Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Don't Cheat

Deception! The worst feeling in the world. I mean truly, right? It IS the worst feeling in the world. I know the pain. I have been cheated on. Many, many years ago! So listen, if you are the one doing the cheating…I mean there are some who are doing the cheating and there are some who are being cheated on. If you are doing the cheating you’ve got to remember that this is another human that you are hurting. So think about it. Try to leave before you cheat. Try to end it before you cheat, because once you cheat…well I don’t know. Especially if you do it mindlessly. Like you are just someone who doesn’t care. You need to understand that when you are hurting someone, cheating is just the worst, because you are getting intimate with another person and how does one recover from that? It is definitely possible. I recovered and many other’s have too. But THINK about that. The person you cheated on has to recover from you hurting them in the deepest way you possibly could! Yet you claimed you loved them. You have to take responsibility for your actions! And if you are the cheater, I can promise you Karma is coming back to bite you in the ass!! Uuuugghhh! Why?! It’s like… just be honest. You can so easily say “You know what Babe, I still love you but this isn’t working out and I don’t want to hurt you. I don’t want to be one of those people who cheat, so I feel like we need to split.” It’s honesty. No matter how it’s done. Deliver it tactfully. Deliver the truth. Not lies. Deliver the truth! Because if you do that you set both of you free. You have every right to leave a relationship. If it’s not working for you… it’s not working for you, but don’t cheat…

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