesn't seem to be very lucky outwardly, but his devotion reflects its worth and importance. He's in a state of creativity, where he's deeply involved in decisions that require quick responses, open mindedness, reserves of imagination, and a freedom of expression and spiritual independence. There's no worries about what others are thinking, and there's no fragmentation of his focus or mission. A blueprint of inspired wisdom and perspective is shaping the design along with the tools of his knowledge, talents, and skills. No matter how successful the outcome, you don't ever wish to lose your connection with these values and powerful attributes. The impact of the internal changes you're discovering is placing you in alignment with these newly revealed insights.

The angel numbers 500 and 88 come for you, as an important part of this reading. The first says, “Your renewed spiritual devotion has connected you to God's infinite wisdom. Follow God's guidance to make healthy changes in your life.” The second says, “This is a very auspicious and favorable sign about your finances. Your actions, prayers, visualisations, and manifestation work have resulted in a large inflow of abundance. Open your arms and receive!” The message is highlighting for you to acknowledge the changes or change in direction, as something that has already taken hold of you in your life. You are already committed to it, and this makes it spiritual, because your soul's wisdom and love has begun to infuse it with its pure form of freedom and joy. This has caused the auspicious events to begin unfolding. As long as you continue to acknowledge this commitment and devotion, and keep taking the steps, which have compelled you, the abundance of ideas, support, compensation, and other opportunities will continue to flow. This passion is healing you and improving your life starting with the way you feel. This boost of enthusiasm and joy will uplift you, and inspire you to perceive the blessings pouring out to you from the cooperative universe. Don't resist the changes. It is good to be busy with a purpose! May the Source be with you always!


When I when I finish the writing the time was 4:49 p.m. This angel message reads, “The Angels and mighty archangels are supporting your life purpose and spiritually based work. Move forward confidently in the direction of your career dreams.”
Any work that uplifts your heart and soul is a spiritually based work.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Stay The Course

Incredible!! The messages of 12 December 2018 and this one for today resonate 110%!! And the part about learning new things...Boy have I learnt a whole bunch of new things on this journey right now! You have no idea how much!!

Today's Daily Angel Card Message for Thursday, December 13, 2018

The Fairy Tarot by Radleigh Valentine (Doreen Virtue, PhD)

The Princess of Autumn (Pentacles) reveals that you are developing skills and knowledge necessary to help you fulfill a purpose and need. A whole new world is starting to open up to you, as you're making connections and learning from your mistakes. This is a positive sign that you're shifting in the right direction, or that things are going to take a better turn for you. It's becoming easier to move forward, as you begin to see the steps unfold in front of you. This might give you a clearer indication of some opportunities you've been waiting to come. They may not be fully expected, but nonetheless they're completely welcomed blessings. You've shown restraint in the past and this has kept you stalling from receiving other opportunities. Somehow, this time, you feel different and better about your odds, and you feel this chance is totally worth the risks. From where you stand, you only will gain from whatever is provided. Now, you must stay the course with faith and trust in your chosen path. The decision has been made, and now you must let it play itself out completely to see what rewards are presented along the way!

The angel number 980 appeared for this reading. It's message says, “God is ensuring that, as you devote your time and energy towards serving a spiritual focus, all of your material and financial needs are met.” The surplus of energy in the universe is a limitless reserve of enthusiasm, generosity, and abundance. It materializes from your soul's radiant joy, which summons the Divine source of love to bless you endlessly. Anything which activates this presence of joy within you is focused around a spiritual purpose. To keep the flow of revenue and resources coming, you only need to continue to foster your own happiness and take action on the ideas, which gives them expression. Even if you aren't sure of a specific project or wish that you might serve and offer, you can incorporate in any routine the creativity of your imagination, which is an extension of your joy. Instead of connecting to a task through criticism, reverse this approach and try optimizing it through your mind's creative ideas and solutions. There's no guarantee that everything you pursue will be fun once you get moving. It's a choice to make it so, and thereby you make the difficult easier and enjoyable.

This card might suggests that you are a diligent and responsible person who enjoys learning and exploring new things. However, you may have lost your perspective and your way, as you allowed an unfortunate incident to discourage you in some way. It is possible that someone doesn't play by the rules and takes liberties to gain what they want. You are perhaps discouraged and disappointed by the unfairness of others who seem to get ahead without consequences. Their actions impact others and you're unwilling to follow. Watching this has made you feel that you won't be able to accomplish your dream, because you aren't willing to put your needs ahead of others. Morally, you feel obligated to do the right thing no matter what consequences you think you may suffer by not being more selfish. Short cuts are being taken, and they may seem like the only solution. However, your creativity is endless, and the universe has untapped potential that it's banked in you. It's just waiting for you to discover it within yourself. Once you seek it, they will release it to you in spades.

This is the best position of opportunity for you to be in, even though you don't truly realize it just yet. This early stage of development is going to open your mind to all kinds of changes. Your situation will change, as your perception of various pieces shifts and your knowledge and experience accumulates. A great deal of what you see and understand will expand into new information. What you will do with it will change the level of the game you're able to play on. There are quite a number of advancements you'll encounter. Prepare to receive new ideas and opportunities. Don't be afraid of them. They're preparing you to make way for changes you've been praying for and waiting to happen. You'll need the advantages that'll to come along with them. Your confidence in your abilities will grow and this will give you a new sense of value and worth. Think further about the ways you're guided to contribute to making differences in communities small and large. Don't be afraid to start on a small scale until it grows in the momentum of its own merits. Get ready for something great, and prepare for the prospect of it being an easier and smoother transition. You deserve good things. Embrace this as a part of your vision. Resist making things more complicated than is necessary. May the Source be with you always!


Appreciate The Process Of The Journey

Today's Daily Angel Card Message for Wednesday, December 12, 2018

The Fairy Tarot by Radleigh Valentine (Doreen Virtue, PhD)

Before you entered this situation, you knew that it would require grit to get things accomplished. The Nine of Spring (Wands) suggests you're not willing to give up and that you're not out of ideas about how to make things better. You're completely committed to this project or plan no matter how challenging things become. You're not quite as prepared as you'd wish, but as caretaker of this idea, there's no one more qualified to choose the next course of actions. You built this for a reason. Focus on your vision. Leave any painful details behind you. This is an opportunity to open up your heart and trust something higher than yourself. There is a spiritual purpose driving this agenda. It's important that you complete it. You can feel this particularly strong at this time. There are some choices you hadn't planned on considering, but circumstances has made them relevant now. It seems like something has interrupted your plans unexpectedly and may create unwanted compromises, if you are afraid to handle them. Don't stand down, because you're unsure of the direction your actions might influence. These are not calculations you can fully predict, especially for the long-term. Right now, it's imperative that you do what's best for the present. You can be as clear in your handling for whatever may or may not happen in the future.

