Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Memory Rendezvous

Memory builds a little pathway
that goes winding through my heart.
It's a lovely, quiet, gentle trail
from other things apart.
I only meet, when travelling there,
the folks I like the best,
For this road I call remembrance,
is hidden from the rest.
But I hope I'll always find you
in my memory rendezvous,
For I keep this little secret place,
just to meet with you.

Me having a Memory Rendezvous

The Golden Chain Of Friendship

Friendship is a golden chain,
the links are friends so dear,
And like a rare and precious jewel,
it's treasured more each year.
It's clasped together firmly
with a love that's deep and true,
And it's rich with happy memories
and fond recollections too.
Time can't destroy its beauty,
for as long as memory lives,
Years can't erase the pleasure
that the joy of friendship gives.
For friendship is a priceless gift
that can't be bought or sold,
And to have an understanding friend
is worth far more than gold.
The golden chain of friendship
is a strong and blessed tie
Binding kindred hearts together
as the years go passing by.

From left to right below:
Myself, Eva, Michaela, Jackie, Dora and Desiree.

Finding Faith In A Flower

Sometimes when faith is running low
And I cannot fathom why things are so,
I walk among the flowers that grow
And I learn the answers to all I would know.
For among my flowers I have come to see
Life's miracle and mystery,
And standing in silence and reverie,
My faith comes flooding back to me.

Friday, July 10, 2015

A New Life

A new day has come...from the warm cocoon of bed into the kiss of the morning sun, she rose again...and life was new. - (Linda S. Boerstler)

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sunday Relaxation

I really enjoy taking a “Me” day. A day where no arrangements have been made to meet anyone. The ideal “Me” day is a Sunday. Like today. The weather for a winter’s day was absolutely super!  21 deg C with sunshine and blue skies and a very gentle breeze. After a fantastic lunch the best place for me to put my feet up and escape from the rest of the world was on the patio. This is my favourite spot. The absolute bliss of just shutting the brain down and just melting into the environment is such a wonderful feeling. Just sitting and looking at everything around me, listening to the birds and watching them come and go in my garden, going about their busy little lives. Putting the sprinkler on to water the garden. Looking at how my plants are growing. The washing all done and hanging on the wash line to dry. I can just relax in my tracksuit and slippers and get lost in the book I am reading. No thoughts racing through my head! One or both of my cats will inevitably join me for some Sunday relaxation. Today it was Jolie. Rusty decided she would spend the day on my bed. The only eye sore is looking at all the security measures around me, the electric fencing, the spikes on the wall and the gates. But, on a glorious day like today, not even that could ruin my blissful “Me” day! Then come late afternoon it is time to take the washing off the line and time to feed the birds. Watching the birds that come to feed is also quite entertaining. At first the small birds come down and they start chattering away. Soon after, the doves come down and then it is a huge scurry as each tries to get as much bird seed as possible. Then I have to laugh as it seems there are one or two doves who have this ploy where they somehow get all the other birds to fly away – it is almost as if they shout out “Watch Out! Here comes a cat!” and then all the birds fly away except these two doves.  It’s almost like they think they now have all this bird seed to themselves. It is not long then all the other birds come back and the same thing happens. They do this over and over again until all the bird seed is gone. Crazy birds!! Lol.

I include herewith some clips of what I see through my eyes…however, I do not think that it will evoke the same peaceful emotions in you that it does within me…;)
Sunday Relaxation

Bird Feeding Time

A Loerie Eating A Banana