Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Community And Community Values

Another accurate card and message. Yesterday I was blasted from a dizzy height by a Personal Trainer I had contacted in the UK. He blew the wind right out of my sails! So rude and arrogant like you just cannot believe. I was truly insulted and quite upset. For about 2 to 5 minutes I was livid! Then I pulled myself together and decided that I was not going to let one obnoxious individual roller coast me down. Every afternoon my Mentor, Bo Short, who is in the USA, does a live video broadcast for us on FB. He was talking about going on strong to finish off this month so that you can kick butt in the new month. That there are going to be obstacles and that you are going to doubt yourself and you are going to make mistakes sometimes but as long as you work hard there are no limits. You don't tackle to somebody, you tackle through somebody! A fantastic analogy he used is "A river cuts through a rock not because of its power, but because of its persistance". I love that! It's so cool! So I commented about my incident and how I dusted myself off and carried on with what I had to do. Today on the live broadcast he said that if "we" need help with people in overseas markets, we must contact him and he will help - clearly directing that offer at me after my comment about the Personal Trainer in the UK. It is so wonderful to have this support network! My previous businesses I had no one to help me. I was on my own and just had to do what had to be done. I love that I am part of a community with community values. So, after I listened to the live broadcast on FB I went to Berry Jones' page to see what the Angel Card message for the day was...well, surprise, surprise! Need I say more? I love how these messages resonate with my life story!!

Today's Daily Angel Card Message for Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The angels invite you to open your arms and your heart to receive! They're showing me an old community hall in a medieval setting with a thatched roof. The meaning I'm sensing deals with community values. Perhaps, you're establishing deeper connections within your own community, or something new surfaces in a different one. You may have an opportunity to help build and strengthen. This could refer to relationships healing within a group or your emotional connection changing within your employment environment. You may have a sense of letting go of bygones and looking more optimistically towards the present and the future. Sometimes, your head gets buried in the sand so deeply you aren't able to see the advantages, which you might find beneficial for yourself and everyone else. Even though you start out with little, you have a lot to still gain. You can feel that you'll make this work somehow, as your choices begin to expand.

Although, it may seem like you're on your own, or have been, you are discovering new connections and support. Your perspective is hopeful and filled with excitement. This is your chance to experience and encounter welcoming relationships. Some previous expectations caused you to close off from letting others in. Previous business plans had unexpected complications dealing with uncooperative and difficult personalities. You are sensitive to aggressive behavior, and tend to shy away from combative personalities. As you are one to express yourself more gently, this manner of speaking may put you off. However, you may want to consider from their perspective that they're fearless in protecting their position and point of view. It can be tricky in collaborations where more people are involved. Each party has their own agendas​, which they strongly support for their own good reasons. Each of you actually learns something valuable from your individual approaches, once you move beyond personal taste. It's easy to quickly label another and their differences, when their choices don't seem to suit you.

What you should consider is, if there's something you each possess that the other could use to their advantage. Another's​ weakness, as you perceive it, might become a strength to serve your purpose. I feel like this card invites you to explore the acceptance of other's talents and gifts you might not recognize, because of your preferences and prejudices. In order to do this, you have to release the past, which haunts you in some way. This is indicated by the reaction a situation causes within you. Earlier, I felt like this situation creates insecurities when working in groups, or when surrounded by crowds of people. It may hold you back from pursuing certain career opportunities, because you are worried you'll feel intimidated. You may have been in an intimidating environment before, and you're hesitant to take a risk of landing in another one.

This card is highlighting a new emotional beginning for you moving forward. You get to set the stage for the course you choose. This commences when you open your heart to the unfolding of your dreams and spiritual purpose. It's a different approach and experiences from the path of your ego's fears and illusions. When you remove your criticisms and worries, you are left with the enthusiasm of your passions​ and desires. Once you are focused on what you love, you see a range of possibilities within yourself and others. You can experience their spiritual connection, and the purpose they serve on your path. Develop an outlook of seeing how others strengthen your efforts, no matter how they conflict with or support you. The better you become at noticing their strengths, and especially being able to see the advantages of their less redeeming qualities, you'll form wonderful new alliances. When you see another's truth, you increase the recognition of your own, as well as, cause them to access and reveal more openly theirs to you. What you give, you receive!

During meditation, the angel number 982 appeared. It reads, “Trust that all of your financial and material needs are being met. All you need to do is continue devoting yourself to serving a spiritual focus through your career.” This may suggest that new feelings resurface about beginning a new spiritually​ based career, which you may start on a part time basis as additional income. Or, you may expect an upswing in your career, which brings material blessings. The card indicates a new sense of emotional security, peace, and joy. When you believe in yourself and what you are seeking, the abundance increases and new opportunities attract to you. Pay attention to what surfaces, and how it fulfills your prayers. Since this marks a transition for you, give it time to unfold, before you pass judgment on the outcome. Instead, focus on the progress you make each moment. The little changes really make a huge difference. You're on your way to fulfilling your dreams. Remain devoted to your purpose. May the Source be with you always!


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