Saturday, August 4, 2018

On The Brink of Civil War

Is this what it is going to come to? I think the minority here in South Africa need to prepare for the worst. I am not feeling at ease at all after listening to a video released after a parliamentary meeting to discuss amendments to the land expropriation act. Each and every member of the various political groups have said that if the bill is not amended according to their needs and wants, that they will take the land from white South Africans by force. They have said that the white people do not belong in South Africa. That the white people are criminals and that they are foreigners and need to go back to Europe. Quite ironic considering there are how many black people in Europe and the USA from South Africa that went overseas for better education. If the white people are not welcome in South Africa then they must get their black people out of Europe and the USA and where ever else they may be in foreign countries. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Why must there be double standards? Let them then have South Africa for themselves. Let's see how they will manage without the white people. They seem to forget or most do not realise, that it is the minority (+- 3 million) white people that are supporting +-50 million black people by contributing to the economy and by paying taxes, and fuel levies and VAT and covering all the costs for the corrupt officials that get taken to court. Not one of them realise that it is actually the Government that they voted for that is going to bleed them dry. Most of these black people do not understand how the Expropriation of Land with no compensation Act works. They think they are going to own the land. Well, they are in for a big surprise when they discover the Government owns the land and that they will have to rent that land from the Government. It is heartbreaking to see your home land being ripped to pieces by a Government and its supporters. What was once my beautiful homeland has turned into something from a horror movie. The roads are disintegrating, the filth that lies all over, the incompetent services, the crime...the gun shots at night...the sirens every single night...the list goes on and on and on...The horrendous farm murders...the raping of women and children...the vandalism and looting...I think I need to talk to my family here in South Africa. We need to seriously start looking at getting out before it's too late...very difficult to do when this is the country, the land you born in...your home country...and you are an average South African citizen just trying to get by! I can now fully understand how refugees must feel when they try and find a place of safety!! I just wish I can find the video where the members of parliament all say how they feel about the white people (it is doing the rounds on FB too)!! 

If you are not in South Africa and are based Internationally then the documentary below (all fact) will be an eye opener for you, and it would be appreciated if you could share it far and wide. 

If you did watch the documentary above, yes, it covers the situation regarding our white farmers. It shows how the farmers live behind security gates, cctv cameras and security bars. It is mentioned about sleeping with Pepper spray under your pillow. It is however not only the farmers who live in fear and behind security within their homes. It is all the white people here in South Africa. I post below pictures of security at my home. I live in a Residential suburb in a security complex with high walls and electric fencing.

Security gate at my Patio door

Security gate to my bedroom

My Pepper spray

My security gate to the court yard 

The unit opposite me with security gates at doors and windows

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