Sunday, March 26, 2017

Toe Vind Ek Jou

A South African song that just gives me goosebumps! I have translated the lyrics from Afrikaans to English below.

I lay my weapons down

Tonight for the first time
I see myself in your eyes
I have lost this war
I stare at the blood on my hands
I know I have changed
You think I am just talking again
I love you
I swear

No pretenses
No control

Outside the voices scatter
Friends that greet
See you later
Everyone finds their way
I know I must too my love

Hey, my sweet
Hey, my baby
You are my retreat
Never want to make you cry
You are my song
You are my tune
We have a dog
We have a home

I have given enough
I have shouted enough
I learnt long ago
But still I tried 
Flee like a traitor
From that which has a hold on me
There were monsters in the dark
Then I found you (Toe vind ek jou)
I swear

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