Thursday, December 8, 2016

Sensory Perception

I am in awe! Berry Jones is amazing. It is so uncanny how the messages are so relevant to my experiences each day. These messages are so profound! Yesterday again I was having a bad day at work. Wondering if I will be able to get my team to follow the vision I have. Wondering where the like-minded people are. Trying to word my adverts in such a way to reach the right people. Hashing out words - over and over and rehashing them again! Frustration coursing through me like a wild river! A frigging challenge for sure but dammit I am determined. Today (8 December 2016) I think I have found a team that will follow. I am looking forward again. Today I have happiness in my heart not only in my work life but in my personal life too!! The bends in the road are definitely alot less frightening than I imagined! What can I say? All but...thank you!

Today's Daily Angel Card Message for Wednesday, December 7, 2016

When you stand in your power, you have this incredible insight into all the hidden possibilities surrounding you. You are not alone, as there is lots of support everywhere you look. These opportunities are flowing from within your soul and reflecting through your outer experiences. All you have to do is have the courage to express them for those people who will benefit from them the most. You are strong and can solve any problems, which may challenge you along the way. This is your appointed time, which you can sense. Your sensory perception is spot on. There's no reason to hesitate or second guess what you get. You're standing in a position of advantage, where the general view gives you enough information to make an informed decision. Consider all the variables in relationship to everything you want. Don't segregate or break down the information into separate parts. Keep seeing the complete picture of contrast as a significant whole working in unity to help you unearth your truth, and it's purpose. Your entire body of life experiences is cultivating and deriving the individual pieces that will eventually fall into place. There's nothing lacking in yourself or in your reality. It is all there what you seek and need. You simply have to draw the components together through the eye of your spiritual perspective, lead by your heart’s passions.

The angels want you to feel how immensely loved and supported you are at this time. You have a strong conviction to use some form of communication to advertise your message. Perhaps, you are feeling compelled through some medium of communication to speak, teach, or heal. There are many possible avenues for you to accomplish this. It does not matter which it is. It's most important that you allow yourself to naturally follow the one which you feel more fluent and at ease with. Don't try to do something because it seems it will have a greater impact on your success. This has more to do with which will allow you to find the best channel of connection with your audience. The voice of your spirit is inspiring and motivational. You have an ability to uplift and create change. Even though there will be challenges in this, you thrive in this environment best. These challenges do not hinder your efforts or mission, they are the basis of your divinely guided choices. You are a natural healer going into battle with a great light. Your light is a bringer of beauty and peace. The peace you bring is truth and alignment, as the souls you encounter find their way again. Your happiness and theirs is the result, which peace offers. Peace is not a smooth quality of vibration, like a placid lake’s surface. It's more like an undisturbed flow of momentum and enjoyment in your journey, no matter what bumps appear on the surface. When you are focused and clear about what you are aiming for, your awareness expands and you allow a broader range of information into the scope of your vision and perception. Those bumps you notice or discover before you make contact with them, and it allows you to make choices about their meaning to your overall plan.

Some of those bumps in your higher state of consciousness may or may not have a role in the current process. A decision is made and accepted whereby you act in accordance with your own alignment. You don't think to replay your performance or actions, you simply monitor how much of your flow you are channeling. Within the peace of your heart, your aim is to allow more improvement of this to occur each time. You recognize that you have only the present moment and its circumstances to apply this process, so you sever regrets from the past, and keep living in the present. As you do, the body of your whole experiences come into focus and serves the desire you wish to fashion. In this way, all the parts of your life can work in harmony to bring a central current of success to support whatever dreams or goals you are producing and processing. There are many who would be happy to dive in and join you in achieving your goals, if you are more available to assistance from others. Don't hold onto too tightly to your purse strings. Loosen up a bit in this regard, in order for your needs and their means to flow more efficiently. You would like to retain a certain level of control over the direction and ultimate outcome. However, think about surrendering the controls out of fear for the ultimate purpose of abundance to take a greater direction than you had been able to conceive alone. What you will have, would not be possible, if not for the entire team of participants whom will follow.

Your body of affluence stems from the collective creation of your Source, who is the forever living presence, which is sharing and inspiring the desires, which bring you peace and purpose. Celebrate your achievements wielded in the independence of your expression. Think less about safety and the how’s. Concentrate on the ways to relinquish the voice of your soul through creatively doing and interacting. Listen to what your gut tells you, to guide you through the path of least resistance no matter what occurs. If friends or like-minded individuals show up on your path to help you, receive what they have to offer. There will probably never be a straight line to your destination. Enjoy the bends in the road. Lean into them a bit. They are a lot less frightening than you imagined. Let the peace of your Source flow through each experience, and see what develops from your openness and receptivity. You'll be most surprised at the amount of information and understanding you have access to from the advantage of this position. You are feeling strongly optimistic and with good reason! Choose the path that's right for you. Others will find their way soon. You are a model for peace. May the Source be with you always!


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