Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Holiday At The Coast

The best holiday for me is one at the sea. The ocean for me is like medicine for my soul. Just with me putting my feet on the soft beach sand already makes me sigh a huge sigh. I can actually feel the stress melting off. I love feeling the beach sand between my toes! Breathing in the fresh, salty air and feeling the breeze blow through my hair is just absolute bliss. The cherry on top of the cake is when I finally dash into the ocean and feel the waves crashing over me. Now that is the ultimate of having a beach holiday! 

Are those my feet?...Yes...those are mine...teeheeheee
I generally take my holiday the first week of January from the first Saturday to the following one. It is just a much better time to go. There are no masses of people crowding the beach. You can actually just about have the beach to yourself. The beach stretches on for a good couple of kilometers. Weather wise it is also so much nicer. We had sunshine and blue skies up until the Thursday when it rained for two days but even though it rained, it was still great to be at the coast.
Very few people on the beach
I go to a place called Pennington. It is on the Kwa-Zulu Natal South Coast situated between Scottburgh and Port Shepstone. It is a small village mostly made up of holiday homes that get rented out to holiday makers. I stay in my friend Eva's, late Mother's home. Eva and her sister, Michaela, inherited the house and decided they would rent it out to holiday makers. It is a nice spacious home with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, lounge, kitchen and dining room, double garage and a huge garden. From the patio we have distant sea views. The crashing of the waves and the rush of the ocean can be heard at the house, which is awesome. Another sound I love! Usually it is just my sister's, Angie and Rita and myself that go to Pennington but this year we really had a full house. My son Jason, my nephew Donovan, his wife Julie and the three children, Chase, Jamie and Hayden and one of Chases friends, joined us. They arrived with us on the Saturday, the 2nd of January and stayed until the Wednesday, 6th January. It was great fun having them but oh my goodness it was hectic with the little ones. I really did enjoy the time we had with them but admittedly I was also relieved when they left. I just needed the few extra days to unwind...hahaha. We, (Jason, Angie, Rita and I) stayed until Saturday, the 9th of January. 
A whole beach to myself!
On the Wednesday I took a walk to the beach just to have some "me time". It was so awesome. There were hardly any people on the beach. I took a long stroll and eventually found myself sitting on the rocks. There is just nothing more relaxing than sitting and watching the waves come crashing in to shore.
Is that Andy Cap? Hahaha...this was so funny. I saw my shadow on the rocks and decided to take a pic. Peace out homies! Hahaha...check how my hair is blowing to one side from underneath my cap...hilarious!
That same afternoon we saw a cruise ship in the distance. Looking at it through the binoculars was so awesome. It had six storeys and a deck. Absolutely magnificent. Usually we only see cargo ships go by so this really was a treat to see.
The cruise ship we saw from the patio.
So, after a whole lot fun and laughter and relaxation, another fantastic holiday came to an end. 

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