Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Community And Community Values

Another accurate card and message. Yesterday I was blasted from a dizzy height by a Personal Trainer I had contacted in the UK. He blew the wind right out of my sails! So rude and arrogant like you just cannot believe. I was truly insulted and quite upset. For about 2 to 5 minutes I was livid! Then I pulled myself together and decided that I was not going to let one obnoxious individual roller coast me down. Every afternoon my Mentor, Bo Short, who is in the USA, does a live video broadcast for us on FB. He was talking about going on strong to finish off this month so that you can kick butt in the new month. That there are going to be obstacles and that you are going to doubt yourself and you are going to make mistakes sometimes but as long as you work hard there are no limits. You don't tackle to somebody, you tackle through somebody! A fantastic analogy he used is "A river cuts through a rock not because of its power, but because of its persistance". I love that! It's so cool! So I commented about my incident and how I dusted myself off and carried on with what I had to do. Today on the live broadcast he said that if "we" need help with people in overseas markets, we must contact him and he will help - clearly directing that offer at me after my comment about the Personal Trainer in the UK. It is so wonderful to have this support network! My previous businesses I had no one to help me. I was on my own and just had to do what had to be done. I love that I am part of a community with community values. So, after I listened to the live broadcast on FB I went to Berry Jones' page to see what the Angel Card message for the day was...well, surprise, surprise! Need I say more? I love how these messages resonate with my life story!!

Today's Daily Angel Card Message for Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The angels invite you to open your arms and your heart to receive! They're showing me an old community hall in a medieval setting with a thatched roof. The meaning I'm sensing deals with community values. Perhaps, you're establishing deeper connections within your own community, or something new surfaces in a different one. You may have an opportunity to help build and strengthen. This could refer to relationships healing within a group or your emotional connection changing within your employment environment. You may have a sense of letting go of bygones and looking more optimistically towards the present and the future. Sometimes, your head gets buried in the sand so deeply you aren't able to see the advantages, which you might find beneficial for yourself and everyone else. Even though you start out with little, you have a lot to still gain. You can feel that you'll make this work somehow, as your choices begin to expand.

Although, it may seem like you're on your own, or have been, you are discovering new connections and support. Your perspective is hopeful and filled with excitement. This is your chance to experience and encounter welcoming relationships. Some previous expectations caused you to close off from letting others in. Previous business plans had unexpected complications dealing with uncooperative and difficult personalities. You are sensitive to aggressive behavior, and tend to shy away from combative personalities. As you are one to express yourself more gently, this manner of speaking may put you off. However, you may want to consider from their perspective that they're fearless in protecting their position and point of view. It can be tricky in collaborations where more people are involved. Each party has their own agendas​, which they strongly support for their own good reasons. Each of you actually learns something valuable from your individual approaches, once you move beyond personal taste. It's easy to quickly label another and their differences, when their choices don't seem to suit you.

What you should consider is, if there's something you each possess that the other could use to their advantage. Another's​ weakness, as you perceive it, might become a strength to serve your purpose. I feel like this card invites you to explore the acceptance of other's talents and gifts you might not recognize, because of your preferences and prejudices. In order to do this, you have to release the past, which haunts you in some way. This is indicated by the reaction a situation causes within you. Earlier, I felt like this situation creates insecurities when working in groups, or when surrounded by crowds of people. It may hold you back from pursuing certain career opportunities, because you are worried you'll feel intimidated. You may have been in an intimidating environment before, and you're hesitant to take a risk of landing in another one.

This card is highlighting a new emotional beginning for you moving forward. You get to set the stage for the course you choose. This commences when you open your heart to the unfolding of your dreams and spiritual purpose. It's a different approach and experiences from the path of your ego's fears and illusions. When you remove your criticisms and worries, you are left with the enthusiasm of your passions​ and desires. Once you are focused on what you love, you see a range of possibilities within yourself and others. You can experience their spiritual connection, and the purpose they serve on your path. Develop an outlook of seeing how others strengthen your efforts, no matter how they conflict with or support you. The better you become at noticing their strengths, and especially being able to see the advantages of their less redeeming qualities, you'll form wonderful new alliances. When you see another's truth, you increase the recognition of your own, as well as, cause them to access and reveal more openly theirs to you. What you give, you receive!

