Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Letting Go Of Burdens

I found myself looking at situations in life through eyes that were perhaps not mine. I know, that sounds kind of creepy or weird but that is the best way that I could find to say what it is I want to say. 

I looked at people in my life, people around me in general and at myself. It became very clear to me that we are all programmed either by society, by communities, by family and friends to be a certain way and to do certain things. Or we believe we have to be a certain way to accomplish whatever it is that we wish to achieve in our lives to meet the approval of someone important in our lives. For example you have parents that possibly drum it into you that you have to become a lawyer or doctor or whatever to make it in life in order to have what ever type of security or stability is required. It could be that perhaps you are a guy and you feel that you will only be worthy of having a relationship by first having to build this nest egg before you can propose to the woman you have set your heart on because your belief is that that is what she would want from you. You could be a woman who feels that you are only worthy of love once you lose 20 kilograms. It could be that, no matter who you are, that you will not be worthy until you have achieved whatever it is that you set, or someone else set, for you as a goal. Or you could be trying to live up to the expectation of what you heard someone say, or what they did. You will only be worthy when you have x amount of money in the bank. You will only be worthy once you have paid off your credit card. You will only be worthy once....fill in the blanks. Perhaps you did decide to study to become a lawyer or a doctor or whatever it is that you started. It was your passion when you started it but after a while you realise that it is just so hard and so overwhelming that you think you will never reach your goal. Perhaps you are acting on what someone said to prove that you can do something of value. You are trying to live up to someone else's expectations or your own expectations, whichever it is, these are perceived expectations. These expectations are sometimes so high that it feels like it becomes a burden. It is a heavy load that you are carrying. It's like you don't know which way anymore. Instead of letting it go with the flow of things, you went with it in an unpractical way. Almost like you wonder if it is all worth it anymore. You need to figure out why you were in it in the first place. It could be that some outside perception was put into this thing that was supposed to be your passion and now its just become a burden. Take a step back. Unburden yourself. You can take that magic wand and turn it into a passion again by doing whatever it is you are doing by letting go of how everyone else expects it to be. You don't have to do it like everyone expects. You can do it the way that you want it done. Don't get caught up in how your family or society or whoever expects things to be. Don't ever doubt yourself either. Don't doubt that you will achieve your goal. You have to let go of that. Let go of anything that anyone has perhaps said or something you may have heard that makes you believe you are not worthy. If you are a guy and you believe you are not worthy of a woman or perhaps of a shared dream that you have talked about with someone or you are not worthy and deserving of your hearts desires, whatever they may be. Don't hold back and don't let there be any expectation of you in the future. You don't have to build that nest egg for the woman that you love just to be worthy, you don't have to save up to have a fat bank balance just to prove you are worthy. You are worthy right now! Just allow that to take the pressure off. Let go of the burden. Whatever your vision is of what the the future needs to look like, whatever version you have of it, just put it down. If we go back to the example of building a nest egg. Whatever project/career you are working on, it should not become a burden for you. If you are building a nest egg, why do it alone? If it was me that someone was building something for, gosh, I wouldn't want to be invited in when everything is done! I would want to be there from the start. From when the seeds are planted in the soil. I would want to be there to give support and encouragement and to see that goal,dream, project, house, business - whatever it may be, grow. Why wait until the time is right just to feel worthy? Inevitably you will find yourself always focussing on the next thing, and the next thing and the next that you end up not appreciating THE THING you have right now. Life is so short. Focus on the moment you've got. You made a decision to build a business. You made a decision to make your dreams come true. You don't want to look back and say "look what I was able to accomplish" just to feel worthy. You want to look back and say "look what I was able to accomplish" with appreciation and with pride for yourself and if you had someone by your side, to be appreciative that they were there to support your endeavours. Before you know it, life is gone and you did not appreciate THE thing you were living in. Sure success in whatever is not easy, but it is simple. What I am trying to say is, everything you do, counts. Every moment counts. Everything you do and how you do it matters. The journey is important and every step counts. If you can value and appreciate all the things you are doing now, whatever you are in, in the middle right now, it adds so much more texture to where you are going. It will mean something! It has value when you accomplish your goals. You accomplish your goals because you so appreciate what you had to go through to get there. LIVE in that moment . Be present for yourself. You have one shot, one path through this world. Make it count! If you are nervous, scared, anxious today, revel in it today! It's ok! It's not the end of the world. Every step you take will take you closer to where you want to go. Just savour every breath and every moment. This is an incredible journey, live in it, enjoy it and embrace it. Live that! If you believe you are not worthy of whatever is applicable to you. Don't! You ARE worthy! You are deserving! Understand and accept that you have everything you need. Nothing comes from outside in terms of fulfillment. Just be. There is no longer the past tense or the future. Just be in the now. The present tense. THIS moment. This will create a blank slate for you. You need to understand that there are no past mistakes and there are no future expectations from you, anybody or anything. Your perceptions of what you think someone expects from you are keeping you from stepping into this. Recognise that every breath is a new beginning with no mistakes in it. Allow yourself to love yourself and forgive yourself. Understand that you are worthy of love. 
LOVE what you do. LOVE those within your life. Express LOVE in your works. And most importantly, LOVE yourself by taking good care of yourself​ and being compassionate toward yourself.

