Wednesday, October 31, 2018

What Are Fears

"What are fears but voices airy, whispering harm where harm is not. And deluding the unwary, till the fatal bolt is shot!" These words, by William Wordsworth, remind us about the power of negative thinking, and they seem particularly pertinent today as it is Halloween. He obviously understood the power that a fearful thought can have, and what it takes to put it in its place. Happy Halloween to all who celebrate this day!

Monday, October 22, 2018


Imagine this. You wander into your local supermarket and pick up some "time", $x for the perfect weekend, $xxx for the month of your dreams! Wouldn't it be amazing? But, we own our own time. It is what we make of it. No one can sell it or buy it from us. No one can, for better or worse, alter its quality. It's ours to utilise or waste away as we like. Think, of the value of your time, and more specifically, the time you spend with the important people in your life. Remember: you have something no amount of money can ever buy!

Monday, October 15, 2018

The Tears That Fall

The murders and rapes that happen here in South Africa are horrific in nature. They are worse than any torture that any person could ever imagine. These people that go out to murder and plunder and rape are Barbaric and Savage! The Crime Cleaners that go out to clean up after these murders and rapes have revealed horrific scenes that they have had to deal with. A twelve year old white boy was drowned in a bath of boiling hot water. The Crime Cleaners had to scrape his skin and remains from the bath! These killers have no conscience…no compassion…nothing….no feeling…To go so far as to cut off the eyelids of parents so that they are forced to watch their little children being raped and murdered…These Savages even resorted to gang raping a dog. The dog had to have extensive surgery to her private parts and needed a lot of loving attention and care to get rid of the look of terror that remained in her eyes! How is it possible for a human being to cause such grievous bodily harm to any other human or pet and not care? It is just beyond comprehension! This is the reality of what we live with in South Africa....

Thursday, October 11, 2018

The Basement

Today's Daily Angel Card Message for Thursday, October 11, 2018

The Fairy Tarot by Radleigh Valentine (Doreen Virtue, PhD)

The universe is asking you to place all of your efforts towards something that's important to you. This is a chance to make a wish of your own come true, rather than allowing it to get derailed, because you're busy helping others fulfill theirs. You mean well in your heart, but you can support them better when you advance your own goals. More than likely, you allow yourself to be distracted in this way, because you're not sure you deserve what you'd want. Your commitment to other's causes is precisely the same investment and focus you need to accomplish yours. If you announced or promoted your dreams, you would discover that there is an equal amount of support willing to backup your ambitions. You have to trust and put yourself out there more, especially to the right people with open hearts. They're not hiding. You don't look or inquire in the places where the opportunities are flowing. Someone, deeply loving and compassionate, wishes to assist you in bringing your dreams to fruition. Trust that their heart is in the right place and is fully committed.

This person has been aware of your challenges and struggles, and has the means to help. The timing is perfect, and it'll give you the push you needed to step beyond your boundaries. You may keep thinking about your circumstances negatively, as if you are fated to this lifestyle without any other options. This relationship of understanding has developed over a large period of your life. It appears that you don't realize how stuck you are in this pattern and its conditioning, which isn't all conscious. Much of it is about you only considering the parameters within the context of this matter, and your routines and circumstances. It's like someone put you in a basement and never brought you to the upper level. All you've known was this area. You saw steps leading above, but you didn't question it's purpose, or you framed it in some context that made you fear you had too much to lose by considering the possibilities of what it might mean. Now, someone or an opportunity has reached out to you from the upper level. They've indicated the way to get there, but you don't know how to climb, or you can't imagine what to do, or how to be, when you reach the upper level.

When you rely only on the interpretation of fear and anxiety, the feeling becomes a stagnate voice of experience and expression. A feeling doesn't necessarily have to mean the same thing every time you feel a particular way. It's easy to label it and characterize it to mean something. However, you may not always be in the situation and surrounded by the same conditions for it to be an accurate interpretation for every scenario. A call to join on the upper level where you've never been or considered might create anxiety, but it doesn't mean that something awful is about to happen. It represents new wiring and firing off of synapses in the brain, because it's trying to process all the possibilities of the new experiences, which might or might not be occurring above. The body and your feelings are accepting new information. Your ego, creator of fear or paranoia, is rejecting change, because a part of you doesn't trust your ability to cope and adjust. Instead, it creates alternative facts about you, which you have learned to identify with, because it's easier to believe you're not capable than to succeed. Your spiritual truth is full of wishes fulfilled and possibilities to explore. You are forever in this magical process of transformation!

Newsflash, you deserve what you desire, because it's your deserving that allows the desire to seek you out, as an idea that's implanted in your thoughts. Once this thought reaches you, and expands through your imagination, your brain starts processing the information and new pathways are established from existing ones, which is the change happening on physical levels of your body. The way you think, talk, interact, and walk is affected by this idea. Your energy levels increase and your imagination is optimized, in a manner of speaking. As this becomes a focus and obsession with every aspect of your being, the universe within you highlights, which is also another way of saying attracts, the opportunities for you to choose from. You may tend to think of attraction, because you can only imagine that things come to you. Consider the law of attraction to mean the law that highlights your truth, purpose, dreams, opportunities, and needs. In this way, you get that when you are resonating at the same potential of frequency of your desire, that all of it suddenly becomes highlighted for you to view and achieve. The upper level was always there, the staircase too, but you were cut off from seeing its purpose and value for you. Once something is highlighted, the choices cause you to act differently in the way you participate, which allows you to manifest them.

Upon your first consideration of this new possibility, it will highlight in various stages. The first time you may highlight a word or a passage, it may mean something slightly different each time you come back to it. This is how ideas integrate into your mind, eventually becoming beliefs, routines, goals, and experiences. There's no good reason to ever fear anything, but you do and you will. It's a part of the process as change is highlighted more vividly. Fear isn't about the emotional connection as much as it's about a change in your pattern. The body will register this feeling to alert you that something different is happening, and to ask you to highlight the experience with your full attention and awareness. It's the reason for an alert or alarm, which is meant to draw your attention to something important like waking up on time or remembering to do something. The universe isn't constantly trying to scare you, which the ego may interpret, because change is scary to it. You have to be careful not to accept this idea of the world you are exploring. You are attracting, and the world is highlighting in your favor. There's just one important thing to remember: you have to remain open to the way you truly desire to see it. What you highlight becomes what gets lit up! Keep an open mind to change, and you'll begin to see and imagine the possibilities as the means to show you the way to the upper level. Likewise, you won't put any false information, creating obstacles, between where you are and where you are heading. Deserving is a state of Higher Consciousness! Process, not resist, the new information. May the Source be with you always!


Tuesday, October 9, 2018

What If

We all often have the "What if's" racing through our minds. What if you get it wrong? What if you mess up? What if you offend someone? Well... what exactly? You're not really going to risk producing a crisis that can't be resolved, or of stirring animosities that can't be pacified. Nor are your actions inspired by anything other than wisdom and generosity. But it's essential that you follow your own truth, give voice to your inner wisdom, and delve deeper than the superficialities that are obscuring a matter which touches your heart. Have faith in your own ingenuity!

Monday, October 1, 2018

Open Minded

We need to be reminded that we live in a world filled with magic and miracles. Life rarely gives us exactly what we wish for. It can bring an encounter with an exciting opportunity. If we're not open-minded, we can be so busy looking for what we want that we overlook a lucky break. The right way to respond to a possibility might not be immediately obvious. Be positive because something hopeful awaits. Be prepared to feel inspired... and a bit baffled too.