During meditation, the angel number 982 appeared. It reads, “Trust that all of your financial and material needs are being met. All you need to do is continue devoting yourself to serving a spiritual focus through your career.” This may suggest that new feelings resurface about beginning a new spiritually​ based career, which you may start on a part time basis as additional income. Or, you may expect an upswing in your career, which brings material blessings. The card indicates a new sense of emotional security, peace, and joy. When you believe in yourself and what you are seeking, the abundance increases and new opportunities attract to you. Pay attention to what surfaces, and how it fulfills your prayers. Since this marks a transition for you, give it time to unfold, before you pass judgment on the outcome. Instead, focus on the progress you make each moment. The little changes really make a huge difference. You're on your way to fulfilling your dreams. Remain devoted to your purpose. May the Source be with you always!


Monday, May 29, 2017

Dancing To The Beat

How apt this message is for me today! After the launch of our Zen Project 8 program this last weekend my mind has been racing all weekend!! I found myself working until late Saturday night until I could not keep my eyes open. Sunday morning I was at it again until lunch time until I said to myself I need to chill. Pffffttt...fat chance of that! My mind was in overdrive. This morning I opened my eyes...and there my mind goes, racing and racing. I cannot keep up with all the ideas flying through my mind. I have to take note of them just to remember them all. Then I come across this message and it is insanely accurate. I can liken myself to the analogy of dancing but I picture myself not in a gentle swaying motion...oh's more like I am dancing in a disco to some crazy rave song! Just going wild! Hahaha...Well, that's what my mind is doing right now...just going wild and I am just following the rythm and not focussing on the reservations and fears and I certainly do not have the time to ponder! What I do however need to do is follow the advice of the Empress suggesting I need to explore the connection with my body through movement, pleasure, and creative expression. To help me to minimize the overactive use of my mind, which is overriding the impulses of my soul's connection. It will eventually bring back into balance the mind, which is the brain processing all the operations and functions of the body's responses. I gave my exercise a miss this morning as I was just too eager to get to work. A big mistake! I can kick my ass for doing that as that always gears me up for the day and now here I am feeling guilty...grrrrr...I will have to do a catch up session after work today.

Today's Daily Angel Card Message for Monday, May 29, 2017

You're a channel of many resources! Despite your reservations and fears, you're in a really secure place. The opportunities and new possible directions opening up for you may feel overwhelming. You don't need to fear making progress towards your dreams. Much of what you seek seems stuck in a holding pattern of delays, because you fear the actual engagement of your desires. It's easier to imagine what might make you happy, than actually being and living in the experience of your goals, which makes your happiness a reality. Pondering the best course of action is often a way to procrastinate beginning your soul's purpose. When the river of your guidance is moving powerfully through your heart, it unites you within the affluence of insights and decisions of your soul. Your role is to express in some way what you are experiencing. It's like hearing the dance music and your body simply responds to the elements within the music, with which it is resonating. You don't stop to think about how your body will move and which muscles need to coordinate for this to happen. The musical ideas of rhythm, harmony, melody, form and polyphony causes the emotional choices to register in your soul. The emotional connection is a form of desire motivating your creative expression. Don't worry about how your plans will evolve, or you'll end up becoming a prisoner of your plans.

The angels aren't saying that making plans isn't valuable and helpful. Plans can help you remain focused​. What they don't want you to do is to fixate on any particular plans, especially the small details. The Empress card speaks to your unlimited wealth of creativity. When you listen to the music and let your body respond from the heart’s inspiration, you are available to explore many different movements. When you are listening critically, your body becomes rigid. Your body may be moving well, but it's as if someone is observing the meter of the music without the soul. It's not dancing, if it just looks like geometrical choreography and perfectly metered tempi. An opportunity may unexpectedly change the rhythm of your plans and thus alter the form of your path. If you are counting the beats, like trying to consider the risks, you won't pick up the new dance beat. You start to panic instead, and lose your place within the movement. The angels caution you to not try to isolate the elements at this stage of your journey. You aren't in the practice stage. This is the performance, and for some the dress rehearsal. Either way, you still shouldn't be counting the beats or risks. You're dancing and expressing the music of your soul's truth and purpose.

