Monday, September 5, 2016

Hiding Behind A Mask

I have to sit here and wonder about some people. I have had quite a few friend requests in the past from people I do not know. Now, being me, and being a Scorpio on top of that, I do not easily open up to people that I do not know. It takes me time to suss someone out and it takes me time to feel comfortable enough to trust someone and then be prepared to open up to them. That is just me. So now when I think back to these people that I do not know who send me friend requests. They are so upfront by asking me for my e-mail address and phone number so that they can chat more with me. Ummmm...why? You sent me a friend request on FB. We can chat there. Why must we at this stage take it to another platform? Then they seem to proceed to keep wanting to know more about me. I however feel it is a "give and take" situation. You ask me something - and I will answer. I then ask you something - and EXPECT an answer...but yet often times these answers are just avoided. This person just is not forthcoming...or will completely evade the question I asked. Then I have a look at their profiles. Mostly there are no friends to show or no friends have liked any pics they have posted. The pics are often so random or are just a few profile pics. Nothing else. No quotes. No status updates. Nothing. Then I look at photos. There are no albums. There are no personal photos. No family members. So being me. I think to myself - why? Then the best is the majority of these people have their relationship status as "Widow". Now, I am very sad for those who have lost their spouse to widowhood. But,  a widow is a WOMAN whose spouse has died, while a WIDOWER is a man in that situation. So I now have to wonder, surely you as a man should know the difference. Then it amazes me that these people will say that they are from a surrounding area close to me but yet they went to University in Russia or some random University in some never heard of place! Then the next best thing is that they are all mostly Petrochemical Engineers! What is it about me that I attract all these Petrochemical Engineers. Inevitably they are all on some contract in either Cape Town or Richards Bay. The best is those that always ensure they have a profile pic with a child. Its like they think this will give them extra brownie points or something. My point with all of this is...DUDE I KNOW you are NOT who you are saying you are! I am not just some dumb blonde!! I have the potential to see through your facade! My question to you is WHY are you hiding behind someone else's name? WHY are you not posting a photo of who you REALLY are? What is it that you have to hide? You say you want to get to know me better. You say you are an honest person. REALLY???!!! You actually BELIEVE you are an honest person when you have stolen someone else's name and someone else's photo? Do you even know that that is called Identity theft and you can be arrested for that? I am very open to meeting new people but if you are going to be pretending you are someone else, well, sorry for you, then I do NOT have time for you! You see I am so tired of all the bull shit and the lies. I have had that so often in my life that I can see it from a mile away!! However, IF you can be an honest person by just being who you are and not hide behind a fake name and profile, I will most gladly be your friend. I do not judge people who are honest about who they really are. Every one deserves to have friends. I however am only open to friends who are genuine and real.

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