Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Funny And Embarrassing Moments

Oops! We have all at one time or another in our lives had these moments. The most common being embarrasing moments. You find yourself with your face turning bright red. You just want to hide yourself. You've just done something totally embarrassing, and it feels like everyone is staring at you and giggling. Maybe everyone IS staring at you and giggling. Hey, it happens to everybody.

I have had quite a few memorable embarrassing moments which I have found quite hilarious! I remember when I used to catch the bus when I worked at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Inevitably the bus was always packed to capacity which resulted in most people standing in the aisle of the bus. One day it was my turn to be standing. I was at the front of the bus standing where there were two compartments either side where one could put suitcases or bags and this compartment had a rail in front. So there I am, one minute standing and the next thing, as the bus took a corner quite sharply, there I was flat on my back in the compartment, on top of the suitcases and bags with my legs hanging over the rail!! Bwahahaha...not very lady like when you are wearing a skirt and high heels...can you imagine? Everyone just burst out laughing! 

Another incident. There I am walking in town in my high heels on the pavement. Next thing I find myself stepping out of my shoe and find myself with one shoe on and one stockinged foot. I turn around and there is my other shoe stuck in a groove in the pavement! So off I go to retrieve my shoe but cannot get it out of the groove!! I have all these people walking the pavement, hustling and bustling around me and there I am on my haunches trying to get my shoe...

Then, now this was really funny. I lived in a complex where there was a communal wash line. It had rained quite heavily the day before and there were still puddles of water around. So there I am. Hanging the washing. As I was going along the line I had to jump over one huge muddy puddle. Which I did. But, when I landed on the other side of the puddle my feet slipped from under me, it was a muddy patch. I landed flat on my back in this muddy puddle! When I got up again my backside, my back and the back of my head was covered in mud!! Oh my soul what a sight I was...hahaha

The funniest moment I had on the golf driving range. My sister, Angie and I had gone to the golf driving range to drive some golf balls. It was Angie's turn. I was standing to one side. She did her thing and swung at the ball. I looked up and saw the golf ball flying through the air with something next to it, which I thought at first was a bird. I said to Angie "Look at that bird flying next to the ball". I then looked over at Angie and there she was staring at the end of her golf stick...the club was missing!!!! Oh my soul! I was eventually rolling on the ground I was laughing so much...

I could really just about write a book on all the funny and embarrassing things that have happened to me, but I think I will leave it at that for now...teeeheeeheeee

Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Person I Used To Be

Am I the same person I used to be? In one way, yes. Yet I have dedicated a lot of time to an effort to understand more about life - and about myself. That journey of discovery has taken me to many interesting places and my experiences have significantly shaped my personality. So, I can't really view the situation I now face through the eyes that I once looked out from. I cannot react to a problem in a way that I might have once responded. A moment of insight made me realise this.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Hitting The Nail On The Head

Wow! Now this message so resonated with me it actually gave me goosebumps. It is as if it is directed at me and me alone. Definitely some food for thought. Perhaps I should follow the advice given here, perhaps then my big dreams will come true. I certainly do have big dreams and yes, I can only achieve those with lots of money, which again, yes, it has been my focus and it has been a huge factor in my prayers. Time to heed this advice ASAP so that I can achieve my dreams!

Today's Angel Card Message for Friday, June 3, 2016

Be open and receptive to the abundance of new ideas flowing, that help you to find real solutions for your goals and needs. You've been praying for an immediate cash flow as a breakthrough in your circumstances! Remember, money is no object! Meaning, it shouldn't be the object of your attraction, in and of itself, since it is actually attracted by the object of your joy. If you're focused on lack, you've been creating your own delays unnecessarily. Start acting on those repetitive tidbits your angels keeping hinting to help you connect with the fulfillment of your desires. Even though you may feel like you're in a bit of tough spot, this situation is meant to divert your normal habit of narrowly observing the fear based circumstances surrounding your situation. It will have a profound impact on your future decisions and what new possibilities you will consider. This is that particular change you've been looking for, that comes in the most awkward way, with the perfect timing and solutions!

