Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Accepting Another's Child

People have asked me if I were to get married again and my future husband has a child or children from either a previous relationship or marriage, would I accept them? I don't even have to think about that as the answer would be yes. That is IF I were to find a man that proposed to me :D. 

Many years ago when I got divorced my son was only 18 months old. Those years men were not prepared to accept another man's child. I had huge issues with men just because I had a son. My motto was - that if they could not accept that I have a son, then they were not worth it.

I did have a relationship where my partner at that time also had a son. Kelly was about two months younger than Jason. For a whole year that little boy was a part of my life every second weekend when it was his turn to be with his father. I loved and cared for him! When the relationship ended, it was difficult. I missed Kelly something terrible and so did Jason. But we had to move on.

I have never had an issue with other people's children. When my nephew Donovan married Julie. Julie had a little girl from her previous marriage. At that time Jamie was 2 years old. Our whole family accepted Jamie including me. Donovan and Julie are now getting divorced and it has affected me big time because again, I miss Jamie. She is now 6 years old. I cannot imagine how broken her little heart must be. It is sad. She cannot understand why it is that Hayden, Donovan and Julie's little boy - my great nephew - now goes to Donovan for weekends and she can't go with. Oh gosh, just writing that has brought tears to my eyes!! Crap - I am such a softy sometimes! teeheeheee

Anyway, my answer to the question is - yes, should I ever be in that position, I would accept a child or children from a previous relationship or marriage. I have always wanted a family of my own. I do have my son and I do have my sisters, nephews etc but I am talking about having my very "own" family. A husband. I have always wanted a husband. If he has a child or children that would be a bonus!! It would be wonderful having a happy, loving family :D

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