This is not to say that you should ignore anything that comes to mind about the future outcome. However, you do need to weigh the matter based on your priorities for the present moment. If you can foresee a future impact that's not going to serve the greater good, freedom, and purpose, then you must keep searching your heart for a better solution. However, I don't foresee it being that complicated of a decision. Although, it is the conditioning of the human mind to worry, it's usually unnecessary once everything has been said and done. Usually, you discover that the mind makes things appear more difficult than they actually were. There's usually regret over allowing the mind to have so much influence, which usurps all the pleasure and joy from your experiences. This is something to try to regain by being mindful of the lessons of the past. Everyone arrives at the conclusion of any endeavor only to realize they could have done it easier. Yet, there is something that forces us to make the same choices, as if there was no way to see it coming, all the extra stress and hardship we place on ourselves, because of the mirages of the mind and its fears.

Maybe, the first thing we need to accept is that we can't fix everything, and that perhaps some imperfections are useful to our development and free will. It's like the distraction of trying to rid your garden of every insect or pest (perhaps a term of the ego's criticism and annoyance). Is it insane to believe that you will get rid of everyone of them and that this will make you happy or less anxious? The contrast of the universe will continue the cosmic dance of balance and free will. There are solutions to help you manage a problem, but a fix, as in permanent, isn't realistic to obsess over. You can enjoy some peace of mind from the management of the situation, in which the solution helps maintain a healthy balance of cooperative and uncooperative parties. You're not sweeping something under the rug, but you are aware that you have to keep looking for better options while applying the best solution for now. At some point down the road, there might be a far more advanced opportunity to deal with the changes you foresee occurring. As a result, your concerns might become obsolete. You may strongly foresee irreplaceable outcomes based on what is available now, but someone may have innovated something that changes the entire outcome you predicted. This leaves the future secure in an unforeseeable way.

Don't let annoyances turn into debilitating frustrations. They will exhaust your reserve of enthusiasm and optimism, so that when the time comes you can't appreciate or experience what you've worked so hard to cultivate and accomplish. You need to think about what's important and let some things go. Surrender to the higher good. Think about the value of your goals. What is it that you most wanted to share, that it was so important for you to take on this responsibility? What did you envision when you first started this project? Then consider, what is possibly compromising this dream. Are they distractions to this and has it been worth it? Finally, ask yourself, what would make everything you did truly worth it? Without delay, put those ideas and solutions into action. Forget about the what ifs. They're not totally eliminated from the realm of possibilities. Right now, they make it impossible for you to leave the driveway. Those questions and doubts are you driving with one foot on the gas and the other on the brake. This is a bad driving habit you learn early on not to do. Keep your foot on the gas the pedal, and move forward. You'll learn to read the signs once you get on the road and they'll give you some sense of direction, that you're nearing your destination. You can't trust or appreciate the process of the journey until you are actually driving on the roads taking you somewhere. If you need to suddenly come to stop or need to pull over, you'll have the brake and other tools available for use under the right circumstances. Now, stop worrying and go! May the Source be with you always!


Sunday, December 9, 2018


Do you want to change the way things are? Would you like to fix a situation today so that you don't have to deal with it tomorrow?  Perhaps you had an argument with someone in which you blew up and said things you regret. Maybe you neglected an important obligation, and inconvenienced and really angered the person who had to fill in for you. Or you did something selfish and thoughtless that wounded a friend.To fix a situation is not as impossible as it sounds. All it requires is a gentle stroll back into the past and a look at an old memory or two. A formative part of your history has been misfiled and categorised in a way that creates misunderstanding. If you look back, it brings the chance for you to see this incident in a new way and opens doors for an opportunity to fix a situation. If you would like to fix a situation, rather than thinking about how scared you are to make the apology, or what the other person will say, ground yourself in the simple fact that you intend to do the right thing, no matter what.Then your future will appear in a brighter light. This brings the song "Fix You" by Coldplay to mind.This song can have many different meanings to people.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Synchronistic Events

Today's Daily Angel Card Message for Wednesday, December 5, 2018

The Fairy Tarot by Radleigh Valentine (Doreen Virtue, PhD)

The valve for new emotional connections and experiences are occurring, and as a sign you're starting to notice a thread of synchronistic events, such as repeated patterns of goodwill and opportunities. You may notice that your heart just opens toward someone or something with tremendous faith and trust. You might not know the reason, and it somehow catches you off guard. A feeling of innocence and purity holds you captive in a world changed through new eyes, which are now spiritually penetrating the illusions with true clarity. This allows you a new freedom of choices and decisions to consider. A complex problem or situation is now made simple, easier, and more pleasurable, as you gather greater stride and advantages from your new perspective. You can imagine different possibilities, which expands your options. Your soul initiates an innovative spirit of higher vibrational ideas and plans. There has been something you've closed off your heart to, but in this new frequency, the freedom of information under the grace of unconditional love reopens the doors of your heart. Now, you are able to breathe and embrace your creative spirit and dreams, as the channel of wisdom explodes with joy and renewal!

The Ace of Summer (Cups) indicates that your heart is blossoming, and in doing so, brings forth all your spiritual gifts, which are relevant to the changes you're aspiring towards. These changes were already set in motion at the same time a dramatic event revealed hidden bleeding wounds, which hadn't resolved. The contents of this wound hosted an environment of various indifferences, regrets, and loss. This rush of love heals and repairs, as your soul soars in the spotlight of its truth and powerful creativity. You may have strong convictions about healing the world through your services. You will at least be able to affect it from your corner of it. There are people within your community who will most graciously benefit from your new heart activation. As you share from your simple and humble beginning, it will spiral out as each person you meet will carry the activation with them to other places. This process will continue to increase in its range the more each interacts with more and more people. Don't underestimate the power of your vision and its effect on someone else.

