Monday, February 8, 2016

Take That Leap Of Faith

There are people who think out of the box. There are inventors. They put a twist on things. They give us a new perspective. Looking at things through different lenses and different angles.
This is all about perspective. To look at things differently. To take the blinders off to what we think is stable, to what we think is the true path, to what we think is the right next step and to look at things through a new perspective or different perspective.
Here we are and we think we are surrounded by swords. We think that we are tied up. We are set in a certain scenario that we will not be able to break free from. It is limiting us, it is not allowing us to move forward. Yet, if we take off the blind fold, we realise that we are not tied up at all. We realise that the swords are around us, but, we can go forward. We can escape what we think is holding us back or what is limiting us in some way.
It's all about taking off the blindfold. We want to go forward. We want to start new things. Dive into new things to do. New ways to express ourselves. It's all about changing our perspective. Do something that we have never done before. To experience something new. To step out of our comfort zone. It does not have to be great or grand. It's about that little push where at the end of the day we can say "Well, that was not so bad after all. Actually I kind of enjoyed that. Actually I could do that again." It's all about looking at things in a new perspective so that we realise that we are not bound to a certain way of doing things, a certain path, a certain job, a certain relationship, and that we can break free. That we really not as encumbered or stifled to move forward in the way that we want. 
It is about our passions, our dreams, our relationships, our close relationships. Understanding them in a new perspective. Maybe even in those heart to heart conversations we could be having. Understanding where they are coming from. Looking at our path together with a new set of eyes. Perhaps it's a new relationship and this person makes us see life in a different way. But, not everyone is in a relationship. So looking at passions and dreams. 
Our dreams, our desires, our wants. So often there is the fear factor. We don't want to move forward because we feel comfortable in our setting that we are in. It may not even be comfortable but at least we know what to expect in our present situation. So we don't like to change things up, we don't like to go past the the limit, we don't want to raise the bar. It keeps us down, it keeps us where we are. So if we want to grow, to expand, to walk into our dreams, we really need to look at why we think we are limited going forward. What truly is holding us back? Is it the thoughts that are in our head, or is it the actual situation? If it is the actual situation, then how can we change the situation to better us, to move us forward, to push us forward? Yes, we are looking at our foundations. We are looking at our security. We are looking at what we feel makes us strong at the present time. Sometimes when we look at what we feel makes us strong we find out that it really is a weakness because it is holding us back. It's not allowing us to push forward. It is not allowing us to take that leap of faith. That GIANT step forward. 
To begin, to start. It's all about empowerment. It could be that we need empathy for other people and allowing other people to walk their own path and to not interfere with their path and not allowing other people to interfere with our path. But, at the end of the day it is about an empathy for ourselves because I think many times we can easily give empathy to someone else's situation, someone else's life, we can feel bad about them, we hear some bad news about them. We hope for them, we pray for them. But how often do we do that for ourselves? More often than not we allow the fear to grip us. To feel entangled, to feel like we can't move forward, to feel like we can't break free of whatever the challenge is that is put before us. We really need to love ourselves. Embrace ourselves. Have an empathy for ourselves. To realise that nobody could have walked our path to this point. That it has been unique and that it has been sometimes very hard and very challenging, other times very glorious, beautiful and magical. 
It all goes together. We can't have the sunshine without the rain and the rain without the sunshine. If we are in a position right now where the challenges are more than the beauty then we need to remind ourselves that this too will pass. That we have been through other challenges. We made it through and we will make it through this one too. It's ripping off that blindfold that will make the difference. Realising that there is not just one choice to be made or one avenue to take. There's several choices available. Different ways of approaching things in our life. 
It's all about thinking outside the box. It's thinking about new ways to approach our path forward. We must make sure that we rip that blindfold off, that we don't have the blinders on, that we are not seeing this narrow perception of how we can go forward in our life. That we can see the many choices, the many magical moments that can be in our life. Have an empathy for ourselves. Love ourselves. 
Realise how wonderful and special we are. If we were not important, we would not be here right now. We are all very important. Whether or not we want to step into that, into those footsteps, is up to us. We are here for an important reason, to do something special, unique, wonderful, magical. We need to follow our gut, our heart, our intuition. We must not worry about what anybody else thinks. We need to be that person that takes something that everyone else says can't work and turn it into something magical and everyone then says "How did they do that? That was amazing!" Because, we decided to look at it from different view points, we did not wear blinders for the most part. We decided to look at it from a different avenue, a different way through or around. We need to follow our heart, follow our desires. We must not look back one day with regrets, of not trying, or not saying, or not experiencing. We need to look at where we can begin again, begin anew. Something that we want to try, something that we want to learn, but we need to make the first step. We need to make the commitment to ourselves. We need to be the magician in our lives to make something happen. 
When we make that declaration to ourselves that we are going to step into our dreams, our desires and trust in what we are doing and becoming, that is when all the necessary tools show up. That is when the people that will help us on our path arrive. That is when suddenly opportunities, or things just appear. But, we have to make the decision on whatever it is that we may want to do. We have to realise that those swords are really behind us and that we can go forward anytime we want. We are NOT restricted to a certain path in life. That life can be anything we desire it to be. Will it take courage? Yes. Will it take a couple of failures? Yes, absolutely. We learn from our failures, we learn from falling on our face once or twice. We brush ourselves off and we go forward. 
That's when the true creativity steps in. That's when the true passion hits you. Once we get out of the way of what we did wrong, it's much easier to get right. It's all about our plans and our dreams, it's all about opening up that door, stepping into who we are to become, what we want to become. Stepping into our passions. We can do anything we want. It's time to look at our dreams, our desires, our passions. Try and step out of the negative of whatever it is we are dealing with right now and look forward. Look to see how we can start a new path. 
It can be the smallest of steps, but, the smallest of steps will bring in whatever is needed to move forward. Maybe it's all about starting at the bottom again or maybe it's about starting a course of study to increase our knowledge in an area, maybe it's joining a group in a community of like minded people to inspire us, to help us grow our passion. It's all about going after what we truly desire in our life. It's time to take that leap of faith. It's time to take that GIANT step forward.

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