Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christmas 2017

Christmas is upon us once again! Another eventful year nearly behind me. Many lessons learnt that have added to me becoming a better, stronger and perhaps wiser, person. Accepting that some things are just not meant to be. Starting new ventures and looking forward to what the future of 2018 will bring. Fond memories to look back on. This year was a much better year than 2016 was. 2016 was a year filled with stress and tension and upheaval. I am relieved 2017 was kinder to me. It was a busy year. Too busy actually! My eyes opened to that fact towards the end of the year. It took some soul searching and a difficult decision to be made in terms of work. With all of that I have finally found balance again! Now it is time to unwind and in a few days time will be dipping my toes into the ocean and breathing in that fresh, salty air. What will 2018 bring? Who knows? Best is to live in the moment and take each day as it comes. Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017


WARNING! If you have not heard this song...fasten your seatbelt💥's going to be a rough ride👀...pardon the pun!! 😜Regardless of the lyrics or the message that some seem to interpret from it, this is a great song...I love the bass!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Being Manipulated By Others

I have to vent! There is nothing that irritates me more than when I have to hear from someone, that they first need to check with their partner before they can proceed with something. Crikey Moses man. Can they not make a decision for themselves? This decision is about their life and what makes THEM happy. It is about what THEY want! Not what the other person wants. The other person does not LIVE their life. THEY live it! 

What is it with people? Just because they get married does not mean that they are glued to that person and that they now cannot make up their own frigging minds. And why must they seek approval first? For what? The partner does not control them! And if the person DOES control them, well that is also totally beyond me...I really just do not understand some people.

The same goes for when I hear that someone has just come out of a relationship and the reason is that oh, the parents did not think they were good enough for their son or daughter. It's like I almost do a double take and say - Excuse me, What? You are kidding right?! Seriously, it blows my mind that there are people that will allow themselves to be manipulated by others. The way I see it is if you are in love with someone, then that is your choice, your feelings and your happiness. Why would anyone even listen to someone else who says that the other person is not good enough for them if they really care for that particular person. How do those that say that even know? They are not in the relationship. They do not know what the situation is between the two people in love. Who are they to judge. It actually also comes down to control never mind manipulation! 

I just don't know. It does not make sense to me that people will allow other people to control their lives. The way I see it is that it is your life and you only get to live that life once. You are the captain of your ship and you must steer it to where you want to go. Yes, there are going to be stormy waters but you will learn how to navigate your way through those waves. You will learn to keep away from the sand banks and you will sail over calm waters to that island in the sun. As the captain, you are in charge, you are certainly not going to take instruction from the deck hand!! 

Ok. I have vented enough...time to hit the sack! It is 10:20pm and my bed is now calling me...

Friday, December 8, 2017

Love Is Priceless

The most expensive things in the world today are often the rarest. A few ounces of Beluga caviar will set you back thousands. A tiny diamond can cost as much as a house. We often say love is priceless,but does that mean it's in short supply too? Are we living through a global drought of kindness and compassion? In places it can seem scarce. But love is infinite. We just have to learn how to open our hearts fully and release this resource into the world.

Friday, December 1, 2017


Interesting how the one reading leads from one to the other...When the love is strong all things can be worked out...I do hope that this full moon energy brings reconciliations. I have always said: Where there is great love there will always be miracles.

Letting go but still motivated...Indecision...If you count your blessings there is still something worth saving...there is something special...there's still love there for some reason...think twice before you react too quickly...there's something good left in the relationship...the love is still worth saving...

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Attitudes And Habits

We don't notice them, but our attitudes and habits have a lot in common. They skilfully work themselves, and mould themselves into our beings, so that we hardly notice that they've become a part of who we are. They are ingrained in our lives, affecting our personalities and lifestyles. We only really become aware of them when we try to change or give them up. That's when trying to give them up, that it becomes a challenge. This is when a shift in perspective is called for.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Feeling On Top Of The World

Hello beautiful day! Gosh I have not felt this great in ages. You know, when you open your eyes in the morning and you are just so eager to get out of bed and get going with the day. That incredible, relaxed feeling that everything is going in the right direction. Amazing how you can get sucked in by life's responsibilities that you end up like a programmed robot. Just doing what needs to be done for the sake of doing it. You forget who you are in the process and you forget all about life's pleasures! 

I feel like a new person. I have taken time out for myself. I have taken time to sit out on the patio in the mornings when I have breakfast, weather permitting ofcourse. Just sitting and enjoying the chirping of the birds, feeling the sunshine on my face and the gentle breeze brush through my hair. I have not done that in a long time. Absolute bliss! As for sleeping. Oh wow! Going to bed with no thoughts racing through my mind like someone sitting on a bicycle that is standstill and pedalling like hell! My head hits the pillow and I fall into this peaceful sleep to find myself waking in the morning completely refreshed and not drained like before.

Even my exercise regimen has taken on a new lease on life. I totally smashed it this morning!! I just love that feeling of euphoria after a great work out! 

I have finally found balance. Oh man, life is GREAT!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Surely No Coincidence

If I had to tell you how many things have come across my path in either the newsfeed on FB or on Youtube, all talking about change and expanding my horisons then you would be just as stunned as I am. Surely this is no coincidence. I am definitely looking into another networking opportunity. Why? Well, you have to finally realise that when you have given your all to one and you are not seeing the results you want and you begin to feel emotionally dissatisfied and to top it all you are completely drained from the amount of time and effort you put into this venture and you realise that this business has consumed you and your time to the extent that your family life and friendships are affected detrimentally, then it's time to make a move that will give you the peace of mind and harmony that you crave. An incident about two or three weeks ago where I got my priorities wrong made me realise how this business has consumed me. It's just been business, business and more business from morning through to night time. Weekends too and then there are the webinars and training and, and, and....just a never ending wheel with no breaks! It is no wonder my health has also been affected!! No more! Life is too short to work yourself into a standstill and my family and friends are too important to me. This next opportunity is definitely in line with what I am prepared to give and the business system, which is automated, does the business for you. Yes, obviously I have to do my part to run the business but it is not going to consume all my hours and free time. I am really looking forward to this new opportunity.

