Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A Revelation

Once again hitting the nail on the head! Advice that was much needed by me on this day...

Today's Daily Angel Card Message for November 30, 2016

Some revelation suddenly occurs to you to help you finally get clear of a passing storm in your life. It was a passing storm no matter how long it seemed it would remain. Sometimes situations in our lives create a feeling of permanence, which causes you to overreact or struggle against it. This struggle only prolongs the experience beyond its need, while overshadowing what is surfacing as a solution. Be careful not to hold onto the obstacle hindering your vision of an opportunity in your midst, especially when you can sense something better on the horizon. It may not come easily to you to let go, or to remove your heels once you have dug in deep. At this point, it would be better if you did instead of being yanked from the circumstances by the force of your own soul's inertia. You can choose to remain where you are, even if you are opposing your own momentum. However, the desire to transition, from your higher self’s purpose, will eventually win out, as you are always in agreement and wishing for the fulfillment of your own happiness. Although, you may not feel ready for what's coming, and in some instances, what's already happening, take advantage of what you are receiving. You don't have to digest the whole thing at once. Take a piece at a time, and more importantly, only the pieces in front of you at the moment. The rest will sort itself when the time comes, and you'll know what to do then, as well.

The angels present this number (932), as a reassurance that this opportunity is meant. It says, “Trust that the ascended masters are helping your career and Divine life purpose, because they are.” I feel they are especially making it clear that a revelation, a solution, or opportunity you've received is the answer to a prayer you've been seeking to confirm. There's no reason or need for you to be going in circles continuously about this. This is it. You may be uncomfortable with the answer, but it does not make it less meaningful. Your doubts are a tool of procrastination. Instead of trying to avoid making mistakes, and wondering “what if” this happens or not, focus on what is possible based on what you have been given. Now is the time to deal with the facts and the tangible results in reach for you to seize. Step by step, you can increase your confidence in your life and your readiness to move ahead on your goals. It's unwise to think that you could smooth out all the wrinkles before making a decision or taking action. There is no path that comes without them. They serve a good purpose, which in time you will be able to see. Nothing is reasonably apparent when you would like it. However, the less you resist, the more you can expect to discover it more easily in time.

There isn't just one decision or purpose that will ensue throughout the course of events, which are to follow from this immediate point. Those future outcomes will unfold new or greater developments from the advantages surrounding the plot you're currently working on, which have also brought you to this moment. Instead of beating the bush to death for all the outstanding particulars involving the future, look for the highlights of all you were hoping for now. This will help calm your anxieties, which are exacerbated from using this approach. Your “mental aches” or headaches will subside as you focus more on present decisions, rather than the future ones. Likewise, don't worry about the problems in your life that seem too overwhelming and complex to fix. Give space to others, and let them resolve their own problems. You can't help someone unless they are ready to receive it. Their choices don't have to determine what your outcome will be. You may experience influences resulting from the side effects of their actions, but you can use them to help you to get clarity about your own stance in that moment. Instead of holding resistance, in response, channel your creativity in a direction that encourages your own alignment in this process. As you can imagine this happening, you will receive insights and instructions to make your vision a reality.

You may find yourself vacillating between worry and excitement. In the period, you are witnessing the tides of change and the possibilities, which can unfold. It's like a tipping point and you must steady the hands of change through your trust in the strength of your passions and impulses. Stop trying to predict your future and start living out the best choices for the moments available to you right now. It's not about a win for the future. You can experience a win, now! In fact, you do, but you are too busy being disappointed about the past and future to notice. If you pay attention long enough, you'll recognize the support around you, which is always showing up when you least expect it. The symbolism of these varied gifts is love. When you get out of your own way and follow the path you're on, you are walking in alignment with your true purpose and the rewards of happiness it brings. Don't decide between this or that thing, or an achievement. Make the decision that makes you as happy as you can know of, right now! May the Source be with you always!


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