Thursday, April 20, 2017

Good Advice

Some much needed advice! Completely amazed how these messages always appear at the right time.

Today's Daily Angel Card Message for Thursday, April 20, 2017

The angels indicate that things are progressing in stages. They show me steps going upward on a hill. At certain intervals, it levels off to give you a break from steadily climbing the entire journey. Those landings represent an opportunity for you to refresh and reassess. When you are steadily climbing, there's no room to collect your thoughts, or to notice how things are developing. Instead of being disappointed, because it seems like the momentum is stalling, pay attention to other possible opportunities materializing. There's a gift being presented to you in this circumstance. It's possible you have​ been juggling a couple of things at once. Now, some things are leveling off in meantime. Use this as a chance to focus on something that is particularly important to you. Maybe, things appear to have halted in one way, but have opened in another, especially relating to something involving new contacts. If someone in particular comes to mind or you've recently met someone you've felt a connection with in your work, think about exploring the possibility of enlisting their input or assistance. Also, consider that you aren't giving yourself a fair assessment of your accomplishments thus far. You may need some objective feedback and guidance to help you build upon what you've created. It feels like you're selling yourself short, and you're potentially undermining your confidence.

You need to find a better balance of your time and energy. You are working diligently, but putting too much pressure on yourself about deadlines. Stop watching the clock or mapping your progress solely by the distance you have covered​ed. The stress of this kind of pressure is putting you on edge. You are too consumed by the outer progression of your circumstances, that you are actually shutting yourself off from the internal creativity you need to channel to help you to continue to evolve within the context of your dreams and purpose. You are doing all the right things and you're heading in the right direction. Don't give up so easily to feelings of frustration and hopelessness,​ just because you aren't seeing what you expected. Doors are always opening. You just have to keep your eyes peeled for the moment when one happens to appear. They are always in plain sight, but to see them, you must retain your optimism. They exist on this vibrational plain. Worry and criticism will lead you on a different voyage, which operates outside the radar of Divine blessings. It causes you to feel like you're in a different scenario from the one you desire. The feeling of lack is there to help remind you to start following the scent of your true desire. Instead, most people get seduced into feelings of failure, doubt, or disappointment, which masks their truth and goals.

You wouldn't feel like something is lacking, if there wasn't something there for you to achieve realistically, and energetically, in the first place. You have to turn it around, and stop believing in failure. No one can prevent you from doubting yourself. You have to believe in the inspiration of hope that showers you, and compels you to explore and start each new journey and purpose. You might feel once you begin, that you have made a mistake, because for a moment you're not quite sure of your next move. Instead of straining for the lead, allow the motive of your project to inspire your actions. You have possibly lost this connection and when you do, you are no longer hearing the continuous channel of guidance assisting your path. If you don't get it yet, you can't be in two different emotional places vibrationally to maintain the fluency of your soul's blessings. If things feel like they're leveling off, then think about ways you might need to adapt or adjust your approach and attention. It's possible you're looking at something the wrong way or you're not seeing it in a variety of better outcomes. Make this fun for yourself.

Maybe, you have forgotten to have fun and to make this enjoyable for yourself. Your tendency is to act as if you're being asked to walk on a tightrope. You work yourself up into a pinch and you don't allow space for your own breathing. If you could reimagine every part of your process to evolve through your own pleasure and happiness, how would you do it differently moving forward? Forget impossibilities for the entire brainstorming process. Take a careful look into your previous actions, and creatively think of ways you could change your temperament and choices. Would it make it more motivating to have someone you could bounce off ideas and strategies with? Maybe, it might help to work with someone who's different from you, but also someone you respect. They can perhaps help you see gifts you haven't unearthed or thought to challenge, in order to further develop them. It seems like you need someone or something to bring out other aspects of your talents, rather than someone who agrees with you. You are looking for your other half, or you are searching for something that brings out the best in you. That isn't always necessarily the situation that you're comfortable in. Be willing to step out of your comfort zone. Don't turn your back on a great opportunity you don't feel you're ​ready or qualified for at this point. Have patience with the development of changes occurring within yourself. You have no idea what the harvest of your soul is bringing! Don't be so quick to make up your mind about what you are not, or what isn't a possibility for you. May the Source be with you always!


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