It's what they do with it that really matters. How they internalize the vision is what adds to its potency. When you share it for the first time, you have no way of knowing how the idea changes someone else, and changes through them. This isn't really any of your concern or right to control. You have to trust that you did well in offering it in a manner that they could receive from it what was meant for them, in order to get them going. When you exert so much energy trying to get something perfect, or the conditions, in order to present whatever you're working on, you are too hung up on how to control your gifts to exact the specific outcome you're looking to influence in others. When in fact, you will never have any control over that no matter how much science you calculate to manipulate the results. Of course, it's attempted and some succeed in doing something along those lines. However, the reaction or the fall out eventually will come around, and unpredictably so. If you would place more faith in what you imagine and understand as you're performing, you'll feel more at ease about accomplishing any goal or desire.

You know when your heart is open or freer. The feeling of freedom expanding is the opportunity to know that your time is now to start sharing your talents, vision, and skills. You don't need to know the reason or how. When you feel the doors open at particular moment the conversation or intercourse will align and occur. Yes, in that moment, the iron is hot and ready for you to strike it! There are no questions or answers. It's simply time to explore, network, and engage the audience, which is suddenly and unexpectedly before you. The angel number 548 was indicated for this reading, which says, “The angels say that the changes you're making will give you more financial security.” The dove in this card goes before you to symbolize that this is a path of peace and security. You shouldn't try to avoid this decision or choice just because you're afraid and uncertain. It's best if you make peace with this opportunity and accept that wanting to feel in control isn't a sign of mastery. It's the opposite. A master doesn't know what to expect, but they trust the wisdom of the universe within them, that they'll know what to do in the moment. The clarity is already available where you are headed, along with the resources, energy, opportunities. You are looking for a new start, not a familiar outcome. Open your heart and discover it anew. May the Source be with you always!


The To Do List

We all have a diary or notebook with our daily "to do" list. Sometimes an endless list! What are you going to do once you've managed to do everything? Make another list? You can't imagine ever getting to that point? Does that mean that you're intending to spend the remainder of your days running about dealing with different sources of stress? If that's the only option, there's only one way to tackle it. You're just going to have to learn to enjoy the experience! Success is about the journey, not the destination.

Monday, December 3, 2018

The Dream, The Goal and The Plan

So relative! Today I had all these intentions of really getting stuck to the grindstone. I have so much I want to get done...and murphy's intentions flew out the window! So many interruptions today it's just not funny...BUT...I took a step back and thought that this could only be happening as this all has to do with timing.

Today's Daily Angel Card Message for Monday, December 3, 2018

The Fairy Tarot by Radleigh Valentine (Doreen Virtue, PhD)

The illustration of the Four of Winter (Swords) provides some insight and advice for how to deal with a situation you feel you're unable to manage at present. The conditions surrounding the situation aren't in a favorable position for you to take the kind of action you'd like. It's possible that your actions might be too hasty as there are other considerations you haven't noticed yet to receive the answers you're seeking. Give yourself some time to learn important lessons because of what's happening. Just because it's not a favorable time or response, doesn't mean that the disadvantages aren't working out something for your benefit. There's nothing that doesn't benefit you, if you keep an open and positive mind towards any situation. You have access to a great storehouse of universal wisdom you've lived along with many other ascended souls. This databank is an unlimited and shared library of enlightenment. When you are feeling like your movements are restricted, this is because you are not flowing in alignment with this knowledge, and the purpose and truth, you're seeking to fulfill. The universe and your higher self has got your back at all times. The flow of alignment is a secure connection you have, and will still continue enjoy. It's a good thing when you recognize that you're missing it and that you never wish to go without it.

Don't be disappointed in yourself or dissatisfied with anyone else when you're not feeling fulfilled by your results or their responses. Take the hint, and figure out how to adjust your perspective and rediscover alignment where it's available. It may happen to come from an unexpected resource. This doesn't mean for you to get there that you have to analyze your steps in a critical manner. Beating up on yourself or anyone else doesn't compel a connection with the enlightenment which can assist you in moving forward again. You're sometimes too focused on identifying mistakes in yourself or another that you miss the point of finding the solution you're really after in the first place. Give yourself a break sometimes, and you'll lay down a whole new neurological network of behaviors and ideas. To do this, you only need to break the habit of the way you react to unfavorable conditions you don't know how to deal with, because of the abruptness or how far out of the scope of your normal practice it may be for you. The new experience of beginnings and changes is something you will need to adjust for, if you are to find a sense of peace with their purpose. It wouldn't occur if there wasn't any benefit to you. No matter how much it may offend you or make you anxious, it's a part of your journey to help you fulfill the hopes and aspirations you have.

To wait would be a primary message and something that's hard to do when you feel you must do something to maintain control of a situation before it gets out of hand. However, if you have a question about a sign, and you need it to give you the green light, it would mean you don't have enough information or keep doing what you do until you have this clear sense of the right moment. Keep in mind, you aren't waiting for the right moment that suits someone else. You are looking for the right timing for you. Not understanding the difference will create confusion and anxiety. This is possibly one reason you are experiencing delays. You might be holding back because of people close to you. All of your concern is about doing the right thing for them, and you've been waiting for it to be the perfect opportunity for everyone. It can happen, but it will also feel right to you, meaning it fits into your sense of timing. Likewise, there are moments or circumstances where this isn't true. You have to trust yourself, meaning your wisdom and truth. It will resonate with you, as in you'll feel a new level of freedom. You have to square things with your heart first. This means that you need to make a decision in your heart. Once you take this action, the external matters will begin to move like pieces on a board. As the universe anticipates your direction and needs, it will help by making adjustments that will continue to create a path of relief and ease. It does this according to how you decide within your heart.

Everything is balanced according to the decision which forms in your heart. You may hesitate or feel you don't have the right because of other people and conditions surrounding you. In the immediate moment, things are not in a position where you can take action, but you can always agree or decide within yourself. Within your soul, you aren't arguing with anyone or the elements involved in the situation. You've set an intention, and made a goal or outline for a plan. You understand that in this silence the universe listens without objection or judgment. It seems natural to our human needs to express everything out into the world for we look to it to be our soundboard. We rely heavily on this feedback and it's validation. It's hard for us to witness the silence within our souls as a voiceless wisdom and truth guiding and revealing without fanfare. It's feedback is neutral. It's not seeking your worship and obedience. It only wishes to share in the experience of whatever joy, peace, and enlightenment you obtain from whatever unfolds, as it's a constant presence of support and unconditional love. The support it enables for your dreams is balanced according to the flow of freedom you allow. Don't take it personally when things aren't going to your satisfaction, and also when everything seems hung up. Love yourself unconditionally and discern what your heart truly wants. It's not telling you what you want, but it's helping you to know, what you already know and feel, that will bring you happiness. It holds the pure intention of your purpose and is helping you to remain clear and focused on this desire.

