Friday, July 28, 2017

Cease Feeding The Resistance

Today's Daily Angel Card Message for Friday, July 28, 2017

You may feel a bit uncertain about your feelings regarding the current circumstances of a relationship, or an important and impending decision. You can't escape this opportunity by avoiding to address those irritating concerns, which won't relent until you acknowledge them. There's a perfectly good reason why you can't seem to walk around them. It's your angels trying to get your attention. They have a good reason for this, because this decision is the answer to a prayer request you've made. You've been waiting for something to hit you directly in the face, so that you wouldn't be able to mistake or miss the important opportunity. When you are confused, you need to take a moment to rest your mind, so that you can distinguish the guidance of your angels from the competing agitation of your ego. Confusion is an indication that you are having an external struggle with your internal wisdom. Cease feeding the resistance by releasing attachments to things you're concerned about. If you have to shovel energy toward something through worry, then your fear isn't alignment and the concern isn't worth your discernment.

Perhaps, this means that the approach is not the best way for you to move forward. It doesn't mean you can't move forward either. However, this direction isn't the way to do so through this format. This card typically shows that you are distracted by too many choices. It may also suggest that you are looking at all you want, but you're overlooking what you truly desire or need. You're making things way more complicated than is necessary. In most cases, you know what you want and it's usually very clear and obvious. Yet, for some reason, you are jerking yourself around because you keep believing you'll miss out on something better. Somewhere in your mind a voice keeps giving you the idea to hold off for the possibility of another option more valuable, shinier, and thrilling. Let's be honest, there's this one situation that gives you a sense of clarity and peace. It may not be everything you could dream up, but you don't feel like you're chasing an urge that can't be satisfied any longer. Do you finally recognize that this kind of behavior isn't healthy, and it creates relentless stagnation in your life? An appetite for life is a good thing, but when you feel like you want to devour it all at once it means you're living life as though you are starving.

If you are constantly starving no matter what you accomplish, then you are likely to believe that you haven't done much at all in spite of the many good things you've experienced. Many people don't take the time to enjoy their lives. Instead, their concentration is always about consuming more rewards and success. They're working toward deadlines. Each person has inserted timelines along their life's journey. It creates an uneasiness in your spirit. You feel unable to relax and to absorb each experience, because you believe you'll get behind. Some of the things on those timelines are passing test and waiting for the results. Planning for college and working hard to be accepted by a group of people who will never really know who you are or what you care about. They possibly won't understand you until you find a way to make yourself known through some outstanding achievement. Even then, if you aren't doing it for yourself, they will only know the person you have presented in order to receive validation. It's not wrong to want to fulfill certain accomplishments in your life. It's wrong if you believe that you have failed if your plans didn't work out the way you wanted them.

It's wrong only because you would have cheated yourself from admiring the wonder you truly are. Your potential is limitless and so is your ability to experience happiness. If it isn't working according to your initial plans, then seek out your life where it truly resonates with you. Don't be afraid to take a look at conditions outside the context of your expectations. Start by examining that craving for life. Is it healthy or is it painfully consuming your motivation and drive for life? It's time to fess up to the things you obsess over, which don't bring you any happiness. For as long as you hold onto them, they will gut out your joy, as they eat away at your optimism and spiritual clarity. The angst isn't there for you to dig deeper into the struggle and deliberations you're stressed about. It's there for you to feel and for you to want to desire peace and freedom. The angels can't usurp your freewill. When you pray, they can only guide, not dictate. They will guide you in a direction. When you ignore this, because you are fixated on something you want and not the answer you're praying for, they will lead you toward it gently. You might say that it's a path you'll be least resistant to from where your mind is currently focused. Where you end up may not be to your complete satisfaction, but it makes the contrast stronger in its contradiction enough for you to wish for more freedom than you've been willing to cooperate and receive before.

At the beginning of the reading, the angel numbers 40, 97, and 7 came through. Number 40 reads, “God and the angels are surrounding you with Heavenly love and protection.” The angels want you to know that they understand how easy it is to get confused. It's perfectly fine to want so much to achieve success, and to feel that you are contributing to the well-being of the world in various ways. However, this feeling of wanting to feel like you're not just taking up space is coming from a feeling similar to the saying needing to earn your supper, so to speak. This is really important, and is a new and relevant point they are making. I hope my translation is accurate to the way it feels vibrationally, as I'm hearing this with you for the first time. From your soul’s paradigm, you don't have to do anything to be worthy of being valuable in this world or any other. This world and every part of the universe, in whatever form you are, exist to please and fulfill you. It's here for you to receive of its blessings and rewards. If you believe, that “you have to earn your supper* was God's reason for choosing you, then you'll suffer from multiple layers and forms of addictions and cravings where life for you is a constant state of starvation. It will feel like you're disconnected from your soul and you're looking for ways to fill it, rather than to enjoy it. You may believe you can't enjoy it and pay the bills. Does not enjoying it pay the bills any better or make it any easier? Disney's Seven Dwarfs’ work song says it all, “Whistle while you work!”

I would rather focus on working through finding pleasure in what I do, than do it without it. In doing so, you expand your awareness and options. There's more to witness, as your mind is more receptive to ideas, other information, and other possibilities. The next angel number was 97, which reads, “Keep trusting and following your intuition, as it's right on the mark.” The last number says, “You're on the right path, and the outcome will exceed your expectations! The number 7 is a sign that Divine magic is supporting you and opening doors of opportunity.” That annoying feeling is Divine guidance helping you to move forward in the direction of freedom and happiness. This is the only mark for you to follow. To pursue this mark brings opportunities which can only exceed your expectations, because you aren't blocking the purpose for which you were made. You were made to be a recipient of God's love and favor. You don't have to earn it. You automatically deserve it. When you are confused, it's because you aren't accepting that you do. You deserve to be loved, because you are made in the image of God's love. Don't hesitate to trust the feeling of love you feel for another. Likewise, don't look elsewhere for something which is already staring you in the face, and presenting itself to you as the perfect opportunity. Have a blessed weekend. You deserve it! May the Source be with you always!


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