Below - a message that I found on the newsfeed.

Good Morning to all and happy Monday, November 20th, 2017! I pulled Tarot Card for you this morning and I got, "Two of Rods" - This card symbolizes partnership in business, or in romance. It can also mean you are presenting something to the world. Sometimes being distracted can come up with this card.

My Guides say: "You may be making plans and also revising some too. There are some things "in the works" and some plans underway. Your vision about your life and/or your future is becoming clearer. Steer away from people who are confusing you, or bringing you down, and who may possess a negative nature. There is nothing you can really do to change them or fix them, so it is wise right now to get some distance from those that fit into these parameters. If any of you are feeling feverish or under the weather, now is a great time to stock on up vitamins, juices, remedies and get plenty of rest. Some of you may soon find that your work or endeavors of some kind receive some recognition. This is perfect timing, and it is just and fair. Congratulate yourself for a job well done. There are other ideas brewing in you still, so by no means is this the end of the road. Soon your life may be taking some unexpected twists, and there could be a partnership, a teaming up, or joining of forces with someone, this could be work or business related, or possibly romance for some of you. This is an excellent time to look toward your future with hope and optimism. Try not to get too caught up in pessimistic and negative thinking. Branching out and broadening your horizons is indicated for many of you in the coming New Year. There could be some teaming up or partnering up, that will be interesting and adventurous. Take care not to overtax yourself and work to hard, as happiness is very important, and to enjoy life." I wish you all successful and pleasurable partnerships in all areas of your life! XO Pam ~ TLM LLC.

This video was also an eye opener!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Fall In Love When You Are Ready, Not When You’re Lonely.

I find it very interesting to see the quotes that people post. Interesting in that the quotes are generally from people who are desperately looking for love. This makes the quote "Fall In Love When You Are Ready, Not When You're Lonely" quite ironic for those that post them.

I give here my personal opinion.

Most people that post a quote like this are the one's that are very lonely! Most of these people are the one's who will jump from relationship to relationship. It astounds me how sometimes I see even my own friends end a relationship and not even two days later they are already in the next relationship! Completely beyond me as to how that is truly possible but certainly does not surprise me when that relationship also collapses.

The thing is there is a huge difference between being ALONE and being LONELY. Those that take the time to be ALONE are the one's who take the time to heal from a broken relationship. It is in that time that they "find" themselves and take back their power. Those that CAN be ALONE in their own company are mostly the one's who learn to love themselves first and it is these people who, when eventually they do go into a relationship, are there for the long haul because they have learnt that they do not HAVE to rely on someone or even that they HAVE to have someone to feel complete. They appreciate the person they get involved with much more. The relationship is much stronger because each person is an individual living their own life but in true companionship. The relationship inevitably has all the right components to build a firm foundation.

I have been ALONE for quite some time but I am certainly not LONELY. I have my friends and sisters that I can hang out with and there are days where I do not feel like company and quite happily be ALONE doing my own thing like pottering around in the garden, reading a book or just sitting and thoroughly enjoying listening to music. I can also quite easily take my Golf Clubs and go to the club to drive some golf balls on the driving range. Going to a coffee shop and doing some people watching. I DON'T HAVE to have someone with me just to make me feel whole.

The thing is sometimes you can be in a relationship and still feel LONELY. I was always lonely in my marriage, not as a mother but as a wife. I was almost never alone but was always lonely. Being lonely is that kind of aching that resonates in your chest. That dull, constant feeling that follows you around all day long. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing or whom you’re with, it’s impossible to shake that feeling. Typically, these feelings are most prominent after recently losing that person who made your world a little brighter. Loneliness makes you wonder why. Why you? Why can’t you catch a break, why haven’t you had a simple stroke of luck? Loneliness is that prominent, gaping hole in your life that just can’t seem to be filled regardless of what you do. Loneliness is the 3am thoughts that haunt your dreams. Loneliness is that song on the radio that you have to turn off the second it comes on. Yes, I can relate to that. I was there as I am also only human!

Being ALONE is a different situation completely. Being alone is a state of being. When you’re alone you’re forced to realise all the things you don’t have, sure, but you’re also forced to realise all the things about yourself that you couldn’t when you spent your days memorising someone else. Being alone is taking the time to really think about what you want from someone the next time around, as I mentioned above, because you are going to do everything in your power that you never suffer from that loneliness again. Being alone is sitting under a tree for an afternoon and reading a book, and enjoying every single minute of it. Being alone is doing things by yourself, but also doing them for YOURSELF.

Of course, there are those times when being alone crosses paths with being lonely. It’s those times that you’re shopping for a new dress by yourself and you can’t help but notice that couple on the corner of the street. Their happiness radiates, and you remember the days when that used to be you. For a brief moment that dull feeling aches in your chest, but it doesn’t stay.

Being alone can be the most empowering experience of your life. If you let the loneliness consume you, you’re going to lose that rare chance to figure yourself out. You can always find company in yourself. Loneliness is going to try to force you to find that company with another person. Everyone has a place in the world though, and your's shouldn’t be with someone else just to escape the feeling of being lonely.

Do Something That Expands Your Horisons

Much needed advice for today. Resonating with me 100%!

Today's Daily Angel Card Message for Monday, November 20, 2017

You're caught up in the inception of something new, which presents or represents exciting possibilities! The tingling sensation, which rushes all over you, transforms your attitude. For now, everything seems optimistic and positive. The momentum is moving swiftly under your feet, which can help you transport your ideas and plans into concrete solutions. Take action in this optimal stream of emotional affluence and support. Focus on the passions which summon your attention fiercely. There's no reason for you to have doubts or to consider any limits. You have enough currency to back this up. Trust the creativity and inspiration you're channeling ferociously. You have an opportunity to make a great start.

