Monday, November 20, 2017

Do Something That Expands Your Horisons

Much needed advice for today. Resonating with me 100%!

Today's Daily Angel Card Message for Monday, November 20, 2017

You're caught up in the inception of something new, which presents or represents exciting possibilities! The tingling sensation, which rushes all over you, transforms your attitude. For now, everything seems optimistic and positive. The momentum is moving swiftly under your feet, which can help you transport your ideas and plans into concrete solutions. Take action in this optimal stream of emotional affluence and support. Focus on the passions which summon your attention fiercely. There's no reason for you to have doubts or to consider any limits. You have enough currency to back this up. Trust the creativity and inspiration you're channeling ferociously. You have an opportunity to make a great start.

A spark has flared in some aspect of your life. You are experiencing a soul connection in some way that is intimate and intense. You might be afraid of what you are recognizing, and it's possible you're not sure of what it's likely to become. This is an all too familiar place for you, and it scares you to not have all the answers beforehand. You've dealt with many disappointments on this front, and you're unwilling to take the risks only to be left with picking up the pieces of yourself afterwards. It's exciting to see and have another opportunity. You had most likely all but given up on there being any other chances left. It's your instinct to run, in order to avoid the pain of loss and failure. However, a surge of Ideas and energy is fighting to the surface from within the spirit of your heart. If you can ease up a bit on the circles of fear and negative flashback, you will be able to focus on the present forms of insights and wonderful dreams, which are taking shape for you now.

It's within your power to notice the signals that keep pointing out a specific direction for you to explore. If you keep your heart open to what's captivating you, it won't be difficult to follow the trail. Remove others with negative opinions from the conversation. You won't find much agreement when you are beginning to embark on a significant shift in events. People don't change with you in every detail of the process. Their initial reaction is to feel as though they're being left behind or cut out of the equation altogether. As a result, they'll rally against your decisions believing they are protecting something valuable to you. In actuality, they're protecting themselves, which isn't intentional. On the other hand, you get to decide whether you wish to continue to repeat this lesson at every turn in your life, or use it to reinforce the importance of choosing your own path. You're learning that your choices are spiritual, and in the pursuit of the freedom and happiness you deserve.

Don't give any decision too much power to dissuade you or to position you in opposition of achieving either of those goals. A complicated situation is energy being restricted from the direction it seeks to go naturally. The Princess of Spring (Page of Wands) represents fresh energy with no agendas suppressing it or manipulating its course. It's a crack in the shell, in which change is automatic, unstable, and unstoppable! Once it's released into the environment, alterations start to occur. This gift or desire was born of your own heart. The life it morphs into is still yours, and becomes whatever you launched from within yourself. You have to trust it and follow its direction. It's guiding you towards the alignment of the outcome and opportunities you're seeking. You'll enjoy the ride, as long as you don't contradict it's purpose in helping you fulfill it.

It may sound like you don't have a choice in matter. You may feel conflicted in some way about what you want and the desire growing in your heart, which is summoning you. As I look at the princess’s feet as she swings, it seems her thoughts have ignited a passion. The actions of her feet have stirred up all kinds of changes, which is symbolized by the butterflies. It's as if, you never know what you are going to get once you launch your dreams. There are so many hidden desires waiting for an opportunity to be allowed into your experiences. Blessings pour like rain when the floodgates are opened. You may be focused on something in particular. Meanwhile, it's something different or more you're given. In that moment, you may not feel prepared or receptive, as you might have imagined. The energy is flowing with advantages you might not always understand. However, it's easier if you go with it for all the possibilities, which might be forthcoming.

Standing still in a conflicted way means you're not trusting your inner well-being to know how to best help you find the perfect course for all you seek. It's not denying what you want. It's helping you to get ready for it in a way that is more in integrity with your spiritual truth. It's orchestrating a list of solutions with the least amount of stress. It's always working to minimize this for you. Unfortunately, we don't recognize or understand that we're not on our own, and complicate things by believing that our effort is more effective than the universe's inspired process of action. A soulful connection reminds you that you don't do anything alone or without any support contributing to your goals. This card may indicate someone with a strong fire of fresh ideas, and they don't take no for an answer. Their energy might be overwhelming and push your buttons, as too much too fast frightens you. Take a deep breath and relax. Listen carefully with your heart and to the changes it has already stirred up for you. May the Source be with you always!


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