Monday, May 29, 2017

Dancing To The Beat

How apt this message is for me today! After the launch of our Zen Project 8 program this last weekend my mind has been racing all weekend!! I found myself working until late Saturday night until I could not keep my eyes open. Sunday morning I was at it again until lunch time until I said to myself I need to chill. Pffffttt...fat chance of that! My mind was in overdrive. This morning I opened my eyes...and there my mind goes, racing and racing. I cannot keep up with all the ideas flying through my mind. I have to take note of them just to remember them all. Then I come across this message and it is insanely accurate. I can liken myself to the analogy of dancing but I picture myself not in a gentle swaying motion...oh's more like I am dancing in a disco to some crazy rave song! Just going wild! Hahaha...Well, that's what my mind is doing right now...just going wild and I am just following the rythm and not focussing on the reservations and fears and I certainly do not have the time to ponder! What I do however need to do is follow the advice of the Empress suggesting I need to explore the connection with my body through movement, pleasure, and creative expression. To help me to minimize the overactive use of my mind, which is overriding the impulses of my soul's connection. It will eventually bring back into balance the mind, which is the brain processing all the operations and functions of the body's responses. I gave my exercise a miss this morning as I was just too eager to get to work. A big mistake! I can kick my ass for doing that as that always gears me up for the day and now here I am feeling guilty...grrrrr...I will have to do a catch up session after work today.

Today's Daily Angel Card Message for Monday, May 29, 2017

You're a channel of many resources! Despite your reservations and fears, you're in a really secure place. The opportunities and new possible directions opening up for you may feel overwhelming. You don't need to fear making progress towards your dreams. Much of what you seek seems stuck in a holding pattern of delays, because you fear the actual engagement of your desires. It's easier to imagine what might make you happy, than actually being and living in the experience of your goals, which makes your happiness a reality. Pondering the best course of action is often a way to procrastinate beginning your soul's purpose. When the river of your guidance is moving powerfully through your heart, it unites you within the affluence of insights and decisions of your soul. Your role is to express in some way what you are experiencing. It's like hearing the dance music and your body simply responds to the elements within the music, with which it is resonating. You don't stop to think about how your body will move and which muscles need to coordinate for this to happen. The musical ideas of rhythm, harmony, melody, form and polyphony causes the emotional choices to register in your soul. The emotional connection is a form of desire motivating your creative expression. Don't worry about how your plans will evolve, or you'll end up becoming a prisoner of your plans.

The angels aren't saying that making plans isn't valuable and helpful. Plans can help you remain focused​. What they don't want you to do is to fixate on any particular plans, especially the small details. The Empress card speaks to your unlimited wealth of creativity. When you listen to the music and let your body respond from the heart’s inspiration, you are available to explore many different movements. When you are listening critically, your body becomes rigid. Your body may be moving well, but it's as if someone is observing the meter of the music without the soul. It's not dancing, if it just looks like geometrical choreography and perfectly metered tempi. An opportunity may unexpectedly change the rhythm of your plans and thus alter the form of your path. If you are counting the beats, like trying to consider the risks, you won't pick up the new dance beat. You start to panic instead, and lose your place within the movement. The angels caution you to not try to isolate the elements at this stage of your journey. You aren't in the practice stage. This is the performance, and for some the dress rehearsal. Either way, you still shouldn't be counting the beats or risks. You're dancing and expressing the music of your soul's truth and purpose.

To do this, you have to exercise the gifts, skills, and wisdom of your experiences. In another sense, your approach naturally is more intuitive than calculated. If you feel restrained for some reason, then you are thinking too much about what to do, rather than doing what you know needs to be done. To counteract this, stop sweating the small details and decisions in your life. Don't make a big issue over decisions that allows the natural function of changes to occur in your life. Try to go more with your own flow of ideas and instincts, which motivates your happiness. Here's where the details make a difference. These details may somehow fly right past you when you have a divine insight that spikes your enthusiasm. What tends to happen is that you have no time to entertain the thought. You will become more concerned about another's opinion or potential rejection of this opportunity. When this occurs, the insight drops into​ the dance cycle of your life where the cue accurately​ fits and is suitable. Like music there's an organized pattern of beats called a meter. It's not that you have one chance for this idea to fit into your life. However, the more you delay your enthusiasm, and decision, the less likely you are to feel the connection to its movement in your life cycle. This continuous unfolding makes it difficult for you to trust the instinct of movement for your own soul's happiness.

I feel like the Empress is asking​ you to explore the connection with your body through movement, pleasure, and creative expression. This will help you to minimize the overactive use of your mind, which is overriding the impulses of your soul's connection. It will eventually bring back into balance the mind, which is the brain processing all the operations and functions of the body's responses. It's not that the mind is the enemy. However, if it becomes the soul, rather than the instrument, then you have a problem. It's like machines replacing humans completely. They have a supportive role, which frees up our focus from the complex operations, that matter, but don't express the voice or meaning of the soul. Just to illustrate the point a bit further about connecting with your body, during a rehearsal, a singing coach was trying to get me to stop fixating about my voice, and instead, focus on expressing the music. He started by having me sway to the meter of each measure. Then, add the conducting pattern. Next, I did this while singing.

Afterwards, he had me to clap the rhythm while I was still swaying and singing. He instructed me to just surrender my body to the various movements while simultaneously singing. I began to feel what's it's like when I'm thinking too hard about singing, instead of what I'm singing about. When I learned to focus solely on the movements, I was only aware of what I was creating through my hands and body movements. It freed up my singing completely. For the first time, I felt the difference between my mind analyzing what I'm doing, versus intuitively applying my vocal instincts and wisdom. When you are faced with a new direction, choices, or opportunities, you don't have to be afraid about how you will survive or perform. Your instincts and wisdom will step up and step in for you. The circumstances will draw them up, because your soul is always present. It's a quantum internet connection with immediate access to a universe of solutions we've all lived and experienced collectively. It's all stored in a library of ancient records. The information is gathered before you know you need it. All you need to do is practice more applied faith by taking the inspired action steps you are shown. Which means all you have to do is show up, and what you need will be there and available. May the Source be with you always!

Me with Mark MacDonald, our Zen Brand Ambassador at the launch.

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