Thursday, July 13, 2017

You Can't Afford Not To Have Hope

As always, this message of advice is absolutely spot on and much appreciated! The best is the question you need to ask yourself always : "Do you believe in what you're doing, is the question you need to know the answer to always." I love that!

Today's Daily Angel Card Message for Thursday, July 13, 2017

The first thing that came up was the angel number 493, followed by the words go and cafe. The message reads, *Your prayers about your Divine life purpose and career have been heard and answered by the angels, archangels, and ascended masters.” This card highlights a positive shift in your perspective and circumstances. Perhaps, something different occurs to renew your faith, which allows you to view your options with optimism. It may feel like things are beginning to move in the similar direction. There's a sense of focus and support. You may discover people who share your enthusiasm and passion for your work and interest. This may develop into a professional relationship and collaboration. Cafe is my word symbol for networking. This is a definite sign to go for it, if you had in mind to pursue a few contacts, which may help you improve your chances to get a project or idea off the ground. Don't be afraid to make a few calls, or asks for references from acquaintances you have a good rapport with in your field or personal relationships. Communication is a key element you can use to further expand your network of support and clients, as well as, help increase other career opportunities, which you might have not heard about otherwise.

The point that strikes me about this card’s illustration is having the faith to trust your instincts, and to open a door even when you aren't absolutely sure what's behind it. This faery was possibly drawn to this shiny locket by her curiosity and hopes. On the surface, its beauty attracted her, but the contents inside surpass any expectations she could have imagined. Something might capture your eye accompanied by a strong feeling of a momentous shift in your life. You don't know in the moment why you are drawn to it. The feeling is powerful and laser focused. It's clear that this is meant for you. You may have a sense of how profoundly enriching this encounter will benefit your life. This is the time to strike while the irons are hot! You're on fire, as all of your senses flare up about the prospects it will afford you. You feel the relief and release from some significant burdens your life had been suffocating under. This is that major turning point when you get to rewrite the story and change all of your prospects. It just requires you to make a bold and daring move from the outcomes you've chosen otherwise for measures of security.

You have a real opportunity to experience a freedom unlike you ever allowed yourself to have before. Perhaps, you have always operated with constraints, which undermined your decisions and limited your options. Hope was a luxury you couldn't afford or so you believed. However, your soul can't thrive without hope. It beckons you to return to the door of your soul's oasis of well-being and truth. Hope is a beacon, which keeps you from remaining isolated from the gifts of your divine guidance. It's a form of spiritual intervention, and the way universe gets your attention. You can't afford not to have hope. Without it, you would create a seemingly huge deficit within the unlimited budget of your heart. This card is a sign that it's a good time to make wishes and for them to come true, as you follow through on them as you're inspired. So, make long term plans for the future understanding that the attention to each present moment is what will determine the outcome. Put together a team of motivated, focused, talented and creative individuals. Don't be afraid to make your voice heard. Throw your ideas out there, and don't worry about the criticism or the mess that any process can possibly create.

I'm feeling that you have radical and innovative ideas. You're contemplating whether or not people are ready for it, and you wonder if they will support or reject it. It's like you're afraid to take the lid off this situation, because you aren't able to predict the responses. Most importantly, this isn't a decision you should rely upon based on what others will think. You have to decide how much it matters to you. Do you believe in what you're doing, is the question you need to know the answer to always. If you don't know why you believe wholeheartedly in what you're doing, your lack of confidence will become what your audience will focus upon. You'll find the courage you're looking for to keep moving forward, and a reason your soul benefits from doing what you do. This purpose or reason becomes your hope or beacon of alignment with your heart's point of attraction. With it, there's nothing that can slow you down or stop you. You'll always find a way, and you'll always discover opportunities and solutions. Enjoy the showers of blessings that are possible and available in your life. May the Source be with you always!


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