The moment I let go of the things that I felt I was not worthy of, yes I had quite a few! Everything changed. I have forgiven myself for all my mistakes and I have forgiven others. I let go of the expectations that I had set for myself and the expectations that I was trying to live up to, to just feel worthy. A peace fell over me that I have never felt before. Like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders, and that is exactly the title of this post - I had let go of the burdens of my own self imposed expectations and the expectations that other's had placed on me! It is in that knowing that each moment is a new moment and each moment is all we have that I finally accepted that I am worthy! 

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Toe Vind Ek Jou

A South African song that just gives me goosebumps! I have translated the lyrics from Afrikaans to English below.

I lay my weapons down

Tonight for the first time
I see myself in your eyes
I have lost this war
I stare at the blood on my hands
I know I have changed
You think I am just talking again
I love you
I swear

No pretenses
No control

Outside the voices scatter
Friends that greet
See you later
Everyone finds their way
I know I must too my love

Hey, my sweet
Hey, my baby
You are my retreat
Never want to make you cry
You are my song
You are my tune
We have a dog
We have a home

I have given enough
I have shouted enough
I learnt long ago
But still I tried 
Flee like a traitor
From that which has a hold on me
There were monsters in the dark
Then I found you (Toe vind ek jou)
I swear

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Ready? Set And Go!!

Welcome :) May I take your coat? Thank you, if you'd like to follow me, we'll get you kitted out. Did you bring a set of flame-retardant clothing? Good. Here are your rocket-powered roller-skates, your helmet and your parachute. Only kidding! You probably don't need a parachute, but if you do, they're available at the resting points. Before that, though, you've got to crash through the barriers at speed. Don't worry - it won't be difficult - that's what the helmet's for! Have I gone nuts? Perhaps...just some humour from me for the day! 😄

Friday, March 17, 2017

A Heart So Closed

We've all met them, the self-involved ones, those that rationalise, the very shallow, the weak among us, the materialistic, the ones that smile when they lie. Sadly, we've all met far too many of them in life. I wonder about these people. Just what do they say to themselves at the end of the day? How did all this begin for them? A heart so closed can't possibly have been born that way…or could it?

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Forgiving And Learning

I was once again astounded to receive two messages on one day from different readers! Yes, this is what I do every now and then when I have some time to just chill by myself. I have a keen interest in the Esoteric world. This is something I have enjoyed for many years. I find it very interesting when things come up and you can actually link them. It's almost like the messages follow on from each other. I follow my hunches and randomly select readings and then am completely surprised how they apply to me! 