A spark has flared in some aspect of your life. You are experiencing a soul connection in some way that is intimate and intense. You might be afraid of what you are recognizing, and it's possible you're not sure of what it's likely to become. This is an all too familiar place for you, and it scares you to not have all the answers beforehand. You've dealt with many disappointments on this front, and you're unwilling to take the risks only to be left with picking up the pieces of yourself afterwards. It's exciting to see and have another opportunity. You had most likely all but given up on there being any other chances left. It's your instinct to run, in order to avoid the pain of loss and failure. However, a surge of Ideas and energy is fighting to the surface from within the spirit of your heart. If you can ease up a bit on the circles of fear and negative flashback, you will be able to focus on the present forms of insights and wonderful dreams, which are taking shape for you now.

It's within your power to notice the signals that keep pointing out a specific direction for you to explore. If you keep your heart open to what's captivating you, it won't be difficult to follow the trail. Remove others with negative opinions from the conversation. You won't find much agreement when you are beginning to embark on a significant shift in events. People don't change with you in every detail of the process. Their initial reaction is to feel as though they're being left behind or cut out of the equation altogether. As a result, they'll rally against your decisions believing they are protecting something valuable to you. In actuality, they're protecting themselves, which isn't intentional. On the other hand, you get to decide whether you wish to continue to repeat this lesson at every turn in your life, or use it to reinforce the importance of choosing your own path. You're learning that your choices are spiritual, and in the pursuit of the freedom and happiness you deserve.

Don't give any decision too much power to dissuade you or to position you in opposition of achieving either of those goals. A complicated situation is energy being restricted from the direction it seeks to go naturally. The Princess of Spring (Page of Wands) represents fresh energy with no agendas suppressing it or manipulating its course. It's a crack in the shell, in which change is automatic, unstable, and unstoppable! Once it's released into the environment, alterations start to occur. This gift or desire was born of your own heart. The life it morphs into is still yours, and becomes whatever you launched from within yourself. You have to trust it and follow its direction. It's guiding you towards the alignment of the outcome and opportunities you're seeking. You'll enjoy the ride, as long as you don't contradict it's purpose in helping you fulfill it.

It may sound like you don't have a choice in matter. You may feel conflicted in some way about what you want and the desire growing in your heart, which is summoning you. As I look at the princess’s feet as she swings, it seems her thoughts have ignited a passion. The actions of her feet have stirred up all kinds of changes, which is symbolized by the butterflies. It's as if, you never know what you are going to get once you launch your dreams. There are so many hidden desires waiting for an opportunity to be allowed into your experiences. Blessings pour like rain when the floodgates are opened. You may be focused on something in particular. Meanwhile, it's something different or more you're given. In that moment, you may not feel prepared or receptive, as you might have imagined. The energy is flowing with advantages you might not always understand. However, it's easier if you go with it for all the possibilities, which might be forthcoming.

Standing still in a conflicted way means you're not trusting your inner well-being to know how to best help you find the perfect course for all you seek. It's not denying what you want. It's helping you to get ready for it in a way that is more in integrity with your spiritual truth. It's orchestrating a list of solutions with the least amount of stress. It's always working to minimize this for you. Unfortunately, we don't recognize or understand that we're not on our own, and complicate things by believing that our effort is more effective than the universe's inspired process of action. A soulful connection reminds you that you don't do anything alone or without any support contributing to your goals. This card may indicate someone with a strong fire of fresh ideas, and they don't take no for an answer. Their energy might be overwhelming and push your buttons, as too much too fast frightens you. Take a deep breath and relax. Listen carefully with your heart and to the changes it has already stirred up for you. May the Source be with you always!


Saturday, November 18, 2017

Anywhere But Here

The air I breathe 
Gives me no release 
But merely strangles my soul
Won't let me be
And you should know
We've been here once before
I want to let go, but how? I don't know


Take me away
Let me fall into your arms so I can
Be myself, because you understand
Take me 
Anywhere but here 

I feel what's home 
So why don't I belong 
And I can't get my head around it 
I'm not there yet 
It's not a race
I know I should take my time
But time moves on.
Afraid I'll get left behind

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Never Too Old To Learn Something New

This is incredible! I nearly fell off my frigging chair once again!!! A page from the story of my  life as at this moment...well, let's call it almost a week. 

Today's Daily Angel Card Message for Thursday, November 16, 2017

You might not be fully aware of the influence you wield in shaping significant impressions in the hearts of others in your environment. You've worked diligently and consistently at carving a purpose from your passions, which have inspired and guided you. Whatever you have done and accomplished, you've used this as the template for your own motivation and sense of self worth. You still have an important role and opportunity of leadership to fulfill. It might not feel like you've been doing enough with your gifts and talents to make an impact of major difference. Sometimes, the big differences aren't always observable by size. The illustration on the card hints at this point best.

Notice the relationship between the older woman and the child. The older woman represents wisdom, expertise, and experience surrounding her craft. It's seems, even in this moment of her career, her wheels are still turning. Perhaps, she's been struck with new insights or developments, which might help her expand her goals. This might cause her to investigate this further. She has a strong notion that she'll want to explore it and see where it might lead. It might indicate other things, like resources, and possibly other networking, which opens other doors for her. As long as her imagination is actively creating, there isn't anything she can't still achieve, if she truly wants it. Meanwhile, the little girl is watching everything she does and mimics her example. She's absorbing the lessons her elder has digested and synthesized. You don't have to do extraordinary things to be extraordinary in the lives of others, or to be a role model of invaluable lessons.

Perhaps, one of these figures represents where you are at this stage of your process. The child sits cross-legged with bare feet. Her composure denotes being comfortable in her own skin and being in touch with her surroundings. She has removed any barriers preventing her from connecting with her desires and goals. Although, she's observing and learning, you get the feeling that she's doing what she truly wants. There's no apprehension or doubt. This is her choice to be there. She has a clear agenda to study, or explore, something that's important and intriguing to her at this time. Therefore, she's making herself available to be where she needs to go, and she's committed wholeheartedly. In a way, she's not fussing with her position of learning and development. She's perfectly content with this, and she's focusing on what she's there to receive.

