Monday, May 8, 2017

Holiday Break Is Over

Gosh! I have started off work with a bang...but its all good! 

I got back on Friday late afternoon after an awesome break in the country at the Midlands Saddle and Trout with my sister's Rita and Angie. I just love how we have all these absolutely beautiful and stunning places to go to in South Africa. It really is such a pity that the Government is ruining the economy. But I am not going to go there as that is all negative!!

I was in awe with where we stayed. The views were so amazing! The chalet was so spacious - it was actually like a huge house. There was a very spacious open plan kitchen, lounge and dining room. The lounge had a fireplace. Then there were 2 large bedrooms and 2 large bathrooms. The only issue we had was that the water pressure was very low due to the chalet being right next to the water reservoir so all the chalets lower down got the full force of water and we were the last to get water. Oh and on our last night there the geyser nearly burst! We were having supper and the weather had changed. It was thundering outside and rain was threatening. Next thing I hear this water gushing outside and it was splattering quite loud on the walk way outside. I said that it sounded very strange so Angie, who was closest to the front door got up to investigate. Next thing she exclaims that it is our geyser and water was pouring from the overflow. It was quite funny how we then all jumped into action! I got on the phone to call maintenance. We switched the geyser off and the bathroom taps/faucets were opened. Maintenance came quite fast. That night was a bit of a bummer as we could not shower!

Every morning we got up early and went for a brisk walk before breakfast and then we showered. I would then do some work and around lunch time we would go exploring again. The one morning we had such a good laugh. We were walking near the stables when next these 4 Geese came round the corner and started chasing Angie! It was hilarious! In the afternoons we cycled. Angie and I did most of the cycling as Rita has been having issues with one of her knees. The one day we did 12km's. So awesome. 

The Tuesday we had to go get groceries as we did not bring most of the food with like we usually do. So we googled Mooi River Shopping Centre and headed out. It was about 15 minutes drive away. We drove into the town at Mooi River and followed the Garmin. We got to this little Spar, a far call from a shopping centre! It looked so dodge that we asked a local lady if there were any other shopping centres around. She gave us directions to Howick and said it would be about a 20 minute drive. Well, if she drove that route then she must have done it as if she was Valentino Rossi!! It took us about 45 minutes. We bought the groceries at a small shopping centre we eventually found. Then Angie went to go see some Natura Therapist to get some homeopathic medicines. By the time we were finished in Howick it was close to 16:30. We were now panicking as it gets dark at 17:20 already and the road was through a mountain pass. We had the Garmin but it kept wanting to take us onto the N3 which was a much longer route than the R103. As it was getting darker and we were now back tracking on our route some landmarks looked different, as a result we missed a turn off to the left that we should have taken and ofcourse the Garmin lady does not say anything as she is now once again leading us to the N3!! :D Next thing Rita exclaims "The Windmills!" and points to a stop off on the right. We usually stop off there when we go to Pennington! This was not right as we never passed The Windmills on the way to Howick. Angie says well we may as well then follow the Garmin lady - so we carry on - next thing the tar road disappears and becomes a gravel road!! I said that this is not right at all and best we turn around as who knows where this gravel road would lead to. We back tracked again. By this time it was dusk. We found the turn off where we were supposed to have turned and finally made it back to the resort. By that time it was well after 18:00 and pitch dark. So ofcourse now that we were safe we had some good laughs about our adventure!

We got the fire going as the mornings and evenings were really quite chilly. There is just something so magical about a fire. I could quite easily sit in front of a fire the whole night!

The week flew by! We had intentions of reading and napping every day - well that never happened! We were too busy exploring, walking and cycling. As for the trout fishing and horse riding - we never got to that either! At least we got to see the horses when they came to visit us at the chalet and on our morning walks we would say hello to them :D I guess we will have to do the horse riding and trout fishing next time we go. We have decided we will definitely go back again!!

Our Chalet

The view from our chalet

Another stunning view

Letting the Inner Child out to come and play :D Angie and I on the swings

Rita and I saying hello to the horses

Good food, good company and some good belly aching laughs!

A nice hearty fire to take the chill out of the bones

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