Sunday, May 22, 2016

60th Birthday Celebration

Today the family went to Papachino's to celebrate my sister Angie's 60th. Oh my word, I cannot believe she is 60 already!! Donovan, his wife Julie and the kids - Hayden, Chase and Jamie were there. My son Jason and my sister Rita. My cousin Gaynor and my Aunt Rose and two friends of Angie, Hannetjie and Sussie and ofcourse the birthday girl. I look at Chase. Every time I see him I notice he has grown and it is uncanny how much he is starting to look like his late Grandfather Clive, just as Jason looks so much like my late Father. Then I think of my late Mother. I lost her when she was 67. Crazy how time flies. I remember when Angie turned 52 and it feels like just the other day. It makes me realise that every day needs to be made the most of. We need to really live each day and take it as it comes but most importantly is that we need to enjoy each day that is given to us and we need to appreciate the people that are in our lives.
My sister Angie and Chase.

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