Friday, January 13, 2017

Starting 2017 With A Bang

One minute I am beginning to enjoy my holiday and the next I am back at work! What a way to start the New Year. I have learnt a lesson once again. You really do need time out! I will not work straight through a December ever again! The body, mind and soul needs rest. One week was not enough. I left for Pennington on the 31st of December and returned on the evening of the 8th of January and started work straight away the Monday! I was just beginning to relax when it was time to pack up again.

It was a good holiday except this time we had 2 days of sunshine and then the rain came. For 2 or 3 days it was fine in the morning but then got heavily overcast after lunch and drizzled. From the Thursday to Saturday it rained endlessly. It was ok however. We kept ourselves occupied. When there was no rain we did a lot of walking and when it did rain, we drove around. Depending on where we were and what time it was we would either have lunch or otherwise afternoon coffee at restaurants. When I refer to we - it is my sisters, Rita and Angie and my Nephew Donovan and his two son's - Hayden and Chase. Donovan and the boys left on the Thursday morning. I also had a nice visit with my friend Eva and her husband Ric and the girls, Tash (Natassia) and Claudia as they were also in Pennington.
We had a bite to eat at the Umdoni Golf Club - this is the view to the right

This is the view to the left at Umdoni Golf Club

Angie and Rita on Bazley Beach

The view through the trees at Bazley

Donovan and Hayden at Pennington Beach

Hayden - Pennington Beach

Hayden and Chase at Pennington Beach

Hayden buried in Pennington Beach :D

This video below I filmed at the Ski Boat Club in Pennington. We had a bite to eat there too. Just before I finished filming Hayden says "I love Pennington". The timing was perfect! I had a good chuckle. It would make for a good advert for promoting Penninton :D

This I filmed at the house we stayed at. We never stayed at Eva's late Mom's house as someone had already booked it. This house was fantastic albeit we did not have a sea view but we could hear the sea. The garden was a beautiful, luscious, overgrown garden - so typical of the bush at the coast. Angie and I were just chilling on the patio. Angie was reading and I was just appreciating all the sounds. At one point Angie says that it sounds like one of the birds says "thank you for the rain, thank you for the rain". Oh and by the way - the cigarette lighter on the table by me is Angie's - I don't smoke! :D

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