Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Fruitful Purpose

This is incredible! There are messages that I am coming across that are so on point as to EXACTLY what is happening in my working life. It's almost like someone is writing the story of my life!! Like someone wrote the script and I am acting it out. This message resonates to the absolute core. It really and truly is amazing is all I can say.

Today's Daily Angel Card Message for Tuesday, May 9, 2017

If you happen to see a big opportunity dangling in front of you, would you walk right over it or would you seize it with all your courage and resources? You have a chance to make a huge difference, which will provide quality changes in your life. This is what you desire! You need to own how you feel and seek to achieve it. Don't back away when something stimulates you through every aspect of your mind, body, and soul. This is a powerful confirmation that you've found a successful and fulfilling opportunity. This card may indicate a generous gift, or blessing, is coming your way. Something you've worked for is beginning to pay off, and will set the stage for new developments. Don't be afraid of showcasing your gifts and skills. It's a good time, as others with the means to support and help you are watching. You've been looking for a possible chance to free yourself from compromising circumstances. Execute your plans. Host an event and overcome your fears of being in the spotlight, and of being rejected. You have a solid strategy which works because of your commitment to improving other's lives. You're passionate about improving the quality of people's lives, and the environments they live in. You have a great ability to help others find freedom in their self expression. Now is the time to wisely put your skills and resources to good use.

A path may have lead you to discover some advantages through social media. Perhaps, you have been able to increase some flow of revenue, as well as, exposure. This is a great lead for you to continue to explore and expand. It may eventually influence some fortunate connections, where more details begin to develop into a positive venture. It may be that this creates access to many other avenues to continue the expansion of your dreams. Beforehand, you felt unable to find an audience to take notice of what you are doing. You felt caged in, because your location isn't the best chance for you to have the kind of reception you were expecting. Through this medium, you now have the fortune of a wider reach. Invest in this medium to help augment your career or business plans. Don't wait for the world to come to you. Bring yourself to the world. This will become that golden opportunity you've been seeking. You're not too far from crossing the threshold of your dreams. The only thing holding you back is fear.

They show me a window of luxurious red velvet curtains with gold tassels on the trim. They are closed. Behind them a hot bright sun shines radiantly, that its glow pierces through the edges and seams of the curtains​ blocking its beams. It seems that you're afraid of being exposed to the entire world. You're more comfortable shielding and hiding yourself from the eyes and ears of the masses. The sun is a symbol of power, clarity of purpose, and energy. For some reason, you are not used ​to owning the responsibility of your soul's affluence and well-being. The extravagant curtains might mean, that you have poured all your efforts and resources into concealing the truth from yourself and others. As a result, you have built your own prison of survival and suffering. It also says, that you have the means to set yourself free. Even if your current circumstances are dire, you aren't​ fated to this path. You have an opportunity to create positive changes a step at a time. You've received notions through your divine guidance about how to proceed. You would consider them, but you allow particular details to cloud your ability to reason in your own favor. Instead, you believe that you can't find an easier route without taking unimaginable risks. You are more afraid to risk what you don't want than risk them for the things you cherish and deserve. If you don't wish to exist in your current circumstances, why then is it not worth the risk for something better?

It's interesting that the two cards this week, so far, are the Emperor, and today, the King of Ariel (Pentacles). You may find yourself having to make some important decisions. You may also be asked to lead or pull something together for everyone else. It's your role to focus on the decisions that allows you to advance in your truth and purpose. It's an important time to make your goals a priority over others. Don't fall into traps of putting other's needs above your own. This is a week for structure and physical needs. Pay close attention to physical responses in your body. They'll alert you to feedback from your intuition. Instead of avoiding them or ignoring them, notice them and embrace their intelligence to indicate the sudden decision you're confronted with. I get this sense that you will have close up encounters with the truth. It'll be impossible to get around them, as they'll get right up in your face. What you are privileged to see and experience, trust and believe in the honesty of what's presented, even if it's not what you were expecting or wanted. Don't try to make excuses for the truth. Just make sure to take from it the information you need. Don't judge it. Learn from it. Then, shape and forge that information and experience into fruitful purpose. You can always learn from other's mistakes, and yours, how to do it better. Once you climb onto​ the stage, and in the spotlight, you'll know and feel the power of freedom and success shining back to you! May the Source be with you always!


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