To do this, you have to exercise the gifts, skills, and wisdom of your experiences. In another sense, your approach naturally is more intuitive than calculated. If you feel restrained for some reason, then you are thinking too much about what to do, rather than doing what you know needs to be done. To counteract this, stop sweating the small details and decisions in your life. Don't make a big issue over decisions that allows the natural function of changes to occur in your life. Try to go more with your own flow of ideas and instincts, which motivates your happiness. Here's where the details make a difference. These details may somehow fly right past you when you have a divine insight that spikes your enthusiasm. What tends to happen is that you have no time to entertain the thought. You will become more concerned about another's opinion or potential rejection of this opportunity. When this occurs, the insight drops into​ the dance cycle of your life where the cue accurately​ fits and is suitable. Like music there's an organized pattern of beats called a meter. It's not that you have one chance for this idea to fit into your life. However, the more you delay your enthusiasm, and decision, the less likely you are to feel the connection to its movement in your life cycle. This continuous unfolding makes it difficult for you to trust the instinct of movement for your own soul's happiness.

I feel like the Empress is asking​ you to explore the connection with your body through movement, pleasure, and creative expression. This will help you to minimize the overactive use of your mind, which is overriding the impulses of your soul's connection. It will eventually bring back into balance the mind, which is the brain processing all the operations and functions of the body's responses. It's not that the mind is the enemy. However, if it becomes the soul, rather than the instrument, then you have a problem. It's like machines replacing humans completely. They have a supportive role, which frees up our focus from the complex operations, that matter, but don't express the voice or meaning of the soul. Just to illustrate the point a bit further about connecting with your body, during a rehearsal, a singing coach was trying to get me to stop fixating about my voice, and instead, focus on expressing the music. He started by having me sway to the meter of each measure. Then, add the conducting pattern. Next, I did this while singing.

Afterwards, he had me to clap the rhythm while I was still swaying and singing. He instructed me to just surrender my body to the various movements while simultaneously singing. I began to feel what's it's like when I'm thinking too hard about singing, instead of what I'm singing about. When I learned to focus solely on the movements, I was only aware of what I was creating through my hands and body movements. It freed up my singing completely. For the first time, I felt the difference between my mind analyzing what I'm doing, versus intuitively applying my vocal instincts and wisdom. When you are faced with a new direction, choices, or opportunities, you don't have to be afraid about how you will survive or perform. Your instincts and wisdom will step up and step in for you. The circumstances will draw them up, because your soul is always present. It's a quantum internet connection with immediate access to a universe of solutions we've all lived and experienced collectively. It's all stored in a library of ancient records. The information is gathered before you know you need it. All you need to do is practice more applied faith by taking the inspired action steps you are shown. Which means all you have to do is show up, and what you need will be there and available. May the Source be with you always!

Me with Mark MacDonald, our Zen Brand Ambassador at the launch.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Sign Of The Times

I love it when a song just grows on you and you get to a point where you just cannot get enough of listening to it!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Don't Cheat

Deception! The worst feeling in the world. I mean truly, right? It IS the worst feeling in the world. I know the pain. I have been cheated on. Many, many years ago! So listen, if you are the one doing the cheating…I mean there are some who are doing the cheating and there are some who are being cheated on. If you are doing the cheating you’ve got to remember that this is another human that you are hurting. So think about it. Try to leave before you cheat. Try to end it before you cheat, because once you cheat…well I don’t know. Especially if you do it mindlessly. Like you are just someone who doesn’t care. You need to understand that when you are hurting someone, cheating is just the worst, because you are getting intimate with another person and how does one recover from that? It is definitely possible. I recovered and many other’s have too. But THINK about that. The person you cheated on has to recover from you hurting them in the deepest way you possibly could! Yet you claimed you loved them. You have to take responsibility for your actions! And if you are the cheater, I can promise you Karma is coming back to bite you in the ass!! Uuuugghhh! Why?! It’s like… just be honest. You can so easily say “You know what Babe, I still love you but this isn’t working out and I don’t want to hurt you. I don’t want to be one of those people who cheat, so I feel like we need to split.” It’s honesty. No matter how it’s done. Deliver it tactfully. Deliver the truth. Not lies. Deliver the truth! Because if you do that you set both of you free. You have every right to leave a relationship. If it’s not working for you… it’s not working for you, but don’t cheat…

Monday, May 15, 2017

Daily Chatter

Every day we are involved in some or other chatter with someone. Either on the phone, or face to face, we exchange information. But, when last did you have a meaningful conversation? We often seem to talk without listening. We say what we think and people, in return, say what they think. Unless agreement or harmony is dramatic, we hardly even notice the other person's point of view. Paying attention will make you better informed, and better understood too.

Friday, May 12, 2017


This is the most spectacular music video I have ever seen!! 