There are some, when they find themselves in her position, wrestle with it and become frustrated. This happens when you forget to focus on what you came to accomplish, and become dissatisfied with not having yet what you're aiming for. You forgot that this was the necessary process to get you there. Becoming disgruntled with the natural flow of your process isn't going help you score any advantages. Simply, it'll rob you of all the pleasure which inspired your goal leaving you with very little sense of purpose and commitment. Eventually, once you arrive at achieving your goal, you'll have little appreciation and satisfaction in having your desire. It might disappoint you or cause you to look for something else to fill the void. If you aren't appreciating the position you're in, you're cultivating your ego's perspective and interpretation of lack, and mixing it into the equation of your objective. This is the kind of resistance, which is like adding termites to the structure of whatever you're building. Lack eats away at the infrastructure of any dream or plan you devise, if you are being conscious of what you're highlighting in your attitude.

Now might be a good time to reevaluate what your attitude towards yourself and your accomplishments are about your goals. A negative attitude isn't solving anything. Evidence of this is in what kind of experience you're shaping consistently from employing its use. It may feel better to rant for a bit to release some anger and stress. If it makes you feel better, have at it. However, take care to notice when it's enough. At that moment, you have to turn in the direction of where your relief is taking you. This has to happen, with the understanding, that this process of relief offers steps for the immediate moments following. You can't push for the long-term solutions or you'll trigger another episode of downward spiralling negative moods. The process of relief is universally focused upon the present always, and discerning the right possibility of choices for your ultimate happiness and fulfillment. Finding ways to glean the most from the journey you're traveling opens windows of possibilities and opportunities to help restore a sense of peace, harmony, and freedom within the alignment of your well-being.

One way to turn this around for you is to start to amplify what you're learning and share it with others in a constructive manner. The lessons you're experiencing can be of tremendous value to others. When you help turn the tides for others, you increase the momentum of your fortune, which can be measured in many ways, but most importantly by the sense of goodness and joy in serving a purpose. It'll help you digest and synthesize your situation and grant you access to the innate wisdom within to reveal new solutions and advantages you weren't seeing previously. They are always there, but your particular attitude gives you access or not. The older woman has learned from experience to rely on the creative process and an imaginative mind. She's worked through enough of her hang-ups to manage the rest in a practical way. She's not a slave to a timeline, and its expectations, based on the conditions of aging. Nothing can dictate to her what she can and cannot do. As long as she has access into the window of opportunity and solutions, she'll continue to live passionately through her work.
This card may indicate that you're never too young or too old to begin or learn anything. People only see the limitations you show them and what you highlight through your beliefs. You are truly creating your reality through your practice of actions, thoughts, and beliefs. You don't have to try to correct them through effort. Instead, work proactively by finding a positive goal you're passionate about. Even if it's a task for the purpose of providing relief from something stressing you. Knowing when you've done something enough is wise. To remain there any further isn't productive or constructive. This is the moment you've graduated from the lesson you had given yourself. You don't have to pass the test to get out. You only need to recognize that you can drop that course anytime you want, because you're the one paying for it in ways that's bleeding your worth.

Like the little girl, you acknowledge that you have the freedom and conviction to choose to present or not for what's meaningful to you. As the older woman, you see that the possibility of choices are unlimited and continuously expanding. Also, you recognize the benefit of releasing any struggle that drains you and no longer serves a valuable purpose, except to keep you tied up in delays. The power to choose the lessons you wish to create and experience are in your hands. You're a leader in every stage of your process. May the Source be with you always!


I have been evaluating my goals. I certainly have used what I have been doing as a template. I have been struck with new insights which might help expand my goals and I am definitely investigating this further. I do want to explore it! I do truly want it. It is other networking just as stated above. I have struggled with making this decision for a whole week now but this message has helped me see what and where I want to go with my goals. I know when I have done something enough and if I remain there any further it isn't productive or constructive. It is bleeding my worth and I need peace, harmony, and freedom within the alignment of my well-being. This week I have not been well at all but even in my state I still found pleasure in doing some research and studying. So it's all good!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Focus On The Lessons Which You Value

Today's Daily Angel Card Message for Wednesday, November 15, 2017

During meditation, the angels wrote the word, focus, in front of me. There may be some reason you find yourself distracted or even triggered by influences of the past. Perhaps, a memory has stuck with you throughout your life, and has created many challenges for you to overcome. Somehow, you aren't able to move past what occurred in the way you possibly understood it to have taken place. The last sentence of this card is really important to remember about how things seem once they've passed. We're often not really in a completely clear place to process what's happening in the moment, because we find it difficult to let go for the greater purpose of living in freedom. Our judgment of the past is matched by the level of perspective and clarity we've cultivated at the time. A relationship conflict might have gone awry due to a misunderstanding, because you weren't on the same page. It seems either of you weren't aware of this. It was like you were speaking to each other in different languages. In fact, you were reading the energy of communication through different lenses of interpretation. Not knowing or understanding this created a rift between you and left a void. Deep down, you crave closure. This craving robs you of the ability to open your heart and trust.

You may keep thinking that you could have done things better or differently. You're also wondering what you missed, or was it something you said or didn't for things to end up the way it did. This event has left an indelible impression and a mark in your instincts and beliefs about yourself and abilities. Perhaps, you are more cautious and less adventurous in the pursuit of your dreams. You have dialed back in the way you express yourself creatively. Once, you were very passionate and imaginative, and you trusted your vision and instincts. You were more open, optimistic, and focused upon your goals. However, an encounter caused you to doubt yourself. It was painfully sobering, but you shouldered all the blame upon yourself. You were too quick to do so, and this sabotaged your instincts and the opportunities you would ferret from them. It seems you hid in your disappointment as an excuse to give up. It's ironic, that what you should have given up, you held too tightly onto.

