Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Finding Someone To Love

Oh how the heart does yearn for that gentle touch
or to just hear the words of another
speaking all that is within their heart to you.
For there is nothing more tender
than the love of someone
who can lift your soul clear to the heavens
with just a smile, a kiss or a touch.
To share everything within your soul,
your dreams, your fears and hopes,
in essence sharing all that you are
with that special someone.
Feeling the unity of two souls joined as one
as the passion between them is revealed,
skin against skin,
affections bringing about the intensity of the heart
within a single moment
that shall last for an eternity.
People say you need not to find someone
for you have the love of family and friends,
but that is a different type of love.
They do not understand the yearning within
when the heart does cry
and you long to fill that empty space
not only next to you within your bed
but within your life as well.
The need to feel touched so tender and lovingly,
within the heart from their affectionate offerings
as well as the sensual touch upon the skin.
We all need to be loved
in many different ways in our lives,
that is what we live for,
long for......even dream about.
And needing someone to fill that missing piece
is what we all want to find
so that we can feel whole,
needing more than just what family and children can offer.
It is not foolish to need someone to love,
it is being human and true to yourself and your heart.

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