Out of all that you live, your soul records everything. You discover your desires and wants through loving and living. There are multiple instances where this occurs much under the radar of your awareness. However, the awareness of your soul is attentive and observant. It misses nothing of value to your spiritual light and its development. When you fall in love with an idea, you may not likely remember the purpose, which inspired you and the emotional connection along with it. Your soul prioritizes each of them and places the strongest and clearest at the top of your mind and correlates them to the most open frequency of your heart and its freedom. This for you is like getting drawn into the orbit of a radiant sun, which is summoning you and filling you with vitality, talents, sacred knowledge, and supportive resources. Every idea that drops into your consciousness is an expression of this radiant idea. You may sometimes feel like the rays are bearing down on your back and applying pressure. It's not really. It's just strengthening the connection for you to the idea, the dream, the goal, and the plan, so that you know that you have a hope and a future. It reminds you that you have a purpose, and when it becomes too heavy to bear, it wishes that hopefully you'll take joy in being busy with a meaningful purpose. Have no fear about the silence or stagnation, which the conditions warrant. Now's the time to access your wisdom to make internal decisions. This is where real change happens and is most effective! May the Source be with you always!


Friday, November 23, 2018


Niks beter as 'n brandende vuur in die Suid Afrikaanse bos met die sterre in die hemel en goeie geselskap nie! Nou is ek lus vir lekker braaivleis!!

Friday, November 9, 2018

A Magical Life

I love how this message resonates 100%!!! I am actually feeling really at peace with what I am doing right now and I am in awe at how I have been led to the resources. I am definitely being guided! I love this feeling I am feeling! It is actually so difficult to explain. It's like this inner peace has just enveloped me completely. It's like a "knowing" that I am on the right track!! 

Today's Daily Angel Card Message for Friday, November 9, 2018

The Fairy Tarot by Radleigh Valentine (Doreen Virtue, PhD)

An opportunity unfolds delightfully to your surprise. Perhaps, you had thought the chance would not be able to happen. Quite a number of reasons had affected your belief, and the opportunity just seemed too daunting. You had no way to get to any of the resources, which would help you reach your goals with any slight possibility of hope. Yet, somewhere in the back of your imagination, something was guiding you. A treasure of love was inspiring your heart to search and to resist giving up no matter how trapped you felt by the conditions of your circumstances. Your connection was stronger than the situation actually revealed. Within the conditions was concealed the virtues you were about to discover as your most enduring assets. When you put your heart into what you wish to accomplish, you are able to call towards yourself support and blessings, which are immeasurable.

The universe is granting you an opportunity to experience the most meaningful and clearest expression of your heart. There may be many other things that come to mind, but to you, it requires a lot of adjustments still for them to occur. This wouldn't be a clear expression of your heart, and this is probably because the meaning is also obscure still. Let these things continue to process and develop until a clear picture is highlighted. Look for the simplicity in a clearer notion you have probably ignored or disregarded possibly because it doesn't represent anything important to your ego. You're not ever seeking to feed its need for validation and feedback from others. Many things aren't clear because they're crisscrossing with other agendas besides your own heart. These criteria create a distortion with the harmony and balance of your own spiritual frequency.

As long as you allow your wires to cross in this way, you will find it difficult to relate to your unique frequency and the freedom of the experience it is expressing. The more you honor yourself it becomes easier to align with your spiritual truth and Divine frequency. As a result, you will less likely cross wires with others that would weigh down your own. The guardian masters surrounding you are encouraging you to remain true to your Divine expression and rhythm, as you will certainly blossom into the role you were meant to fulfill. There are infinite opportunities available to you on your frequency band, and they are fanning out in front of you right this very moment. You may not see them and this causes you a lot of distress. However, you wouldn't find it so frustrating to not observe them, if you weren't aware on some level they exist.

For this reason, it is important that you don't give up on your dreams. You can't fear failure unless deep down you know it's really possible to obtain your desire. You don't fear losing something you don't believe you can't have. It's simply something you laugh at, but it doesn't cause you to lose any sleep worrying over it. The fear of losing something comes only when you know you have so much to gain that it might hurt your heart to not have it. Then, the moment must beg for you to trust that the balance inherent in the universal laws will procure it for you in the best way to prepare you for what you are ready to have. There's no competition, although others may also want what they see you are seeking, and believe that your wish may provide them the happiness they are afraid to discover for themselves. However, this opportunity is just suited to capacity of your soul, and does not accurately reflect the heart of anyone else who might attempt it. It was the same in the Cinderella story, which this illustration recalls in the Nine of Summer (Cups)!

Believe in your happy ending no matter how difficult are the conditions of your situation. The guidance of your heart is offering to you a pathway of hope. Hope is a star of light in any darkness. Pursue its course toward improvements, solutions, and new opportunities. You may not understand where you are headed, but your soul is already manifesting this better position of advantage for you. It is much better to not have the details of the actual itinerary, so that you have the best outcome for the faith you've invested. The investment of your faith will be less prosperous with your knowing of every detail of the itinerary. It will narrow your prospects, and cause you to walk along curated lines that have no room to grow. Through the blindness of your faith, many avenues become available and the returns are immense. Anything is possible through your journey of faith. Now, experience the variety of opportunities which express your faith in your heart! Have a blessed weekend! May the Source be with you always!


Wednesday, October 31, 2018

What Are Fears

"What are fears but voices airy, whispering harm where harm is not. And deluding the unwary, till the fatal bolt is shot!" These words, by William Wordsworth, remind us about the power of negative thinking, and they seem particularly pertinent today as it is Halloween. He obviously understood the power that a fearful thought can have, and what it takes to put it in its place. Happy Halloween to all who celebrate this day!

Monday, October 22, 2018


Imagine this. You wander into your local supermarket and pick up some "time", $x for the perfect weekend, $xxx for the month of your dreams! Wouldn't it be amazing? But, we own our own time. It is what we make of it. No one can sell it or buy it from us. No one can, for better or worse, alter its quality. It's ours to utilise or waste away as we like. Think, of the value of your time, and more specifically, the time you spend with the important people in your life. Remember: you have something no amount of money can ever buy!

