Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Lightning Flashes

This storm came out of no where last night. At around 11:30 the skies were all clear and I thought to myself "ok, I can leave the sun lounger mattress and the umbrella on the patio as it's not going to rain". I then went and got ready for bed. 20 min later I see this flash of light and at first I thought one of the security lights had blown, when I saw another flash - I looked out the window and it was insane - the sky all closed up - lightning flashes in such quick succession it was like disco lights. I ofcourse did not see what Christo Smith, a photographer in the area where I live, captured with his camera in the foto below. It really is so awesome! I had to race outside in my PJ's and quickly grab everything on the patio to bring inside. That is the only issue I have with where I now live - I do not have a covered patio so whenever it rains I have to cart everything inside. So annoying sometimes!

This is Christo Smith's rendition of last night as follows : 

6 Minutes of Lightning. That's all...

Opportunity "strikes" at the strangest of times. It's late at night, 12:30, and we're about to get ready for bed. A massive electrical storm rushes over us in Northriding with strikes every few seconds, and I knew I had to take a chance.

I had my camera and tripod in the boot of my car which is on the other side of the complex which I live in. I ran across, grabbed them and ran back, set up in a minute and under a car port lodged between two cars I started shooting on Bulb Mode taking several shots.

I got a few strikes and then the severe wind starts blowing the rain directly at me. I had to stop... Rain drops already on my lens, and camera shake from the wind a certainty. I had to see what I got...

I checked; I started shooting at 12:39, and I was forced to stop at 12:45. 6 minutes. I love the Highveld of South Africa...I am Proudly South African.
Canon 6D, Tamron 28-75mm 2.8. Bulb Mode. F5.6. ISO 100.

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