Thursday, January 29, 2015

BREAKING NEWS: Sadly this is life in South Africa

Sadly this is life in South Africa...not very nice to see but this is what it is! Incidents of crime happen every SINGLE day. Most of them do not even make the news anymore as it has just become such a "normal" part of every day life. I sometimes even have to wonder as to my reaction when I do see something terrible happen, it's almost like nothing shocks me anymore. I think I have become so numb to all these gruesome things we see. How on earth can this be accepted as normal living!!! It makes me angry! Excuse my language but seriously it makes me F-cken angry!! All because of our f-cking useless President and government. There just is no law and order anymore. They took away the death penalty because they consider each and every one of them their "brothers and sisters" and everyone of those criminals should have the right to live! F-ck man where is the common sense in that. If you are a criminal, whether you are black, white, f-cking pink or blue, I don't care, but you have to be punished appropriately!!!! To those who read this - I do apologise for my foul language but unfortunately I had to vent. I AM still human after all!!

BREAKING NEWS: Area surrounding Bedford Centre in lock down

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Johannesburg Is Electrifying

I'm sitting here listening to the rain, thunder and lightning outside. My thoughts wonder. It has been raining every afternoon now for the last two or three weeks, ok maybe two only but it feels like three!! Lol. It is also really getting quite infuriating as it generally starts in the late afternoon when my friend, Sharon, and I go for our power walk! The latest thunder storm is an electrical one! With all this rain I wonder how can anyone live in London with that constant rain and dismal weather.  I don't mind the rain but I am petrified of the lightning, but also it must not rain forever and ever. A week of rain is more than enough for me. I wonder what the rain storms are like in London and the rest of the world because over here in Johannesburg they are quite horrific. Like last night - we were having a huge electric storm that when the thunder rumbles you can feel it rumbling through the earth and the window frames rattle. Quite scary actually. Its weird when I compare the rain storms here to the one's on the South coast in Durban (Kwa-Zulu Natal) - I was on holiday there for a week in early January. Over there It just suddenly gets overcast, the sky gets black and next thing with no warning the heavens just open and the rain comes down and its like this silent rain and you see the lightning but you don't really hear it. Very weird, whereas here in Jo'burg you know a rain storm is coming. The clouds gather and the wind starts blowing and then you hear the thunder in the distance and then the lightning starts and when the rain comes it is a hard rain that you can hear because it gushes down. I prefer the sunshine and even though I bitch and moan about the heat, I would much rather have that than cold weather. I guess its because I am an outdoor person. I get quite agitated if I am couped up in a house for too long. It usually helps me take my mind off the storm and keep me busy when I can sit and just write/type random things. Perhaps its time I start a book!! Lol. 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Missing You

Baby I'm missing you now. It's driving me crazy how I'm needing you. I'm really missing you now. I always miss you more when Valentines Day is around the corner. Wishing you were here by my side is all that I can do. Got my arms around my pillow at night, they should be holding you. I often imagine your face on the pillow next to me. Thought I was stronger, how could I know, how could I know?!. It's so hard on my soul. It's hard to be strong. Every time I think of you, it always makes me smile. You claimed your stake within my heart and there you will remain. Love you forever! FAB.

It's Not What You Do...

It's not what you do, it's the way that you do it. Or so we are told. Up to a point, this statement is true - but only up to a point. If you are doing something truly dreadful it really won't matter how you do it. Style may temporarily triumph over substance but, in the long run, substance will always have the last word. So, in your emotional life now, you really do need to think carefully about the choice that is now in front of you. What looks good is really not important. It's what feels right that counts.