The angels walk you down this emotional lane in hopes that you might give yourself a break, and possibly imagine another version of this story through a compassionate perspective and voice. It might be helpful for you to speak in the light, and trust the vibration of healing to discern the truth you witnessed. During the entire process a higher level of understanding and perception was taking a different score and account of the situation, as it was unfolding. It's account wasn't disagreeing with the other perspective for their purposes are different. This higher understanding doesn't seek to disqualify your feelings, but to shift the outcome into profound opportunities of learning. This is meant in a similar way when you finally perceive the solution of a complexity with great enthusiasm and the most satisfying delight. The feeling of relief is unmatched, when your feeling of helplessness is unburdened. It's as if the moments prior were a dimly lit dream of agony you can barely remember for what cause. When you reflect upon the clarity, the circumstances only elicit immeasurable appreciation. This isn't an alternative possibility of the facts. This is your soul's spiritual account of your growth, which is constant in all aspects and circumstances of your life.

It might not always be the right time for you to acknowledge those lessons, as you are still on a journey where you will become primed for the best deliverance of its outcome. In that moment, it will benefit you the most, as well as those who are involved in it with you. Your roles together are creating possibilities and activating new opportunities from them no matter what each lesson is for the other. Your purpose or your lesson isn't black or white, so that you can categorize them into neat boxes. A lesson achieves the expansion of your soul's wisdom and guidance. It's not a test. It's not happening to you or being set up for you. It's created through you by the choices you make and the beliefs you hold. Your purpose evolves from them. A lesson is a path you set yourself upon, which is caused by an inner searching. The lesson is simple and what you seek isn't complicated. You are searching for what makes you happy, or happiness, and the answer is always whatever allows you to experience it. The problem is that you don't believe this is enough. You keep telling yourself that God wants more than this from you, and that makes it seem harder and the lessons come harder with it.

You're creating your own curriculum vitae and the exams. If you want it to be more fluent and productive, seek the course that allows you to experience it in this way. You don't have to write a complicated situation in order to feel like you're accomplishing something. That's the effort you assert into the process of your life, which is ego driven and authored. Every time you try to see your agenda through someone else's eyes, you make it more challenging than it needs to be for you. The slightest amount of needing to match others vibrational content is an effort for you, because it's not your own stream of alignment. Although, you are choosing the best of what they want, in your path, it's an effort, because it's not inspired from the alignment which flows through you naturally and easily. If you defined success according to your spiritual template, the details would be unique. The objective would be simple, authentic, and easier to execute, because you would completely understand and find satisfaction in it. You can't expect to see things the way another does. It's okay, if this doesn't happen. You're completely sane, if you find yourself in a situation where this occurs. Hearing someone else's definition of the circumstances helps widen your understanding of where others are coming from. Perhaps, you may find similar or common ground, in which you can work together. Likewise, you'll learn what boundaries to respect with them, and the value of this becomes beneficial to you for your own personal boundaries. Focus on the lessons, which you value. May the Source be with you always!


When The Truth Stares You In The Face

The truths we find hardest to believe are the ones that stare us in the face. We try to overlook them. We carry on as if we haven't seen the evidence, and take steps to avoid assimilating the information. We also don't just overlook the 'bad' things. Sometimes, because they seem to threaten our normality, we push good things under the carpet too.  Sometimes you're being presented with a new idea that will take time to absorb. Do this, and you'll soon appreciate its genius.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Problem Solving

Have you found yourself in problem-solving mode. Your mind is working at mind-boggling speed and efficacy. The problem, is deciding which problem to solve! There is a technique that you could easily overlook, which could render more than one problem insignificant. It's the ability to simply let go. There's a danger that you're holding tightly to an expectation of how something will 'work out for the best'. If you can reshape your anticipation of a result, you'll find that it becomes easy to solve.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Our emotions shift and change everyday. Our sensitivity swings up and down. The degree of happiness, sadness, confidence and fear alters by the second, which makes life challenging when you have a task to perform. Although you may feel the pressure to be on top form, you can't expect to be perfect. The demands you're making on yourself are impossible for anyone (even you!) to achieve. Despite the fluidity of your feelings, you can do what you need to do.

Thursday, October 19, 2017


We all experience doubts. The more time we spend worrying about whether or not we're doing the right thing, the more the wrong thing begins to look like the right thing. Perspective gets scrambled. Eventually, either every decision we've made seems wrong, or, more dangerously, we find ourselves indiscriminately defending them. Whenever you don't get your desired result, don't lose your moral and doubt yourself. Always be yourself and have faith in yourself.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover

There are many of us who enjoy people-watching. One of life's pleasures is sitting in a coffee shop, watching the world go by, making up narratives about people we see. It's fascinating to imagine their relationships, to guess their careers and life choices. Perhaps we should call it people-judging. But we need to be able to make snap judgements, based on little information. It's only when we think that these impressions carry genuine weight, that we make mistakes. Don't judge a book by its cover.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Relationship Expectations

I happened to notice one of my friends' status posts on FB.

He had posted the following as his status

"I want someone who won't get tired of me, who won't get bored of me, who won't give up on me".

I sat and thought about his comment for a short while. I thought why would he post that? Has he perhaps broken up with someone? Is he perhaps looking for a relationship and this is what he wants out of the relationship? Did someone give up on him? Then I thought that I actually know so many people who tell me what they expect from a relationship. In some cases I have thought to myself that it is all about what THEY want. They are not thinking about the other person and what that person would want. So, I took the liberty of responding to Mahmoud's comment with the following as this is my take on a relationship. This is what I would expect from a relationship and this is what I would bring to a relationship. My response to Mahmoud Ben Mohsen below:

I noticed your comment. If you have a relationship where both parties give equally in terms of affection, attention, fun, laughter, compromise, trust, respect, support, encouragement and communication (just to name a few) then there will be no need for your partner to get tired of you, or get bored of you and who won't give up on you. Most relationships are not smooth sailing, inevitably there will be bumps in the road and that is when communication is key. If a relationship is one sided where only your partner gives to the relationship and does not receive anything back, then it is only logical that that person will walk away as they will feel unfullfilled in the relationship. I hope you find the one who will make an effort in your relationship that will lead to many happy moments.

