Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Surely No Coincidence

If I had to tell you how many things have come across my path in either the newsfeed on FB or on Youtube, all talking about change and expanding my horisons then you would be just as stunned as I am. Surely this is no coincidence. I am definitely looking into another networking opportunity. Why? Well, you have to finally realise that when you have given your all to one and you are not seeing the results you want and you begin to feel emotionally dissatisfied and to top it all you are completely drained from the amount of time and effort you put into this venture and you realise that this business has consumed you and your time to the extent that your family life and friendships are affected detrimentally, then it's time to make a move that will give you the peace of mind and harmony that you crave. An incident about two or three weeks ago where I got my priorities wrong made me realise how this business has consumed me. It's just been business, business and more business from morning through to night time. Weekends too and then there are the webinars and training and, and, and....just a never ending wheel with no breaks! It is no wonder my health has also been affected!! No more! Life is too short to work yourself into a standstill and my family and friends are too important to me. This next opportunity is definitely in line with what I am prepared to give and the business system, which is automated, does the business for you. Yes, obviously I have to do my part to run the business but it is not going to consume all my hours and free time. I am really looking forward to this new opportunity.

Below - a message that I found on the newsfeed.

Good Morning to all and happy Monday, November 20th, 2017! I pulled Tarot Card for you this morning and I got, "Two of Rods" - This card symbolizes partnership in business, or in romance. It can also mean you are presenting something to the world. Sometimes being distracted can come up with this card.

My Guides say: "You may be making plans and also revising some too. There are some things "in the works" and some plans underway. Your vision about your life and/or your future is becoming clearer. Steer away from people who are confusing you, or bringing you down, and who may possess a negative nature. There is nothing you can really do to change them or fix them, so it is wise right now to get some distance from those that fit into these parameters. If any of you are feeling feverish or under the weather, now is a great time to stock on up vitamins, juices, remedies and get plenty of rest. Some of you may soon find that your work or endeavors of some kind receive some recognition. This is perfect timing, and it is just and fair. Congratulate yourself for a job well done. There are other ideas brewing in you still, so by no means is this the end of the road. Soon your life may be taking some unexpected twists, and there could be a partnership, a teaming up, or joining of forces with someone, this could be work or business related, or possibly romance for some of you. This is an excellent time to look toward your future with hope and optimism. Try not to get too caught up in pessimistic and negative thinking. Branching out and broadening your horizons is indicated for many of you in the coming New Year. There could be some teaming up or partnering up, that will be interesting and adventurous. Take care not to overtax yourself and work to hard, as happiness is very important, and to enjoy life." I wish you all successful and pleasurable partnerships in all areas of your life! XO Pam ~ TLM LLC.

This video was also an eye opener!

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