Saturday, August 26, 2017

Sequel To Peeping Tom

A while ago I posted about my feeling very uncomfortable in my home and that I had discovered I have a Peeping Tom. Well, it turns out I was definitely under "surveillance". I was probably not the only one here in our complex except other people were probably not even aware that they were being watched. I suspected a couple of things, one of which was that someone was coming over the wall from the servitude at an empty unit diagonally across from me. This certainly was the case. It turns out about three or four weeks after my discovery, I heard that a couple in the complex on the other side of the servitude from where I am was held up at gunpoint for 40 minutes at 03:00am in the morning! Thank goodness they were not harmed but they were completely ransacked by these perpetrators. It is a known fact that perpetrators will find a property and first stake it out for at least three weeks before they hit their target. They watch the movements of the people living at the property, they obviously check out the security situation and find the weakest point of entry.

I can thank my lucky stars that I have good security and that I am relatively alert to my surroundings. The problem with people living in security complexes is that they become complacent. They think that because there are security guards patrolling the complex that they are safe. 

We have since upped our security here and have even gone so far as to increase activity within the complex. We are all taking turns to patrol the complex at various times of the day and night. I have a shift every day during the day. We all alternate with the security guard on duty through out the day and night. It really is sad that life has come to these extremes....

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