Strange how this rings so true and is even relevant to me. I am so tired of being treated like, excuse the language, shit. I have had enough of people taking me for granted and just walking all over me. Tired of certain people knowing that when they need help with something I will be there for them. I am so tired of always being the one giving to the relationship and not getting anything back. I am tired of reaching out to people to make amends. I guess that is what you get for being the "nice" girl. Perhaps I should become a real bitch. It seems that is what guys like. Could I become a bitch just to land up with a guy? No, I don't think so. Could I become a bitch and refuse to help someone? No. I couldn't do that. It is not in my nature. I would be riddled with guilt. I do however on occasion say "no, I cannot help you" if I really, really can't. As for changing just to be in a relationship with someone...Why must I change to suit someone else? For what? I am me. I am unique...hahaha...I have my quirks...I am me and I am happy with me!! I have now gotten to a point in my life where I take things with a pinch of salt. Whatever happens, happens but, I have also gotten to a point where I will no longer be walked all over. This is the first chapter in the new story to my life. I am not writing an ending...I AM writing a new beginning to my story.

It's time (referring to my post of 1 September 2017). "She will shake your shoulders gently and remind you that you’ve done your bit. You’ve given too much, cared too much, you’ve suffered too much. You’ve bought the book as it were and worn the t-shirt. Worse, you’ve worn the chains and carried the weight of a burden far too heavy for your shoulders". That is fact, for those who know me will certainly agree and give testimony to that.

“It’s time” she will say. “Let it go, really let it go and feel the freedom of the fresh, clean spaces within you. Fill them with discovery, love and laughter. Fill yourself so full you will no longer fear what is ahead and instead you will greet each day with the excitement of a child.”

I am striving to be a better version of me.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Time Away

Sometimes I just need to get away from it all. The blinking cursor on my Excel spreadsheet, the four walls of my home, the same routine...routine can be beautiful, but only for as long as you can stand it. Then there are the same old thoughts that race through my mind. The questions...the what if's and ofcourse the why's!

Living in an Urban jungle is wonderful, but every so often I feel trapped by its concrete expanse. I feel towered over by familiar buildings, and that itch in my leg begs me to run wild, and I hear the African bush calling again.

There is always this tremendous longing in my heart to be lost, to be someplace else, to be far away from all this...There are some days when no matter what I say or do, it feels like I'm far away in another country and whoever is doing the translating has had far too much to drink!

Can I see Monday on the horison...absolutely...getting closer and closer just like a full moon rising! I need to go clear my head...

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Bad Liar

...But still all we do is fear, oh oh...What could possibly happen next?...
Can we focus on the love?...
....Paint my kiss across your chest...
...If you're the art, I'll be the brush...

Yip...Guess I'm a f.a.b.ulous BAD LIAR...😜

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Dusk Till Dawn

 Sia has such an incredible voice and with Zayn it is just so perfect. Love it! Cannot get enough of this song...

Friday, September 8, 2017

Truth Is Like Water

The truth shall set you free. A phrase so commonly used. I like the analogy that truth is like water. There's no holding it back. You may be able to delay it, but eventually it seeps through the cracks, or creeps under the door. It's harder when we've been trying to keep it at bay. Why prolong the agony? It's better to be as honest as you can be as soon as possible at the moment, and that means candid conversations. Given the misconceptions and distrust swirling around, this might sound like challenging advice. But, if you approach the exchange with a positive attitude, you'll be surprised by the outcome.

Friday, September 1, 2017

It's Time

There comes a day, somewhere in the middle of every woman’s life, when Mother Nature herself stands behind us and wraps her arms around our shoulders, whispering

“It’s time.”

“You have taken enough now. It’s time to stop growing up, stop growing older, it's time to start growing wiser – and wilder.

There are adventures still waiting on you and this time, you will enjoy them with the vision of wisdom and the companionship of hindsight, and you will really let go.

It’s time to stop the madness of comparison and the ridicule of schedule and conformity and start experiencing the joys that a life, free of containment and guilt, can bring.”

She will shake your shoulders gently and remind you that you’ve done your bit. You’ve given too much, cared too much, you’ve suffered too much.

You’ve bought the book as it were and worn the t-shirt.

Worse, you’ve worn the chains and carried the weight of a burden far too heavy for your shoulders.

“It’s time” she will say.

“Let it go, really let it go and feel the freedom of the fresh, clean spaces within you. Fill them with discovery, love and laughter. Fill yourself so full you will no longer fear what is ahead and instead you will greet each day with the excitement of a child.”

She will remind you that if you choose to stop caring what other people think of you and instead of caring what you think of you, that you will experience a new era of your life you never dreamed possible.

‘It’s time’ she will say…

“to write the ending, or new beginning, of your own story.” ~ Donna Ashworth.

And so it shall be done! Today is the 1st of September 2017. It is Spring day! Hello there beautiful favourite time of year...the start of flowers blooming...sunshine days...barefeet...shorts...skimpy sun tops and long leisurely afternoons watching the sun go down...Question is - Am I going to be writing the ending or new beginning to my own story? Hmmm....I like the sound of a new beginning...

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Sequel To Peeping Tom

A while ago I posted about my feeling very uncomfortable in my home and that I had discovered I have a Peeping Tom. Well, it turns out I was definitely under "surveillance". I was probably not the only one here in our complex except other people were probably not even aware that they were being watched. I suspected a couple of things, one of which was that someone was coming over the wall from the servitude at an empty unit diagonally across from me. This certainly was the case. It turns out about three or four weeks after my discovery, I heard that a couple in the complex on the other side of the servitude from where I am was held up at gunpoint for 40 minutes at 03:00am in the morning! Thank goodness they were not harmed but they were completely ransacked by these perpetrators. It is a known fact that perpetrators will find a property and first stake it out for at least three weeks before they hit their target. They watch the movements of the people living at the property, they obviously check out the security situation and find the weakest point of entry.