There's a possibility of a job opening, which you may discover in an unexpected venue, and at time you might not be looking. Although, you have been pretty content with your life and the general flow of all things considered, this may be the possibility you were hoping for in the back of your mind. Regardless, it's now moved to the front, giving you the opportunity to consider it more carefully. Don't be alarmed! You're not being forced to make a decision in that red-hot minute. Sit with it a little bit and sift through the parts of this, which stimulates any excitement, as its prospects occur to you. Allow yourself to process any aspects of this which you feel an alignment with. Notice any responses, like a sense of freedom, you might feel expanding from within your inner being, as you ponder the idea. Don't get too stuck in your mind. But instead, pay attention to how your soul reacts to everything that's presented to you. You'll know more about the outcome of this possible blessing, which your inner being will relay to you from the abundance of your guidance system. It's very definite that you've stumbled upon the answer to a prayer you've long been awaiting.

The angels are giving me a sense that you will feel as though the answers you receive, in response to your prayers, will be sort of off the cuff. They're making a point to indicate that the reason for this is to keep you from getting in your own way. They make me feel that you're at your best when you don't have preparation time to make yourself tensed and nervous, as you eagerly anticipate what to do. They concede that this will really challenge some of you right up to the brink of your limits! But with great humor, they say, they won't push you beyond your limit, unless it's really something good, and you won't mind anyway. I get this sense from them of wanting you to lighten up and have fun with all of it, the good and the not so good. Once you learn how to make any situation fun and interesting, you'll relax. When you relax, you stop vibrating in a pattern of resistance to every prayer you offer. They want you to really get this! When you are focused in such a way that you start vibrating in resistance to something you don't want, you not only amplify it, but you hold what you do want from manifesting.

They would rather you be drunk with laughter and never taking much of anything seriously, than have you be so serious, that you can't enjoy life. If you have a mindset that you can't afford the time for fun and relaxation, then you just made a powerful decision to focus on and become the equivalent to lack. Make time! Listen to your guidance. Act on those impulsive whims, that offer you a rare opportunity you weren't expecting. Don't map out all of your time. Free up your schedule, and be free of your schedule. Don't become a slave to time and lots of things that don't allow you to laugh, and are of no interest to you. Your mind is a creature of habit. It needs you to exercise it by breaking up your routines periodically. Otherwise, life can become pedantic and uneventful! Your soul is seeking a new adventure and you're going to love the ride!

They're showing me that you have some big dreams, which you're exploring. Those plans are stable, and will eventually work out beautifully and smoothly. The reason for this is because you are not alone in orchestrating their outcome. Neither are you alone in your caring and desire for them to manifest. You have an entire team of loving angels and ascended masters helping you, and working in concert with you. You can afford to relax and enjoy the process you're guided and inspired to act on. The key is to accept the inspiration, and then work within the abundance of this inspiration flowing through you and to you. When you no longer feel it, it's not because you are alone or have been deserted. It's because you've stopped checking-in. Sometimes, you may stop listening. You'll know you have when the smooth ride seems to have ceased flowing. Maybe, you need a break. Somehow, you got yourself stuck in a rut, where you're too serious, again. Now, when you are vibrating in resistance to the guidance that's flowing to you, you can't perceive or hear the angel's signals when this happens.

Use resistance as a sign, that you have become too comfortable in a habit, instead of the process of enjoyment and adventure. Keep exploring and looking for what feels better. Take your head out of the sand sometime, and see what's happening on the other side of the beach. A thought can fly by quickly, keep your eyes and ears open. Always remember to follow your inspiration and your bliss! You'll definitely find a pot of gold at the end of their rainbows! Have a fun, relaxing, and exciting weekend! May the Source be with you always!


Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Previous Mistakes

One of the main gifts you can give yourself is to profit from previous mistakes. Recognise and admit to a mistake, understand its consequences, and stop repeating it. Then it will no longer be a mistake. It will be experience. Are you about to make that same old mistake again? Take a different approach this time.