Monday, December 12, 2016

Having Your Cake And Eating It

A friend of mine happened to read this post and asked me what I am on about as in general when people refer to "having your cake and eating it" - it usually means that you have two people in your life that you are intimately involved with and therefore the saying "you can have your cake or you can eat it" but not both. So basically you need to choose, it is either the one or the other. I cracked up laughing because that analogy does not apply to me and yes, I did not think about it that way!  She was really confused and also had a good laugh as she thought I was hiding this deep, dark secret from her! :D No, I am not in that boat and my opinion on that scenario is that I do not agree with it at all. My stance on relationships is that if you are involved with someone, you remain loyal to that person. I was faced with a choice the other day that had nothing to do with a relationship. It concerned a choice I had to make regarding an option or rather an opinion related to my business. Something more directed to the sentences that I have highlighted below. You can have your cake or you can eat it. You can't do both. Or so conventional wisdom tells us. But what's the point of having a cake that you can't eat? And, as it is impossible to eat a cake that you can't have, why wouldn't you try to eat it while you have it? You've been feeling as if life has been asking you to work a miracle. Today, it becomes clear that you only have to re-evaluate an old opinion. Take a less pessimistic look at that cake!

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