Thursday, November 16, 2017

Never Too Old To Learn Something New

This is incredible! I nearly fell off my frigging chair once again!!! A page from the story of my  life as at this moment...well, let's call it almost a week. 

Today's Daily Angel Card Message for Thursday, November 16, 2017

You might not be fully aware of the influence you wield in shaping significant impressions in the hearts of others in your environment. You've worked diligently and consistently at carving a purpose from your passions, which have inspired and guided you. Whatever you have done and accomplished, you've used this as the template for your own motivation and sense of self worth. You still have an important role and opportunity of leadership to fulfill. It might not feel like you've been doing enough with your gifts and talents to make an impact of major difference. Sometimes, the big differences aren't always observable by size. The illustration on the card hints at this point best.

Notice the relationship between the older woman and the child. The older woman represents wisdom, expertise, and experience surrounding her craft. It's seems, even in this moment of her career, her wheels are still turning. Perhaps, she's been struck with new insights or developments, which might help her expand her goals. This might cause her to investigate this further. She has a strong notion that she'll want to explore it and see where it might lead. It might indicate other things, like resources, and possibly other networking, which opens other doors for her. As long as her imagination is actively creating, there isn't anything she can't still achieve, if she truly wants it. Meanwhile, the little girl is watching everything she does and mimics her example. She's absorbing the lessons her elder has digested and synthesized. You don't have to do extraordinary things to be extraordinary in the lives of others, or to be a role model of invaluable lessons.

Perhaps, one of these figures represents where you are at this stage of your process. The child sits cross-legged with bare feet. Her composure denotes being comfortable in her own skin and being in touch with her surroundings. She has removed any barriers preventing her from connecting with her desires and goals. Although, she's observing and learning, you get the feeling that she's doing what she truly wants. There's no apprehension or doubt. This is her choice to be there. She has a clear agenda to study, or explore, something that's important and intriguing to her at this time. Therefore, she's making herself available to be where she needs to go, and she's committed wholeheartedly. In a way, she's not fussing with her position of learning and development. She's perfectly content with this, and she's focusing on what she's there to receive.

There are some, when they find themselves in her position, wrestle with it and become frustrated. This happens when you forget to focus on what you came to accomplish, and become dissatisfied with not having yet what you're aiming for. You forgot that this was the necessary process to get you there. Becoming disgruntled with the natural flow of your process isn't going help you score any advantages. Simply, it'll rob you of all the pleasure which inspired your goal leaving you with very little sense of purpose and commitment. Eventually, once you arrive at achieving your goal, you'll have little appreciation and satisfaction in having your desire. It might disappoint you or cause you to look for something else to fill the void. If you aren't appreciating the position you're in, you're cultivating your ego's perspective and interpretation of lack, and mixing it into the equation of your objective. This is the kind of resistance, which is like adding termites to the structure of whatever you're building. Lack eats away at the infrastructure of any dream or plan you devise, if you are being conscious of what you're highlighting in your attitude.

Now might be a good time to reevaluate what your attitude towards yourself and your accomplishments are about your goals. A negative attitude isn't solving anything. Evidence of this is in what kind of experience you're shaping consistently from employing its use. It may feel better to rant for a bit to release some anger and stress. If it makes you feel better, have at it. However, take care to notice when it's enough. At that moment, you have to turn in the direction of where your relief is taking you. This has to happen, with the understanding, that this process of relief offers steps for the immediate moments following. You can't push for the long-term solutions or you'll trigger another episode of downward spiralling negative moods. The process of relief is universally focused upon the present always, and discerning the right possibility of choices for your ultimate happiness and fulfillment. Finding ways to glean the most from the journey you're traveling opens windows of possibilities and opportunities to help restore a sense of peace, harmony, and freedom within the alignment of your well-being.

One way to turn this around for you is to start to amplify what you're learning and share it with others in a constructive manner. The lessons you're experiencing can be of tremendous value to others. When you help turn the tides for others, you increase the momentum of your fortune, which can be measured in many ways, but most importantly by the sense of goodness and joy in serving a purpose. It'll help you digest and synthesize your situation and grant you access to the innate wisdom within to reveal new solutions and advantages you weren't seeing previously. They are always there, but your particular attitude gives you access or not. The older woman has learned from experience to rely on the creative process and an imaginative mind. She's worked through enough of her hang-ups to manage the rest in a practical way. She's not a slave to a timeline, and its expectations, based on the conditions of aging. Nothing can dictate to her what she can and cannot do. As long as she has access into the window of opportunity and solutions, she'll continue to live passionately through her work.
This card may indicate that you're never too young or too old to begin or learn anything. People only see the limitations you show them and what you highlight through your beliefs. You are truly creating your reality through your practice of actions, thoughts, and beliefs. You don't have to try to correct them through effort. Instead, work proactively by finding a positive goal you're passionate about. Even if it's a task for the purpose of providing relief from something stressing you. Knowing when you've done something enough is wise. To remain there any further isn't productive or constructive. This is the moment you've graduated from the lesson you had given yourself. You don't have to pass the test to get out. You only need to recognize that you can drop that course anytime you want, because you're the one paying for it in ways that's bleeding your worth.

Like the little girl, you acknowledge that you have the freedom and conviction to choose to present or not for what's meaningful to you. As the older woman, you see that the possibility of choices are unlimited and continuously expanding. Also, you recognize the benefit of releasing any struggle that drains you and no longer serves a valuable purpose, except to keep you tied up in delays. The power to choose the lessons you wish to create and experience are in your hands. You're a leader in every stage of your process. May the Source be with you always!


I have been evaluating my goals. I certainly have used what I have been doing as a template. I have been struck with new insights which might help expand my goals and I am definitely investigating this further. I do want to explore it! I do truly want it. It is other networking just as stated above. I have struggled with making this decision for a whole week now but this message has helped me see what and where I want to go with my goals. I know when I have done something enough and if I remain there any further it isn't productive or constructive. It is bleeding my worth and I need peace, harmony, and freedom within the alignment of my well-being. This week I have not been well at all but even in my state I still found pleasure in doing some research and studying. So it's all good!

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