Monday, October 15, 2018

The Tears That Fall

The murders and rapes that happen here in South Africa are horrific in nature. They are worse than any torture that any person could ever imagine. These people that go out to murder and plunder and rape are Barbaric and Savage! The Crime Cleaners that go out to clean up after these murders and rapes have revealed horrific scenes that they have had to deal with. A twelve year old white boy was drowned in a bath of boiling hot water. The Crime Cleaners had to scrape his skin and remains from the bath! These killers have no conscience…no compassion…nothing….no feeling…To go so far as to cut off the eyelids of parents so that they are forced to watch their little children being raped and murdered…These Savages even resorted to gang raping a dog. The dog had to have extensive surgery to her private parts and needed a lot of loving attention and care to get rid of the look of terror that remained in her eyes! How is it possible for a human being to cause such grievous bodily harm to any other human or pet and not care? It is just beyond comprehension! This is the reality of what we live with in South Africa....

Thursday, October 11, 2018

The Basement

Today's Daily Angel Card Message for Thursday, October 11, 2018

The Fairy Tarot by Radleigh Valentine (Doreen Virtue, PhD)

The universe is asking you to place all of your efforts towards something that's important to you. This is a chance to make a wish of your own come true, rather than allowing it to get derailed, because you're busy helping others fulfill theirs. You mean well in your heart, but you can support them better when you advance your own goals. More than likely, you allow yourself to be distracted in this way, because you're not sure you deserve what you'd want. Your commitment to other's causes is precisely the same investment and focus you need to accomplish yours. If you announced or promoted your dreams, you would discover that there is an equal amount of support willing to backup your ambitions. You have to trust and put yourself out there more, especially to the right people with open hearts. They're not hiding. You don't look or inquire in the places where the opportunities are flowing. Someone, deeply loving and compassionate, wishes to assist you in bringing your dreams to fruition. Trust that their heart is in the right place and is fully committed.

This person has been aware of your challenges and struggles, and has the means to help. The timing is perfect, and it'll give you the push you needed to step beyond your boundaries. You may keep thinking about your circumstances negatively, as if you are fated to this lifestyle without any other options. This relationship of understanding has developed over a large period of your life. It appears that you don't realize how stuck you are in this pattern and its conditioning, which isn't all conscious. Much of it is about you only considering the parameters within the context of this matter, and your routines and circumstances. It's like someone put you in a basement and never brought you to the upper level. All you've known was this area. You saw steps leading above, but you didn't question it's purpose, or you framed it in some context that made you fear you had too much to lose by considering the possibilities of what it might mean. Now, someone or an opportunity has reached out to you from the upper level. They've indicated the way to get there, but you don't know how to climb, or you can't imagine what to do, or how to be, when you reach the upper level.

When you rely only on the interpretation of fear and anxiety, the feeling becomes a stagnate voice of experience and expression. A feeling doesn't necessarily have to mean the same thing every time you feel a particular way. It's easy to label it and characterize it to mean something. However, you may not always be in the situation and surrounded by the same conditions for it to be an accurate interpretation for every scenario. A call to join on the upper level where you've never been or considered might create anxiety, but it doesn't mean that something awful is about to happen. It represents new wiring and firing off of synapses in the brain, because it's trying to process all the possibilities of the new experiences, which might or might not be occurring above. The body and your feelings are accepting new information. Your ego, creator of fear or paranoia, is rejecting change, because a part of you doesn't trust your ability to cope and adjust. Instead, it creates alternative facts about you, which you have learned to identify with, because it's easier to believe you're not capable than to succeed. Your spiritual truth is full of wishes fulfilled and possibilities to explore. You are forever in this magical process of transformation!

Newsflash, you deserve what you desire, because it's your deserving that allows the desire to seek you out, as an idea that's implanted in your thoughts. Once this thought reaches you, and expands through your imagination, your brain starts processing the information and new pathways are established from existing ones, which is the change happening on physical levels of your body. The way you think, talk, interact, and walk is affected by this idea. Your energy levels increase and your imagination is optimized, in a manner of speaking. As this becomes a focus and obsession with every aspect of your being, the universe within you highlights, which is also another way of saying attracts, the opportunities for you to choose from. You may tend to think of attraction, because you can only imagine that things come to you. Consider the law of attraction to mean the law that highlights your truth, purpose, dreams, opportunities, and needs. In this way, you get that when you are resonating at the same potential of frequency of your desire, that all of it suddenly becomes highlighted for you to view and achieve. The upper level was always there, the staircase too, but you were cut off from seeing its purpose and value for you. Once something is highlighted, the choices cause you to act differently in the way you participate, which allows you to manifest them.

Upon your first consideration of this new possibility, it will highlight in various stages. The first time you may highlight a word or a passage, it may mean something slightly different each time you come back to it. This is how ideas integrate into your mind, eventually becoming beliefs, routines, goals, and experiences. There's no good reason to ever fear anything, but you do and you will. It's a part of the process as change is highlighted more vividly. Fear isn't about the emotional connection as much as it's about a change in your pattern. The body will register this feeling to alert you that something different is happening, and to ask you to highlight the experience with your full attention and awareness. It's the reason for an alert or alarm, which is meant to draw your attention to something important like waking up on time or remembering to do something. The universe isn't constantly trying to scare you, which the ego may interpret, because change is scary to it. You have to be careful not to accept this idea of the world you are exploring. You are attracting, and the world is highlighting in your favor. There's just one important thing to remember: you have to remain open to the way you truly desire to see it. What you highlight becomes what gets lit up! Keep an open mind to change, and you'll begin to see and imagine the possibilities as the means to show you the way to the upper level. Likewise, you won't put any false information, creating obstacles, between where you are and where you are heading. Deserving is a state of Higher Consciousness! Process, not resist, the new information. May the Source be with you always!


Tuesday, October 9, 2018

What If

We all often have the "What if's" racing through our minds. What if you get it wrong? What if you mess up? What if you offend someone? Well... what exactly? You're not really going to risk producing a crisis that can't be resolved, or of stirring animosities that can't be pacified. Nor are your actions inspired by anything other than wisdom and generosity. But it's essential that you follow your own truth, give voice to your inner wisdom, and delve deeper than the superficialities that are obscuring a matter which touches your heart. Have faith in your own ingenuity!

