Thursday, December 29, 2016

End Of 2016

Finally the end of 2016 is looming ahead! As I approach the New Year, I find myself trying to keep my strength up. It's as if I am being besieged. People are asking me to supply far more than I can spare. Situations too are taking it out of me. This explains not only the pressure I feel... it illuminates the opportunities I am facing. But it is time to stop.I have to let go of the pressure, so that I am free to embrace the opportunities that 2017 brings. I'm putting on a brave face. I always do that. But, actually, I need help, support and understanding. I have to be patient. Help is on its way, but it's coming slowly. I have to try to trust that this is happening and, meanwhile, don't give in to pressure. It appears that I can only go so far and then no further. Seemingly, there's a limit to what I can do. Does this make me resentful? I must not let it. That's like a train feeling cross because the tracks are never more than a certain distance apart. The boundaries, the restrictions, the defining lines in my life on all levels exist for a reason. It's a good one. I'm being kept in a position that can ultimately only make me very happy. I need to be less inclined to doubt my circumstances and more prepared to trust my heart. Already this week, I've had to do a lot of soul-searching. But in the process of searching for my soul, I've found it. Isn't that a joyous discovery to take into the New Year? Tick, tock, tick, tock. I know what that sound represents. It's why I should slow down, rather than speed up. Ignore the sense of urgency. Life is too short for hurry and worry. If I were here forever, perhaps I could afford to waste precious moments in a state of terrible tension. But the very brevity of existence means I should savour every second. Go easy as I move towards the New Year. Time to let go of the pressure to get things done. This year has really pulled me through the ringer. Am I glad to see the back of 2016? Absolutely! Today I took my own advice. I slept late. I took my time exercising. I lay in the sun a bit - the first time in a week that I have seen the sun! Its been raining here all week. I sent some e-mails after lunch and posted some ads. That was that. Enough is enough! It is the first time ever that I have worked right through a December month....I am drained. Saturday I go to my happy place in Pennington on the South Coast. Sea, sand and sunshine are beckoning for me to come join them!

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