In the first reading the signs Aries and Scorpio are picked up quite strongly (in the video below) Now my sun sign is Scorpio and my rising sign is Aries plus someone that I care deeply for is a Scorpio. So from about 12:55 in, is where I really took note. Amazing how the Judgement card is linked to the card pulled at 14:11! The card Forgiving and Learning. Then the part about going within and attention to my emotions and what I feel.

Then I randomly selected the next video from Angel Souls. The message from about 02:30 in, came out as Heaven is trying to help you to see a better way and you are just not opening up to it. Then the next instant the SAME card Forgiving and Learning comes up! I was completely bowled over!! It's about having really been hurt by somebody and having some conflict around the whole matter and not finding a solution. You need to call on Archangel Michael to give you clarity and Archangel Raguel to help you harmonise within yourself. The same message about going within came through on the previous reading too. To carry on, so Heaven is trying to make you see that things are not the way that you think they are or because of your pain you are jumping to conclusions about what that persons intentions were. Yes, admittedly I did hear myself think that a couple of times but then dismissed the thought. The message goes on that people get so addicted to being wronged that they expect to being wronged. You have to somehow face the problems. You have to call on Archangel Muriel to help compassion and forgiveness. If you finally let go then new love can come in. Now the next card from the Romance Angels deck was the card Romantic Feelings. The message from there is that if it is an issue with a love partner and the issue can be sorted or resolved, then there is the possibility of rekindling the spark. In terms of being single, it could be you battling yourself and that is why love has not been able to come in. It could be that you have been afraid to love. Maybe you have been hurt or maybe you have been single for so long that you feel that love is just not meant for you. You think you don't fit into that category. Whatever the case may be, Heaven is trying to show you just how worthy you are. The card says "Your feelings are real and are worth exploring". So it comes down to saying to yourself that you can get back in the game. Saying to yourself " I deserve love too". So its either going on a few dates being single, or if its being coupled, then reigniting the passion. But there are still some hurt feelings going on. So if nothing comes to a resolution, then at least you have set the groundwork to get further down the road or working it out. There is a lot of forgiveness that has to happen. Things were said and done. If you make amends with someone who has hurt you, or you have worked through it and you have forgiven, now you might be releasing a block to bring a love partner in. It's all about facing the hurt. It's all about the healing. It's time for healing. If you want to create a new reality you cannot be holding on to old resentments. Have the courage to admit where you were wrong. Admit to where you made some missteps. Maybe you could have given the other person the benefit of the doubt. If you do the work you can capture a sense of self and move on from the hurt. 

So, how do these messages apply to me. Well I am not coupled but I have certainly been hurt. In terms of the forgiveness part. I have done that already. I have forgiven. Going on a few dates perhaps? Not sure about that as right now I am not looking for dates. Have I been single for too long? Yes, perhaps I have. Am I maybe battling myself. I don't know. Perhaps I need to do some soul searching. Am I afraid to love? Perhaps I did in the past. I was afraid of being hurt. However, I have accepted that if you are going to be hurt by someone, it is going to happen and the best is to just accept it, try and resolve it and move on from that. Which I have done. I have accepted the hurt. The reasons behind the hurt I do not know, all I know is I have accepted it and I have forgiven that person. Is there still some healing to be done? Absolutely! Would I be open to resolving the issue with that person? Ofcourse I would! I do not hold grudges against anyone anymore. The message is clear. Forgiving and Learning. My lesson learnt. To accept the hurt. Acknowledge the hurt. Forgive, try and resolve the issue and move forward. If it cannot be resolved then just let it go. Years ago I hung on to the resentment and the hurt which cost me my health. On my part the forgiveness has been done. 

Monday, March 6, 2017

Release Any Expectations

A hidden message for me that was much needed. Another new option presented to me - a creative idea to be worked on today which may just be the avenue I need for an opportunity to make progress. Certainly something to be encouraged by to lift the discouragement I have been feeling!