Monday, October 1, 2018

Open Minded

We need to be reminded that we live in a world filled with magic and miracles. Life rarely gives us exactly what we wish for. It can bring an encounter with an exciting opportunity. If we're not open-minded, we can be so busy looking for what we want that we overlook a lucky break. The right way to respond to a possibility might not be immediately obvious. Be positive because something hopeful awaits. Be prepared to feel inspired... and a bit baffled too.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Talking And Listening

Most people find talking easier than listening, we often accept things that we should really stand up to. It's hard to recognise passivity, because it can be so easily disguised behind being open, considerate and easy-going. If it's clear that there's something hanging in the air that really needs to be spoken out loud, just remember that there's no rush. Take your time if you want to ensure your message is clearly understood.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

On The Brink of Civil War

Is this what it is going to come to? I think the minority here in South Africa need to prepare for the worst. I am not feeling at ease at all after listening to a video released after a parliamentary meeting to discuss amendments to the land expropriation act. Each and every member of the various political groups have said that if the bill is not amended according to their needs and wants, that they will take the land from white South Africans by force. They have said that the white people do not belong in South Africa. That the white people are criminals and that they are foreigners and need to go back to Europe. Quite ironic considering there are how many black people in Europe and the USA from South Africa that went overseas for better education. If the white people are not welcome in South Africa then they must get their black people out of Europe and the USA and where ever else they may be in foreign countries. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Why must there be double standards? Let them then have South Africa for themselves. Let's see how they will manage without the white people. They seem to forget or most do not realise, that it is the minority (+- 3 million) white people that are supporting +-50 million black people by contributing to the economy and by paying taxes, and fuel levies and VAT and covering all the costs for the corrupt officials that get taken to court. Not one of them realise that it is actually the Government that they voted for that is going to bleed them dry. Most of these black people do not understand how the Expropriation of Land with no compensation Act works. They think they are going to own the land. Well, they are in for a big surprise when they discover the Government owns the land and that they will have to rent that land from the Government. It is heartbreaking to see your home land being ripped to pieces by a Government and its supporters. What was once my beautiful homeland has turned into something from a horror movie. The roads are disintegrating, the filth that lies all over, the incompetent services, the crime...the gun shots at night...the sirens every single night...the list goes on and on and on...The horrendous farm murders...the raping of women and children...the vandalism and looting...I think I need to talk to my family here in South Africa. We need to seriously start looking at getting out before it's too late...very difficult to do when this is the country, the land you born in...your home country...and you are an average South African citizen just trying to get by! I can now fully understand how refugees must feel when they try and find a place of safety!! I just wish I can find the video where the members of parliament all say how they feel about the white people (it is doing the rounds on FB too)!! 

If you are not in South Africa and are based Internationally then the documentary below (all fact) will be an eye opener for you, and it would be appreciated if you could share it far and wide. 

If you did watch the documentary above, yes, it covers the situation regarding our white farmers. It shows how the farmers live behind security gates, cctv cameras and security bars. It is mentioned about sleeping with Pepper spray under your pillow. It is however not only the farmers who live in fear and behind security within their homes. It is all the white people here in South Africa. I post below pictures of security at my home. I live in a Residential suburb in a security complex with high walls and electric fencing.

Security gate at my Patio door

Security gate to my bedroom

My Pepper spray

My security gate to the court yard 

The unit opposite me with security gates at doors and windows

Friday, July 20, 2018

The Action Begins

Here we go! My heart is racing...the reality has hit home. I have to start packing...oh my goodness gracious! All good and well packing but I still have no where to go to...not yet anyway. I am viewing a stunning place on Sunday! It is perfect...only problem is it is available now for 1 August and not for 1 September...panic stations are high! The Landlord has said that she may just be prepared to wait if she cannot find a tenant by 1 August 2018. Well, if it's meant to be it will be. I feel it has my name written on it. If I get the unit it will be a huge adaptation for me and the cats. I have no garden...only two balconies. I will have to go down into the communal garden with the cats when they need some exercise...that sounds funny! hahaha....Rusty will be fine as she is a house cat. Lucy I will have to keep locked up until she is settled. She will eventually go exploring. The gardens in the complex are awesome though. It's like a holiday resort...there are three clubhouses, tennis courts a Restaurant and laundry within the complex. Not that I need the laundry...I will be able to walk around if I need fresh air. I am now getting ahead of myself! Will have to wait and see still. But, yes...the reality has set in as today I saw my current place advertised on Private Property and the Agent is already bringing a whole lot of people tomorrow at 13:30. Fingers crossed the Landlord for the other place is prepared to wait, then I can breathe a sigh of relief!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Never Give Up

When you find yourself between a rock and a hard place...What to do? People say it’s hard to wait around for something you know might never happen, but it’s harder to give up when you know it’s everything you want. They say never give up on something you really want. It's difficult to wait, but worse to regret. Being torn between all these scenarios is driving me insane. Do I wait? But what am I waiting for? It may never happen, what then? I could be wasting time that is precious. They say time waits for no man. Will I have regrets? Ofcourse I will! But, I am done waiting...nearly a year has passed...another year...another day...another week...another month. What more am I to do? I feel I am done. I have done what I could. It's now not in my hands anymore. Do I still really want what I want. Yes I do!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Scaling Down

So another decision had to be made. One that is the bane of my life. A house move!! Moving isn’t anyone’s favourite thing to do. Aside from the physical process of shifting everything I own (or at least some of it as I will have to get rid of a few things) into a new space, there are many other factors I had to consider, such as why waste money on space I don’t need! It’s just me and my cats now, so why not downsize to a smaller place to save not only on my rent, but also on utilities, repairs, cleaning time, and more (perhaps most importantly) my sanity? I really do not need a home with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a loft! With me starting with presentations now on Saturdays, my time is also limited. I clean my own home and do my own gardening. I only do that on weekends and alternate between the house and the garden. As much as I love gardening, it is also just becoming too much for me. And yes, people ask me why I don't buy. The simple answer is, I do not want to be tied to South Africa with a mortgage. When the time comes for me to leave South Africa I want to do it as quickly as possible. It is still my goal to get out of this country. I just wish that it could be now, right now anywhere overseas would be like icing on the cake for me! I guess the challenges are worth the struggle. The time came for me to take a step back and think about how nice it would be on my stress levels and wallet if I could start fresh. Sometimes, life deals us cards that are like flashing neon signs stating, “GO FORWARD AND START ANEW.” At least this time it is my decision to make a move. Not like the previous time where I had no choice. Interesting too how I made this decision around the just recent Full Moon. Full moons are a time to cleanse and to release that which no longer serves you so that you can move forward on a path that is right for you. That is exactly what I did. I asked the Universe to help me release all negativity and to help me let go of all that no longer serves me and to guide me forward on the path that is best for me. So, in two months time I am on the move. Quite appropriate since it will be the 1st day of Spring! I just hope I can find something that suits me in these two months as I hate taking a place just for the sake of having a roof over my head. I want a place that will feel like "home". I raise my glass and say "Cheers - here's to new beginnings!"

