Friday, November 18, 2016

Becoming Technosavvy

I am so impressed with myself! I always considered myself as being a "boffin" on a computer...:D...I taught myself just about everything from excel formulas to power point name it. Then there I was...I used to envy people that were very technosavvy with their cell phones. I just was not technosavvy in that respect. I even despised whatsapp. And now? Well here I am now and I have to laugh. A month ago I was still using an old, decrepit blackberry!! To give you an idea...when I did use whatsapp I would get a message saying that after 31 December 2016 I would no longer be able to use whatsapp on the phone and would need to upgrade to another device. Here I am now, I have my tablet in one hand and my new smartphone in the other...a pen stuck behind my ear or between my teeth and I am juggling between the two devices! I now have an instagram account too and am posting on linkedin. I have a fantastic app with which I am doing video and e-mail campaigning for my new business...and the best is...I can do it from anywhere in the world...well this point I am only talking about my local location...but I really could do this from anywhere in the world. I find that so awesome!! To top it all I now use whatsapp too to do my business...what an absolute pleasure being able to phone people using whatsapp. I could not do that with my ancient phone and people could also not call me on whatsapp either!! :D I do conference calling and I am able to view messages from my mentor on Incredible how technology has improved the lives of so many!! Am I impressed with bet I am...teeheeeheee....

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