Monday, March 6, 2017

Release Any Expectations

A hidden message for me that was much needed. Another new option presented to me - a creative idea to be worked on today which may just be the avenue I need for an opportunity to make progress. Certainly something to be encouraged by to lift the discouragement I have been feeling!

Today's Daily Angel Card Message for Monday, March 6, 2017

This card is coming up to indicate that you'll experience a deep healing on an emotional level, which is helping to remove unhealthy processes from the past. It'll uncover issues surrounding your acknowledgement of your soul's worth. This has been a struggle for you to realize and accept your potential and true spiritual essence. However, this is not a battle you will lose, and you will no longer feel the compulsion to fight in this battle or any other for that matter. You've held accounts in your memory that weren't completely accurate. They were reshaped by the impact of the circumstances, which your ego's beliefs of victimization had in particular a great deal of influence. When it chooses the need to protect itself, it makes judgments about you, others, and the details of your experience. They then become seen through blame and fear. It always needs to justify an unwanted experience. It believes its perspective is real, and is worthy of a thorough investigation. The only purpose a negative experience can help you to understand is that whatever is happening is not your truth, so that you will continue searching for what is! In this way, it acts as a speed bump to let you know you are driving off your path or intended lane. Don't dwell on the past, when your present is so bright and full of opportunities! Instead, embrace the incredible joy of your current opportunities unfolding to you with creative enthusiasm and excitement!

At this time many different kinds of options are available and presenting themselves.
You are keenly aware of this shift, and can sense that its arrival is imminent. This is happening mostly because you're open to exploring other ideas and points of view. You don't feel the need to cling to old patterns and ways of doing things. Creatively, you're more receptive. You're diversifying your approach and finding new ways of expressing your gifts and talents. You're more interested in discovering what works best. You have really been seeking to improve yourself, and to commit to your own happiness. It may not seem like it, but you've come a long way! This has come with challenges, but after each one you're standing stronger. It may feel like you're more at a loss, as a result of everything you've done. Don't be discouraged by this, but rather encouraged! What you're witnessing is the break in a pattern, which was stifling your transformation. In this place of uncertainty, you are free to implement a new paradigm representing your soul's truth and alignment. When you break free from a prison your own mind created and followed, nothing seems like it's working, because you're no longer being manipulated by your ego's fears. Don't try to control anything. Let it go further out of control. It means you're allowing yourself to move further away from its influence.

What makes change so difficult to sustain after achieving a successful breakthrough, is that you start looking for your comfort areas. These are things you think give you peace, as in a sense of belonging. However, you broke loose to discover and experience your authentic individuality, not the former and familiar. In order to fully achieve this, you have to embrace your unknown potential and all its possibilities. It's sobering and scary being free of the illusions you created and lived within. For a while, at first, you will be afraid of your own truth and power. One common way we tend to express this fear, in the face of its realization, is by saying to yourself, “it seems too good to be true!” This is because you have been convinced that good things don't happen easily or readily for yourself. The ego inserts suspicion into your perspective. Then, you begin to wonder what you have to compromise to have it. Or, you may start to poke holes in your “happily ever after” scenario by criticizing your talents, skills, or abilities. You may believe you're not good enough or qualified for this opportunity. The big one is when you reach a point where you feel this is too good for you! Somehow, you believe that you have done something wrong in the past to disqualify you, and you find a way to punish or persecute yourself over and over again.

Let this go.
It lowers your vibration, which contracts the valve allowing the flow of prosperity the universe is offering in answer to your prayers. This is one reason why you must forgive others, because in doing so you're more receptive to forgiving yourself. You can't receive what you cannot give. If you want to have plenty of opportunities available to you, you have to be willing to have an open mind towards life. It's so easy for us to give up and cave into disappointment. When you allow for disappointment, you have concluded that there are no more options or possibilities to explore. In essence you are falsely seeing the universe and the Creator as limited and stingy, instead of unlimited and generous. This is another ploy of the ego to convince you of these things. Once it does, then your strongly held beliefs will cause the momentum of your power to manipulate reality to reflect this doubt all around you. To counteract this tendency release any expectations and widen the range of your vision. With a creative outlook, you'll see many options to delight your spirit. More than likely, they'll find you! Be like a child, in pursuit of your own pleasure and happiness, in order for the kingdom of Heaven to reveal its doors, which are always wide open! May the Source be with you always!


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