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Twin Flames

Wow! I was about to log out of my computer when I was prompted to go to this folder. Something said that it needed to be cleaned out. It was not on my to-do list to do any cleaning out of any folders. I just looked at all the bumpf in this particular folder and was about to delete the whole lot when once again I was prompted to see what this strange note said. I don't even remember when I saved this.  What I do know is that it gave me goosebumps when I read it, and right there and then I knew I had to save this again to a place where I would see it. I have to wonder, was I meant to see this for some reason? Perhaps a message from, or to my Twin Flame. This is just so incredibly beautiful...Fabulous!! It also brought to mind the song by Leona Lewis and Avicii - "We Can Collide". Goodness me! This is very interesting how the lyrics of that song tie in with this note. I am in awe...synchronicity or coincidence is the question!

Friday, June 8, 2018

Vacation Time

Three more sleeps! I just love that feeling of looking forward to a vacation :) I cannot wait to breathe in that fresh Mountain air and I really do hope that this time there will be some snow on the Mountains! This time we planned the vacation later as last year we missed seeing snow by two weeks. We had gone to the Drakensberg in May last year. I was so disappointed not seeing snow. The last time I saw actual, proper thick snow where I went tobogganing was in Germany many, many years ago! I actually have not checked the weather for the Drakensberg as yet but judging from the freezing morning and night time temperatures here in Jo'burg there must be snow on the Lesotho and Drakensberg mountains. I just feel saddened again that my sister Karin cannot join us (the rest of the sisters) once again...It is just infuriating that things have gotten so expensive in this country, that it is just not possible for most people to just get on a plane to visit family. My son was very fortunate to have gone to London this week on business. I was actually quite envious of him...that is another destination I have on my bucket list along with Paris and Spain! The photo he took at Jamie's Italian at London Bridge is absolutely awesome. It must have been quite a sight to people walking around him as he says he lay down on the ground to take the pic! Right...I need to get my ass into gear and get out to the Mall...last minute shopping for the holiday...whoop whoop!

Jamie's Italian London Bridge

Snow at Underberg - Drakensberg (I hope we see more of this)

Thursday, May 31, 2018

New Roads

New roads are laid almost daily. Most of the time it isn't a problem, until we find our usual paths inexplicably blocked. Then we must use our innate sense of direction, or relearn the route. This can be applicable to life too. Just because you're on an unfamiliar road, doesn't mean you're heading the wrong way. In order to address a current problem, you must face old issues. Serious thought is needed to bring imagination to the fore. It's a challenge to be embraced.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Choose What You Desire

I absolutely love when a card completely resonates with my situation. About two months ago I thought of this idea I could use to incorporate with what I am doing now with the cryptocurrency trading, but, I shot the idea down. All kinds of excuses I made for it not to work. Then I forgot about it and carried on with life. Recently again this idea came to me and again it was almost like the Universe was putting all kinds of things relative to this idea in my path, so much so that there was just no way for me to just disregard it. I eventually decided that this is probably the path that the Universe wants me to follow. Wow! Once I decided that and started looking into the possibility, everything just started falling into place. Amazing!! No more delays. The wheels have been set in motion. I am excited, nervous and happy to see how this will all unfold!

Today's Daily Angel Card Message for Monday, May 28, 2018

In this card, The Ego (Devil), we find the Dreamer masked and in a repressed state of mind. It appears as though what he began with has become compressed or scaled back. The portal was expansive and filled with many different things symbolizing spiritual fulfillment and purpose. Now, this scene feels empty. However, in this emptiness, it seems to beg for more to fill it. Even when it feels like you've nothing to offer or that there's no clear purpose or direction, this vacuum creates a desire, which summons something wonderfully new to replace it. You are in the perfect position to be aware of this, and to carefully choose what you desire. The vacuum automatically draws new energy to replace it, so that something should always exist wherever a vacuum might occur. Your role isn't as difficult as you would make it. It may be that you worry about what's to come next, and fret over coming up with an answer or making a decision. Something is coming. After a contraction, the expansion will ensue. You don't have to make any effort for the effect to unfold. You just need to be open to the best and highest good.

In fact, if you would just trust yourself and go with what inspires you, or begin whatever you are most clear about for the present moment, the cooperative components will become available. When you are charged by your ideas, you create a portal for abundance to channel through you. A vortex is formed, which keeps materializing and containing everything you need to assist you in completing and fulfilling your desires. It will continue to expand as you express yourself through joy. It's good when you dive in and fulfill actions that heighten your senses, thrill your intellect, encourage your heart, and empower your soul. These kinds of experiences escalate the activity of possibilities and opportunities for you to interact with and seize. Nothing can really chain you down for you are pure Spirit, which is unbound and unlimited. Perhaps, the mask is the clue to help you undo what you have done by choice, knowingly or unknowingly.

The mask reminds you of the freedom you compromise and trade, when you try to hide any part of yourself. Perhaps, you are hiding behind some excuse, which you are using to keep you from getting on with something important. The angel number 49 appeared when I called in your higher self for understanding and guidance about this reading. It says, “The angels urge you to get to work on your major goals and life purpose without delay. Ask them to help you with ideas, courage, and motivation.” Now is the time to foster your goals, and that they become your first priority. To nurture them, you have to apply discipline and commitment to what your heart wants. Simply, let your impact you, as a discipline to cherish. This is the perfect moment to organize a strategy to help you keep your mind stimulated and focused. It's easy to allow other matters to distract you and to keep pressing through until you give into them. You may want to decide the things that you need to hand over to someone else to manage, so that you can relax knowing that it's being taken care of. Planning for other options, just in case the usual distractions pop up, is a great idea to avoid losing sight of your spiritual priorities. It is most important that you be yourself and honor your truth. Participating in things that don't benefit you or make you happy causes you to start lying to yourself. The next thing you'll find yourself doing is working to make others happy. This will cause you to feel like your world is contracting and you'll feel empty inside, as well as, the world around you looks empty and uninteresting.

