Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Focus On The Lessons Which You Value

Today's Daily Angel Card Message for Wednesday, November 15, 2017

During meditation, the angels wrote the word, focus, in front of me. There may be some reason you find yourself distracted or even triggered by influences of the past. Perhaps, a memory has stuck with you throughout your life, and has created many challenges for you to overcome. Somehow, you aren't able to move past what occurred in the way you possibly understood it to have taken place. The last sentence of this card is really important to remember about how things seem once they've passed. We're often not really in a completely clear place to process what's happening in the moment, because we find it difficult to let go for the greater purpose of living in freedom. Our judgment of the past is matched by the level of perspective and clarity we've cultivated at the time. A relationship conflict might have gone awry due to a misunderstanding, because you weren't on the same page. It seems either of you weren't aware of this. It was like you were speaking to each other in different languages. In fact, you were reading the energy of communication through different lenses of interpretation. Not knowing or understanding this created a rift between you and left a void. Deep down, you crave closure. This craving robs you of the ability to open your heart and trust.

You may keep thinking that you could have done things better or differently. You're also wondering what you missed, or was it something you said or didn't for things to end up the way it did. This event has left an indelible impression and a mark in your instincts and beliefs about yourself and abilities. Perhaps, you are more cautious and less adventurous in the pursuit of your dreams. You have dialed back in the way you express yourself creatively. Once, you were very passionate and imaginative, and you trusted your vision and instincts. You were more open, optimistic, and focused upon your goals. However, an encounter caused you to doubt yourself. It was painfully sobering, but you shouldered all the blame upon yourself. You were too quick to do so, and this sabotaged your instincts and the opportunities you would ferret from them. It seems you hid in your disappointment as an excuse to give up. It's ironic, that what you should have given up, you held too tightly onto.

The angels walk you down this emotional lane in hopes that you might give yourself a break, and possibly imagine another version of this story through a compassionate perspective and voice. It might be helpful for you to speak in the light, and trust the vibration of healing to discern the truth you witnessed. During the entire process a higher level of understanding and perception was taking a different score and account of the situation, as it was unfolding. It's account wasn't disagreeing with the other perspective for their purposes are different. This higher understanding doesn't seek to disqualify your feelings, but to shift the outcome into profound opportunities of learning. This is meant in a similar way when you finally perceive the solution of a complexity with great enthusiasm and the most satisfying delight. The feeling of relief is unmatched, when your feeling of helplessness is unburdened. It's as if the moments prior were a dimly lit dream of agony you can barely remember for what cause. When you reflect upon the clarity, the circumstances only elicit immeasurable appreciation. This isn't an alternative possibility of the facts. This is your soul's spiritual account of your growth, which is constant in all aspects and circumstances of your life.

It might not always be the right time for you to acknowledge those lessons, as you are still on a journey where you will become primed for the best deliverance of its outcome. In that moment, it will benefit you the most, as well as those who are involved in it with you. Your roles together are creating possibilities and activating new opportunities from them no matter what each lesson is for the other. Your purpose or your lesson isn't black or white, so that you can categorize them into neat boxes. A lesson achieves the expansion of your soul's wisdom and guidance. It's not a test. It's not happening to you or being set up for you. It's created through you by the choices you make and the beliefs you hold. Your purpose evolves from them. A lesson is a path you set yourself upon, which is caused by an inner searching. The lesson is simple and what you seek isn't complicated. You are searching for what makes you happy, or happiness, and the answer is always whatever allows you to experience it. The problem is that you don't believe this is enough. You keep telling yourself that God wants more than this from you, and that makes it seem harder and the lessons come harder with it.

You're creating your own curriculum vitae and the exams. If you want it to be more fluent and productive, seek the course that allows you to experience it in this way. You don't have to write a complicated situation in order to feel like you're accomplishing something. That's the effort you assert into the process of your life, which is ego driven and authored. Every time you try to see your agenda through someone else's eyes, you make it more challenging than it needs to be for you. The slightest amount of needing to match others vibrational content is an effort for you, because it's not your own stream of alignment. Although, you are choosing the best of what they want, in your path, it's an effort, because it's not inspired from the alignment which flows through you naturally and easily. If you defined success according to your spiritual template, the details would be unique. The objective would be simple, authentic, and easier to execute, because you would completely understand and find satisfaction in it. You can't expect to see things the way another does. It's okay, if this doesn't happen. You're completely sane, if you find yourself in a situation where this occurs. Hearing someone else's definition of the circumstances helps widen your understanding of where others are coming from. Perhaps, you may find similar or common ground, in which you can work together. Likewise, you'll learn what boundaries to respect with them, and the value of this becomes beneficial to you for your own personal boundaries. Focus on the lessons, which you value. May the Source be with you always!


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