I can thank my lucky stars that I have good security and that I am relatively alert to my surroundings. The problem with people living in security complexes is that they become complacent. They think that because there are security guards patrolling the complex that they are safe. 

We have since upped our security here and have even gone so far as to increase activity within the complex. We are all taking turns to patrol the complex at various times of the day and night. I have a shift every day during the day. We all alternate with the security guard on duty through out the day and night. It really is sad that life has come to these extremes....

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Check Once Check Twice

If you are anything like me, then you can relate to this. Check once. Check twice. Then check once more. Oh, and once more again...just in case you missed something that last time. The joys of being OCD! Hahaha...There's no such thing as "being too careful", after all! But, actually, there is. "Caution" can easily become synonymous with "self-doubt". But why on earth should you doubt yourself? Have you been wrong on this before? Perhaps. But you can follow your instincts. Your instincts are legendary. If you're not careful you'll forget what it is to take a leap of faith. Believe in yourself! You really can do this!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Little Drummer Boy

It is nearing the end of August and here I am listening to a Christmas song....a song that I have always loved by Boney M...but this version takes the Golden Award for spine chilling, goosebumps galore!! It is INCREDIBLY beautiful!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Water Under The Bridge

When we were at camp it was like this song was following me around...every time I became aware of the radio this song was playing. I reckon I must have heard it three or four times every day. They say when you hear a song consistently it's the Universe's way of trying to get your attention and that inevitably there is a message the Angels are trying to get through to you. 

Back To Reality

I feel completely deflated! My reason, I was hit with a reality check today. I was reminded of the cruel, gruesome environment I live in! I was on such a high and hit the ground so hard it knocked the wind right out of me.

I have just spent a glorious week in the African Bush. My sisters and I went on our yearly break to Dikhololo Game Reserve in the North West Province. It is about an hour and a half drive from my home. We all needed the break. The stresses of life just get unbearable to the point where you seriously start feeling it build up in your body! I had such pains on the right side of my back it was actually getting so uncomfortable. Then the magic arrive in the bush on a Monday just after lunch...You breathe in the fresh air of the African hear the birds...and you know the animals are out there...there is no noise...just peace and quiet and immediately you feel the stresses of life melt from your body!!

We got to the chalet, unpacked and then went to get Charcoal for the fire and the plan was then to go for a brief Game drive. Our Game drive began the minute we left our camp. Just round the corner we encountered a whole herd of Kudu on each side of the road. It was amazing. Right there! They even had new baby Kudu with them. On our Game drive we encountered Blue Wildebeest, Eland, Rooibuck, Impala, Blesbuck and Springbuck. We never saw Giraffe on that drive. We got back to camp and started the fire for the BBQ or as we say here in South Africa - the braai. The evening was absolute bliss and we even got to see the partial lunar eclipse! 

Tuesday morning we went for a long walk got back to the chalet, showered and had breakfast. I had a lot of work to do that day so while I worked, Angie just chilled. My sister, Rita,could only join us from Wednesday. So Tuesday was just a chill out day for Angie. 

Wednesday Rita joined us. We cycled through the bush late afternoon and again had a braai. Thursday we once again went for a long walk through the bush but possibly left it too late to really see any animals as we had slept late, it was mid morning by the time we got out. The animals were clearly already gone for their Siesta! Early afternoon we decided to go find Giraffe. Well, we did not have to go far. As we were about to drive off we saw them right there in our camp so we just got out and took some pics. What a graceful animal! I love them!! We then took a drive to the dam and just sat there on a bench and relaxed while watching some Zebra drinking water and some Stork catching fish. Late afternoon we cycled again. We did not even get to the pool. That is not such a huge issue as it is still too cold to swim right now!

Friday came and that was when reality hit me smack in the face! First thing this morning I get a warning message to becareful. A couple was hijacked in Bryanston, which is just "up the road" from me. The woman was rushed to hospital as her finger was bitten off for her wedding ring!!! Excuse my language here but FUCK man! Really?? What the fuck kind of person goes and bites a woman's finger off just so that he can get his filthy hands on her wedding ring? That is no "normal" human being!! I hate this place!! The people are just getting more and more violent. To take a life is just so simple for these perpetrators. It has gotten to the point where they kill for a cell phone! Then I hear some politician was shot in his home. Then I hear another's grandson was gunned down the night before in a drive by shooting. A young woman of 19 was found in a field with two bullet wounds in her head!! All this I hear in a space of not even one hour. Crikey Moses man! That is enough to just bring all the stress back again. This is my life! I don't even listen to the news anymore as I just cannot handle it all. I have to just look the other way - turn a blind eye and block my ears. I have to just get through each day and make the most of it. The scary thing is that the white people are the minority here in South Africa. There is nothing we can do to change any of this violence. Our pleas for peace and harmony have fallen on deaf ears....

The full moon just before the partial lunar eclipse

Angie in the Hammock

A Hyrax on the wall at our chalet

This Kudu decided to follow us back to the chalet on our walk

This little Mongoose was so cute lying right at our front door

The Giraffe right in our close I could almost touch him!

Rita on the left and Angie on the right

Zebra drinking water at the dam

A Stork fishing

Me feeding a carrot to the Kudu

Friday, July 28, 2017

Cease Feeding The Resistance

Today's Daily Angel Card Message for Friday, July 28, 2017

You may feel a bit uncertain about your feelings regarding the current circumstances of a relationship, or an important and impending decision. You can't escape this opportunity by avoiding to address those irritating concerns, which won't relent until you acknowledge them. There's a perfectly good reason why you can't seem to walk around them. It's your angels trying to get your attention. They have a good reason for this, because this decision is the answer to a prayer request you've made. You've been waiting for something to hit you directly in the face, so that you wouldn't be able to mistake or miss the important opportunity. When you are confused, you need to take a moment to rest your mind, so that you can distinguish the guidance of your angels from the competing agitation of your ego. Confusion is an indication that you are having an external struggle with your internal wisdom. Cease feeding the resistance by releasing attachments to things you're concerned about. If you have to shovel energy toward something through worry, then your fear isn't alignment and the concern isn't worth your discernment.