Thursday, May 11, 2017


Planet Earth

No, I am not referring to the Planet Earth videos. I am referring to our planet...Earth. What kind of a planet is this? What are we all doing here? Whose idea was it in the first place? If time goes on forever, why do we all have so little of it? If space is infinite, why do we keep staring at the same old walls? Those are a few tricky questions, perhaps we can then attempt some easier ones. Like, what are you supposed to do, about you-know-what? Stumped for an answer? Never mind. Life's full of things that we can't understand. But, this really need not be a problem. Just try to relax.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Fruitful Purpose

This is incredible! There are messages that I am coming across that are so on point as to EXACTLY what is happening in my working life. It's almost like someone is writing the story of my life!! Like someone wrote the script and I am acting it out. This message resonates to the absolute core. It really and truly is amazing is all I can say.

Today's Daily Angel Card Message for Tuesday, May 9, 2017

If you happen to see a big opportunity dangling in front of you, would you walk right over it or would you seize it with all your courage and resources? You have a chance to make a huge difference, which will provide quality changes in your life. This is what you desire! You need to own how you feel and seek to achieve it. Don't back away when something stimulates you through every aspect of your mind, body, and soul. This is a powerful confirmation that you've found a successful and fulfilling opportunity. This card may indicate a generous gift, or blessing, is coming your way. Something you've worked for is beginning to pay off, and will set the stage for new developments. Don't be afraid of showcasing your gifts and skills. It's a good time, as others with the means to support and help you are watching. You've been looking for a possible chance to free yourself from compromising circumstances. Execute your plans. Host an event and overcome your fears of being in the spotlight, and of being rejected. You have a solid strategy which works because of your commitment to improving other's lives. You're passionate about improving the quality of people's lives, and the environments they live in. You have a great ability to help others find freedom in their self expression. Now is the time to wisely put your skills and resources to good use.

A path may have lead you to discover some advantages through social media. Perhaps, you have been able to increase some flow of revenue, as well as, exposure. This is a great lead for you to continue to explore and expand. It may eventually influence some fortunate connections, where more details begin to develop into a positive venture. It may be that this creates access to many other avenues to continue the expansion of your dreams. Beforehand, you felt unable to find an audience to take notice of what you are doing. You felt caged in, because your location isn't the best chance for you to have the kind of reception you were expecting. Through this medium, you now have the fortune of a wider reach. Invest in this medium to help augment your career or business plans. Don't wait for the world to come to you. Bring yourself to the world. This will become that golden opportunity you've been seeking. You're not too far from crossing the threshold of your dreams. The only thing holding you back is fear.

They show me a window of luxurious red velvet curtains with gold tassels on the trim. They are closed. Behind them a hot bright sun shines radiantly, that its glow pierces through the edges and seams of the curtains​ blocking its beams. It seems that you're afraid of being exposed to the entire world. You're more comfortable shielding and hiding yourself from the eyes and ears of the masses. The sun is a symbol of power, clarity of purpose, and energy. For some reason, you are not used ​to owning the responsibility of your soul's affluence and well-being. The extravagant curtains might mean, that you have poured all your efforts and resources into concealing the truth from yourself and others. As a result, you have built your own prison of survival and suffering. It also says, that you have the means to set yourself free. Even if your current circumstances are dire, you aren't​ fated to this path. You have an opportunity to create positive changes a step at a time. You've received notions through your divine guidance about how to proceed. You would consider them, but you allow particular details to cloud your ability to reason in your own favor. Instead, you believe that you can't find an easier route without taking unimaginable risks. You are more afraid to risk what you don't want than risk them for the things you cherish and deserve. If you don't wish to exist in your current circumstances, why then is it not worth the risk for something better?

It's interesting that the two cards this week, so far, are the Emperor, and today, the King of Ariel (Pentacles). You may find yourself having to make some important decisions. You may also be asked to lead or pull something together for everyone else. It's your role to focus on the decisions that allows you to advance in your truth and purpose. It's an important time to make your goals a priority over others. Don't fall into traps of putting other's needs above your own. This is a week for structure and physical needs. Pay close attention to physical responses in your body. They'll alert you to feedback from your intuition. Instead of avoiding them or ignoring them, notice them and embrace their intelligence to indicate the sudden decision you're confronted with. I get this sense that you will have close up encounters with the truth. It'll be impossible to get around them, as they'll get right up in your face. What you are privileged to see and experience, trust and believe in the honesty of what's presented, even if it's not what you were expecting or wanted. Don't try to make excuses for the truth. Just make sure to take from it the information you need. Don't judge it. Learn from it. Then, shape and forge that information and experience into fruitful purpose. You can always learn from other's mistakes, and yours, how to do it better. Once you climb onto​ the stage, and in the spotlight, you'll know and feel the power of freedom and success shining back to you! May the Source be with you always!


