Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Assurances And Guarantees

Today's Daily Angel Card Message for Tuesday, February 6, 2018

This card slipped from the deck while shuffling. It felt light and gentle as a feather, as it fell to the floor. When I turned it over I was surprised to see Six of Earth appear for a second consecutive day. Something in your life is trying to work itself into a place of balance allowing the flow of equal exchange to take place. Perhaps, there's some area where you're not allowing this to happen. Notice where you might feel even the slightest amount of resistance to a situation that comes to mind. There could be an area lacking structure, or there's a lack of internal discipline and commitment to focus on a very important role you're being called to fulfill. It seems you're putting too much responsibility on your plate to clearly execute this situation with any sense of direction and feeling of support. You're not allowing the help you're being offered from your higher self to guide you towards this assistance. You're aware of the help, in forms of ideas and intuitive hits, you get repeatedly. Yet, for some reason, you're just having trouble trusting in the effectiveness of these solutions.

You want assurances and guarantees before you fully commit to this role and position. You're afraid to go all in, and then, find yourself left to carry the entire burden on your own, This might involve a proposal for a partnership. You have possibly had experiences where this doesn't always work in your favor, as much as it does for the other parties. There's another aspect of this situation, where you are trying to avoid taking charge. You don't want this responsibility, because you would like to benefit from the rewards of this joint venture without all the work and effort. It seems like you're looking for something that works so well, it takes care of itself practically. You want something that has its own momentum flourishing, where you can enjoy the ride. This doesn't mean you're lazy or unwilling to participate in creating its success. You just want this success to be organic and fluent.

This isn't a wild or irrational request. However, you have to trust within yourself that you truly deserve it, and believe it's a real possibility. You're holding back, because you don't trust or believe. You have had injuries and the scars to support your fears. They have made you vulnerable in ways you're not willing to risk any similar mistakes again. These previous experiences have put you on your guard. It's also possible that you don't trust yourself to maintain the balance you are seeking. Perhaps, you have trouble creating healthy boundaries for yourself, and tend to give too much of yourself without limits. This causes you to feel used and exhausted in many circumstances in which you are involved. You have to prioritize your goals and not be afraid to want something selfishly for yourself. When you're afraid to have an agenda or to pursue an ambition, you compensate by overextending yourself for others to not appear selfish or greedy. Don't allow your ego to continue to distort the path to fulfilling a purpose by polluting concepts of ambitions and personal achievements.

Guilt is a “terrific” disease, which helps manufacture profound deterioration in the vision of dreams. It pokes a hole in your sense of worth, which causes you to leak any accumulation of confidence in yourself. Your spiritual power is easily usurped by carrying the burden of guilt, which creeps into the lab where your dreams are imagined and inspired. It's like there's a back door on an unmanned corridor where you aren't conscious in your maintenance and awareness of overseeing this lab of hope and new possibilities. You can't feel guilty for wanting to be happy through success and achievements. More than likely, you're overthinking your actions and motives for the expansion and improvements you're considering. If every opportunity or idea, that could possibly free you, comes with a reason to back away, then you're giving too much power to your fears. Don't let twisted forms of morality contrue the truth of your spiritual path. Being on an enlightened path and destitution aren't synonymous.

God does not share this belief with you. We spend too much time constantly examining our actions rather than living life completely. This includes all the mistakes which will occur alongside the journey of living. The angels were showing me a vision when I tuned into the energy of the theme and meaning of this card for this reading. They showed a person who was naked and had a voluptuous figure. As this person walked an injury occurred to sever the leg just above the knee. The naked figure carrying extra body weight indicates to me exposure and someone highly sensitive, who tries to hide their emotions by stuffing them under the layers of skin. Hiding doesn't help, it exposes the very thing you're hiding, which eventually causes a breakdown of those layers for true healing to take place eventually. As a matter of fact, the legs kept breaking down, but a shift in consciousness immediately cleared the situation, as if it hadn't ever happened.

Perhaps, you are experiencing some breakthroughs, which might seem more like a breakdown. Let this happen, and also let it heal itself and your situation in the process. If you have strong connections to particular beliefs, they have to breakdown in front of you for you to see their uselessness and lack of necessity. You'll surrender and move on when it's proven to not have any basis in truth. You'll be free of the fear it convinced you was real for you to carry. In that moment, the underlying guilt can no longer weigh in on the status of your spiritual worth and keep you from obtaining your goals and achievements. Instantly, you'll unlock the flow of abundance in specific areas of your life and concern. All kinds of emotions you'll surrender to the affluence of many possibilities growing in your life. You won't shy away from them, and you'll notice more opportunities to observe their availability to you. Before, you didn't see them, because you weren't ready for them to actually happen, because you had doubts you deserved them. Doubts are the foundation of this, whether you are aware or not. They interrupt the flow of the current. Enough repetition of this interruption causes a distorted pattern, where you no longer are experiencing the ease of abundance, but the struggle. Time to let things break down, so that you can allow the universe to effect a peaceful realignment of balance and uninterrupted exchanges. The breakdown will be gentle and a gift to you, if you don't resist. Trust the process. May the Source be with you always!


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