When this happens, you aren't full of brilliant ideas, and you lack courage and motivation to accomplish anything. Of course, you'll feel like you should be doing something amazing with your life, and then you'll feel guilty, because you aren't doing anything about it. You'll hate yourself for feeling that way and for doing nothing about it. The reason you have this draw to do better, even though you aren't aligned to do anything about it, is because the truth of your soul, underneath the mask, cannot be suppressed. It won't allow you to rest or take comfort in lying to yourself blindly. It will make the feeling of your truth more intense to keep you real and honest with yourself. Instead of taking your emotional guidance to heart, as in, it's making a judgment against you, use it to help you. It's helping you to stay unsettled until you are ready to acknowledge your truth. The mask is a symbol of illusion and that you are not being honest. Your choices won't feel bad when they're right for you. Change your actions to suit the way you want to feel. Choose the situations that trigger happiness within. Then, you'll unleash the power of abundance and inspiration within you. These voices are never gone. Your decisions and actions either turn the volume high or very low, which determines whether how much more or less you will hear.

You have opportunities, ideas, and options incoming. Now is the time to plant the seeds, and put all of your energy and resources into it. You'll feel successful once you do what you love. You may have an important dream to give back and to help create blessings in other's lives. If you have a passion for doing something that improves other's lives, and this is what makes you happy to see this unfold, then don't delay. Don't think about what you'll need to start helping, start helping from what's available to you. More will come, as others are inspired by your mission and will provide additional support, encouragement, time, and resources. You don't need a lot to do this work and the same applies for anything else. The important tools are inside your soul. What another needs to get on their feet and to thrive is for them to get help discovering the same within themselves. That's the moment when both of you are freed from the prison of your minds, and the world becomes filled with unlimited resources, data, possibilities, and opportunities. Don't try to be anything. This will make it easier for you to start doing what comes naturally. You'll find many facets of yourself fully ablaze with enthusiasm and a willingness to serve in various ways, small and large, and subtle and obvious. Even though you don't feel you have any choices, you do. Walk through the portal open to you. The Dreamer senses a portal nearby and prepares to enter no matter what lies ahead. Life is neverending. If he follows Change, he will find his breakthrough in the next card, which is the Tower. Keep taking the risks. It's worth it. May the Source be with you always!


Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Magic Words

We know the word 'abracadabra". It's an extremely potent magic word. Words are powerful. If you find the right words, they can have a magical effect. Magic words grab hold of people’s attention causing them to become engrossed in your message without even knowing it. There are five magic words, when part of the right scenario, will provoke specific, subliminal actions. What are they? The 1st magic word is “YOU.” It’s hypnotic when used in any form of communication because it changes the tone from general to individual.The “YOU” personalises your message. The word “YOU” also represents a customer focused approach in marketing communication. The 2nd magic word is “BECAUSE.” It’s proven that when you ask someone for a favour and explain the reason why, they are much more likely to agree. The “BECAUSE” can literally double your success rate. The 3rd magic word that hypnotises people is the word “IMAGINE”. “IMAGINE” starts a mind-game, triggers in people feelings of ownership, and helps them visualise being a part of a specific scenario. If they enjoy their visualisations, they are ready to own them. The 4th magic word that speaks to our subconscious mind is the word “REMEMBER.” “REMEMBER” stimulates the imagination similarly to the previous magic word “IMAGINE,” but it also does something extra. It recalls past situations and recreates them, enabling you to experience those same feelings and emotions. The 5th. Never underestimate the power of “WHY.” Humans are curious by nature and “WHY” satisfies the basic and natural feeling of curiosity. “WHY” promises an explanation. This is due to the phenomenon referred to as the curiosity gap. When a person realises there’s a gap regarding a specific topic, the subconscious desire to find out more is triggered, and it can only be satisfied through learning. So now you know the 5 magic words that, when used correctly, can bewitch your prospects and boost conversions.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

The Sky Is Clear

As Norman Vincent Peale, the great promoter of positive thinking, wrote: 'Shoot for the Moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.' So give it your all! The sky is clear. Now is not the time for holding back.Throw yourself into life head first, with all your gusto! Who cares about the people who've doubted you? What do they know, anyway? As you smash through the troposphere, the stratosphere and finally the mesosphere on your way to the stars, spare a thought for them. Perhaps they could learn from you.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Almost Home

People On FB Amaze Me

People amaze and amuse me on FB! The amount of friend requests I receive from people with FAKE profiles is ridiculous and really so funny when you actually go through their profiles and it reeks of "cat fish"!! I find it truly amazing that these people honestly believe I will accept their friend request. Then you really get those that clearly have some brain cells missing. They will have a profile picture of our trainer for iCoinPro but have a completely different name to our trainer. Do they really think they can get away with using the trainers profile picture? Stupid is really not even the right word for these people! Then there are other's who have clearly "hijacked" someone else's foto's. My question to these idiots that are using our trainer's foto is - What do you think you are going to achieve? What if I do accept your friend request? Do you honestly believe I am going to believe the BS that you are going to try and spin me when I actually know the REAL person that you are trying to impersonate? Then those that in general just have FAKE profiles. How are you going to explain yourself in the event we should meet one day and you look completely different to your profile picture? What are you going to say? My other question to you - the person with the FAKE profile is - Why are you trying to impersonate someone else? What hidden agenda do you have? Why are you hiding behind a mask? What is it that you have to hide? You must have something you are trying to hide! In my opinion you with the FAKE profile are not honest people. I do not have time for dishonest people in my life. Do you not have a life? Why waste your time creating all these FAKE profiles? Not only that, getting back to the scenario that in the event we should meet and you now try and explain your way out of the fact that your profile picture belong's to someone else. Do you really think I am going to be ok with your excuse? No, definitely not! I certainly will not accept that. Your actions are false, dishonest and deceitful. Whether it is me or someone else you are trying to con, I am sure other people will feel the same as I do. Shame, I really feel very sorry for you!! 

Then there are people that approach me through messenger. This one was the absolute best!

Hello beautiful. I was scared to send you a friend request, but because i love you i summoned the courage to chat with you. And also to love you like never before.

I read this and think...Ummmmm ok....and just exactly who are you? I have no idea who the hell you are and yet you are declaring your love for me? What on earth?

What is it with people? How is it that people can be so flippant with a serious emotion like love? These people clearly have no clue what love actually is! Does this person honestly think I am going to do cart wheels and reciprocate with open arms? NO definitely not! Good grief how you can you tell someone that you love them when you don't even know who they are? You have never even heard of this person! Totally beyond me!!

The other thing that truly gets to me is these people that hack into FB profiles. For what? What are they trying to prove and what do they gain? Why be so malicious? Clearly they have no morals - no respect!! So infuriating!

Lastly, there are those that spend hours creating a virus on a link. Again I ask, for what? Why be so evil?

Well, all I can say is that there is something called Karma and there will come a day when Karma bites these people in the arse....