Monday, May 8, 2017

Holiday Break Is Over

Gosh! I have started off work with a bang...but its all good! 

I got back on Friday late afternoon after an awesome break in the country at the Midlands Saddle and Trout with my sister's Rita and Angie. I just love how we have all these absolutely beautiful and stunning places to go to in South Africa. It really is such a pity that the Government is ruining the economy. But I am not going to go there as that is all negative!!

I was in awe with where we stayed. The views were so amazing! The chalet was so spacious - it was actually like a huge house. There was a very spacious open plan kitchen, lounge and dining room. The lounge had a fireplace. Then there were 2 large bedrooms and 2 large bathrooms. The only issue we had was that the water pressure was very low due to the chalet being right next to the water reservoir so all the chalets lower down got the full force of water and we were the last to get water. Oh and on our last night there the geyser nearly burst! We were having supper and the weather had changed. It was thundering outside and rain was threatening. Next thing I hear this water gushing outside and it was splattering quite loud on the walk way outside. I said that it sounded very strange so Angie, who was closest to the front door got up to investigate. Next thing she exclaims that it is our geyser and water was pouring from the overflow. It was quite funny how we then all jumped into action! I got on the phone to call maintenance. We switched the geyser off and the bathroom taps/faucets were opened. Maintenance came quite fast. That night was a bit of a bummer as we could not shower!

Every morning we got up early and went for a brisk walk before breakfast and then we showered. I would then do some work and around lunch time we would go exploring again. The one morning we had such a good laugh. We were walking near the stables when next these 4 Geese came round the corner and started chasing Angie! It was hilarious! In the afternoons we cycled. Angie and I did most of the cycling as Rita has been having issues with one of her knees. The one day we did 12km's. So awesome. 

The Tuesday we had to go get groceries as we did not bring most of the food with like we usually do. So we googled Mooi River Shopping Centre and headed out. It was about 15 minutes drive away. We drove into the town at Mooi River and followed the Garmin. We got to this little Spar, a far call from a shopping centre! It looked so dodge that we asked a local lady if there were any other shopping centres around. She gave us directions to Howick and said it would be about a 20 minute drive. Well, if she drove that route then she must have done it as if she was Valentino Rossi!! It took us about 45 minutes. We bought the groceries at a small shopping centre we eventually found. Then Angie went to go see some Natura Therapist to get some homeopathic medicines. By the time we were finished in Howick it was close to 16:30. We were now panicking as it gets dark at 17:20 already and the road was through a mountain pass. We had the Garmin but it kept wanting to take us onto the N3 which was a much longer route than the R103. As it was getting darker and we were now back tracking on our route some landmarks looked different, as a result we missed a turn off to the left that we should have taken and ofcourse the Garmin lady does not say anything as she is now once again leading us to the N3!! :D Next thing Rita exclaims "The Windmills!" and points to a stop off on the right. We usually stop off there when we go to Pennington! This was not right as we never passed The Windmills on the way to Howick. Angie says well we may as well then follow the Garmin lady - so we carry on - next thing the tar road disappears and becomes a gravel road!! I said that this is not right at all and best we turn around as who knows where this gravel road would lead to. We back tracked again. By this time it was dusk. We found the turn off where we were supposed to have turned and finally made it back to the resort. By that time it was well after 18:00 and pitch dark. So ofcourse now that we were safe we had some good laughs about our adventure!

We got the fire going as the mornings and evenings were really quite chilly. There is just something so magical about a fire. I could quite easily sit in front of a fire the whole night!

The week flew by! We had intentions of reading and napping every day - well that never happened! We were too busy exploring, walking and cycling. As for the trout fishing and horse riding - we never got to that either! At least we got to see the horses when they came to visit us at the chalet and on our morning walks we would say hello to them :D I guess we will have to do the horse riding and trout fishing next time we go. We have decided we will definitely go back again!!

Our Chalet

The view from our chalet

Another stunning view

Letting the Inner Child out to come and play :D Angie and I on the swings

Rita and I saying hello to the horses

Good food, good company and some good belly aching laughs!

A nice hearty fire to take the chill out of the bones