Sunday, February 12, 2017

Movie Nights

I found myself watching two movies this month. My sisters and I have a get together every now and then just to catch up and this is what we do. We schedule a movie and dinner night. Watch the movie first and then after go for dinner where we then talk about the movie and generally just catch up and inevitably always have stomach aching laughs! I love this time with my sisters.

So, last weekend we went to see Collateral Beauty with Will Smith. Wow! A movie that certainly made you think about Love, Time and Death. A strong message certainly came out of that movie for me. It had many elements including some romance that really brought the tears on. There we were all three of us with tears streaming down our faces!! :D -  A movie I thoroughly enjoyed and would possibly even hire the DVD when it comes out to watch again.

Oh and then, once again being brought to the harsh reality that no matter where you are here in South Africa, you HAVE to be alert, even in a shopping centre - where we were. We went to Northgate Mall. I can only thank my lucky stars that Angie and I were on guard that night. We had left the restaurant and then gone to the loo's in the mall as Angie needed to do a pitstop before heading home. She lives further away than Rita and I do and would not have made it home. As we come out of the loo an Indian lady comes in. We walk out and as we get to the end of the passageway leading back into the mall, I look to my left and see this guy (which I at first thought was an Indian guy), leaning against a counter there. My immediate thought was that he was waiting for the Indian lady. Anyway, the three of us veer off to to the right and make our way to the exit to the parking area. As we round the corner to the exit I immediately sense someone coming up close to me on my left, so straight away I looked over my left shoulder. Angie, who was in the middle also looked over her left shoulder at the same time I did. I made eye contact with this same guy that had been at the loo's and in that split second this guy then hastily carried on past me. Angie and I then looked at each other and said "shit, he was going to lift my handbag!!" I had my handbag slung over my left shoulder. When we looked again he was gone!! My writing this feels like forever but let me tell you that this all went down in like 3 seconds!! I also then realised when I made eye contact with this guy that he was in fact a black guy and not Indian. His aim of lifting my bag was obviously thwarted as he did not expect Angie and I to actually look at him. I keep replaying the incident in my head and last night after watching 50 Shades Darker, again at Northgate, we spoke about that incident again. This time we were extra alert. 

Anyway, so, yes, we went to see 50 Shades Darker. Was I disappointed after my looking forward to seeing the movie? No, definitely not. I absolutely loved the movie! I actually get so annoyed when I hear or see people commenting on how stupid the first movie was/is and that they thought the books were ridiculous! These people clearly are either frigging prudes or perhaps they are too afraid to explore in the bedroom. But it's not even that, the author of the books, E.L. James, made it absolutely clear that the movie was not to be about porn. In the movie you really do see very little, as you do in any other romance movie. What those people that have nothing good to say about the movie don't see is that there is in fact a story behind all of it. This movie is in fact a romance movie. It's the perfect movie for Valentine's day. This movie shows how the relationship between Ana and Christian grows. It shows how you have to work at a relationship to experience every emotion that goes with love. The joy, the laughter, the warm feelings, the trust, the importance of communicating and then the fear of the possibility of losing someone too. Then also the fact that a relationship is not about owning and controlling someone either, and most importantly too, about being able to compromise. This is what appeals to me about the movie and this is really what it is all about!! So, to those that think the books and the movie are a waste of time....shame...I feel sorry for you is all I can say :)

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