Today's Daily Angel Card Message for Monday, March 6, 2017

This card is coming up to indicate that you'll experience a deep healing on an emotional level, which is helping to remove unhealthy processes from the past. It'll uncover issues surrounding your acknowledgement of your soul's worth. This has been a struggle for you to realize and accept your potential and true spiritual essence. However, this is not a battle you will lose, and you will no longer feel the compulsion to fight in this battle or any other for that matter. You've held accounts in your memory that weren't completely accurate. They were reshaped by the impact of the circumstances, which your ego's beliefs of victimization had in particular a great deal of influence. When it chooses the need to protect itself, it makes judgments about you, others, and the details of your experience. They then become seen through blame and fear. It always needs to justify an unwanted experience. It believes its perspective is real, and is worthy of a thorough investigation. The only purpose a negative experience can help you to understand is that whatever is happening is not your truth, so that you will continue searching for what is! In this way, it acts as a speed bump to let you know you are driving off your path or intended lane. Don't dwell on the past, when your present is so bright and full of opportunities! Instead, embrace the incredible joy of your current opportunities unfolding to you with creative enthusiasm and excitement!

At this time many different kinds of options are available and presenting themselves.
You are keenly aware of this shift, and can sense that its arrival is imminent. This is happening mostly because you're open to exploring other ideas and points of view. You don't feel the need to cling to old patterns and ways of doing things. Creatively, you're more receptive. You're diversifying your approach and finding new ways of expressing your gifts and talents. You're more interested in discovering what works best. You have really been seeking to improve yourself, and to commit to your own happiness. It may not seem like it, but you've come a long way! This has come with challenges, but after each one you're standing stronger. It may feel like you're more at a loss, as a result of everything you've done. Don't be discouraged by this, but rather encouraged! What you're witnessing is the break in a pattern, which was stifling your transformation. In this place of uncertainty, you are free to implement a new paradigm representing your soul's truth and alignment. When you break free from a prison your own mind created and followed, nothing seems like it's working, because you're no longer being manipulated by your ego's fears. Don't try to control anything. Let it go further out of control. It means you're allowing yourself to move further away from its influence.

What makes change so difficult to sustain after achieving a successful breakthrough, is that you start looking for your comfort areas. These are things you think give you peace, as in a sense of belonging. However, you broke loose to discover and experience your authentic individuality, not the former and familiar. In order to fully achieve this, you have to embrace your unknown potential and all its possibilities. It's sobering and scary being free of the illusions you created and lived within. For a while, at first, you will be afraid of your own truth and power. One common way we tend to express this fear, in the face of its realization, is by saying to yourself, “it seems too good to be true!” This is because you have been convinced that good things don't happen easily or readily for yourself. The ego inserts suspicion into your perspective. Then, you begin to wonder what you have to compromise to have it. Or, you may start to poke holes in your “happily ever after” scenario by criticizing your talents, skills, or abilities. You may believe you're not good enough or qualified for this opportunity. The big one is when you reach a point where you feel this is too good for you! Somehow, you believe that you have done something wrong in the past to disqualify you, and you find a way to punish or persecute yourself over and over again.

Let this go.
It lowers your vibration, which contracts the valve allowing the flow of prosperity the universe is offering in answer to your prayers. This is one reason why you must forgive others, because in doing so you're more receptive to forgiving yourself. You can't receive what you cannot give. If you want to have plenty of opportunities available to you, you have to be willing to have an open mind towards life. It's so easy for us to give up and cave into disappointment. When you allow for disappointment, you have concluded that there are no more options or possibilities to explore. In essence you are falsely seeing the universe and the Creator as limited and stingy, instead of unlimited and generous. This is another ploy of the ego to convince you of these things. Once it does, then your strongly held beliefs will cause the momentum of your power to manipulate reality to reflect this doubt all around you. To counteract this tendency release any expectations and widen the range of your vision. With a creative outlook, you'll see many options to delight your spirit. More than likely, they'll find you! Be like a child, in pursuit of your own pleasure and happiness, in order for the kingdom of Heaven to reveal its doors, which are always wide open! May the Source be with you always!