Perhaps, this means that the approach is not the best way for you to move forward. It doesn't mean you can't move forward either. However, this direction isn't the way to do so through this format. This card typically shows that you are distracted by too many choices. It may also suggest that you are looking at all you want, but you're overlooking what you truly desire or need. You're making things way more complicated than is necessary. In most cases, you know what you want and it's usually very clear and obvious. Yet, for some reason, you are jerking yourself around because you keep believing you'll miss out on something better. Somewhere in your mind a voice keeps giving you the idea to hold off for the possibility of another option more valuable, shinier, and thrilling. Let's be honest, there's this one situation that gives you a sense of clarity and peace. It may not be everything you could dream up, but you don't feel like you're chasing an urge that can't be satisfied any longer. Do you finally recognize that this kind of behavior isn't healthy, and it creates relentless stagnation in your life? An appetite for life is a good thing, but when you feel like you want to devour it all at once it means you're living life as though you are starving.

If you are constantly starving no matter what you accomplish, then you are likely to believe that you haven't done much at all in spite of the many good things you've experienced. Many people don't take the time to enjoy their lives. Instead, their concentration is always about consuming more rewards and success. They're working toward deadlines. Each person has inserted timelines along their life's journey. It creates an uneasiness in your spirit. You feel unable to relax and to absorb each experience, because you believe you'll get behind. Some of the things on those timelines are passing test and waiting for the results. Planning for college and working hard to be accepted by a group of people who will never really know who you are or what you care about. They possibly won't understand you until you find a way to make yourself known through some outstanding achievement. Even then, if you aren't doing it for yourself, they will only know the person you have presented in order to receive validation. It's not wrong to want to fulfill certain accomplishments in your life. It's wrong if you believe that you have failed if your plans didn't work out the way you wanted them.

It's wrong only because you would have cheated yourself from admiring the wonder you truly are. Your potential is limitless and so is your ability to experience happiness. If it isn't working according to your initial plans, then seek out your life where it truly resonates with you. Don't be afraid to take a look at conditions outside the context of your expectations. Start by examining that craving for life. Is it healthy or is it painfully consuming your motivation and drive for life? It's time to fess up to the things you obsess over, which don't bring you any happiness. For as long as you hold onto them, they will gut out your joy, as they eat away at your optimism and spiritual clarity. The angst isn't there for you to dig deeper into the struggle and deliberations you're stressed about. It's there for you to feel and for you to want to desire peace and freedom. The angels can't usurp your freewill. When you pray, they can only guide, not dictate. They will guide you in a direction. When you ignore this, because you are fixated on something you want and not the answer you're praying for, they will lead you toward it gently. You might say that it's a path you'll be least resistant to from where your mind is currently focused. Where you end up may not be to your complete satisfaction, but it makes the contrast stronger in its contradiction enough for you to wish for more freedom than you've been willing to cooperate and receive before.

At the beginning of the reading, the angel numbers 40, 97, and 7 came through. Number 40 reads, “God and the angels are surrounding you with Heavenly love and protection.” The angels want you to know that they understand how easy it is to get confused. It's perfectly fine to want so much to achieve success, and to feel that you are contributing to the well-being of the world in various ways. However, this feeling of wanting to feel like you're not just taking up space is coming from a feeling similar to the saying needing to earn your supper, so to speak. This is really important, and is a new and relevant point they are making. I hope my translation is accurate to the way it feels vibrationally, as I'm hearing this with you for the first time. From your soul’s paradigm, you don't have to do anything to be worthy of being valuable in this world or any other. This world and every part of the universe, in whatever form you are, exist to please and fulfill you. It's here for you to receive of its blessings and rewards. If you believe, that “you have to earn your supper* was God's reason for choosing you, then you'll suffer from multiple layers and forms of addictions and cravings where life for you is a constant state of starvation. It will feel like you're disconnected from your soul and you're looking for ways to fill it, rather than to enjoy it. You may believe you can't enjoy it and pay the bills. Does not enjoying it pay the bills any better or make it any easier? Disney's Seven Dwarfs’ work song says it all, “Whistle while you work!”

I would rather focus on working through finding pleasure in what I do, than do it without it. In doing so, you expand your awareness and options. There's more to witness, as your mind is more receptive to ideas, other information, and other possibilities. The next angel number was 97, which reads, “Keep trusting and following your intuition, as it's right on the mark.” The last number says, “You're on the right path, and the outcome will exceed your expectations! The number 7 is a sign that Divine magic is supporting you and opening doors of opportunity.” That annoying feeling is Divine guidance helping you to move forward in the direction of freedom and happiness. This is the only mark for you to follow. To pursue this mark brings opportunities which can only exceed your expectations, because you aren't blocking the purpose for which you were made. You were made to be a recipient of God's love and favor. You don't have to earn it. You automatically deserve it. When you are confused, it's because you aren't accepting that you do. You deserve to be loved, because you are made in the image of God's love. Don't hesitate to trust the feeling of love you feel for another. Likewise, don't look elsewhere for something which is already staring you in the face, and presenting itself to you as the perfect opportunity. Have a blessed weekend. You deserve it! May the Source be with you always!


Monday, July 17, 2017

A Shake Up

Maybe it is time in your life that you need to ask yourself, what is it that isn't working? What needs shaking up more than a vodka martini at James Bond's birthday party? Where could a shock to the system provide the energy needed to power you through a situation? There's at least part of your life through which you've been, however unintentionally, sleepwalking. Perhaps the answers that come to you can spur you into action.