Thursday, May 5, 2016

Feeling The Desperation

I am feeling the absolute need to flee to another country! You must know you are desperate when you are even at the point of moving to a foreign country out in the middle of the sticks. Where you do not know a soul and you do not even know if there are many inhabitants left in the town! You do not know if there is water or electricity in the dilapidated house. But, what you do know is that you are at the point where you are quite prepared to slum it. As long as a fire can be made to keep warm and to cook food. As long as there is part of a roof to cover your head and as long as there is at least one room where you can feel secure. Hell, if I was offered a dilapidated house in the town of Gangi in Sicily, Italy - I would grab it!! That is how I feel right now! That feeling is classified as desperate! Why am I so desperate you may wonder? Well, quite simply because I live in Randburg, Gauteng Province in South Africa. What? That beautiful country? Yes - that beautiful country. A beautiful country with many awe inspiring places to visit. VISIT is the operative word. We have beautiful country sides with mountains and rivers. We have stunning bush veld (south african slang for fields) with wild game - Lions, Cheetahs, Elephant, Buffalo, Kudu, Springbuck, Eland - you name it! We have a stunning coastline with long stretches of white, soft sea sand. Why would I want to leave this beautiful country? Quite simply put - you just cannot live here anymore. Not as a white person. You put your life at risk every single time you step out of your house! Never mind the fact that you are also in fact not certain if you are actually safe in your home either....The beautiful country and the united nation that Nelson Mandela envisioned is gone!! No. I speak under correction. The united nation that Mandela wanted is gone. All at the hands of one person - our useless President Jacob Zuma! How can you expect a person with the education of a 13 year old to run a country? Quite laughable really! This country is going down the drain so fast now it is really scary. The youth of today that are in school now just need 30 percent to pass to the next standard/grade/level. Have you ever?? So we now have not only an uneducated President but the youth following in his footsteps. How are these youngsters supposed to enter University when they only have 30 percent in whatever subjects they are studying? But ofcourse the government does not think about that. That is beyond their comprehension. White people are no longer being employed! So the whites that do have jobs, even though they really would like to move to greener pastures, hang on to the job for the sake of having one. Just recently our Labour Minister made a comment that all whites are now to be let go from their jobs!! Again, these people that are running the country do not realise that whites are the only ones who actually have the skills to grow the economy. Blacks are being employed not for their skills but purely because of the colour of their skin. It is frightening to see how things have deteriorated with these incompetent people. There just is no service delivery anymore. All the Municipalities/town councils are bankrupt. They have been pocketing the money that the government assigned to them. Nelson Mandela wanted to get rid of apartheid between blacks and whites. Apartheid is now even more rife than before 1994!! The hatred of the majority of blacks towards whites has become insurmountable. The hate speech. The destruction of monuments that reflect South Africa's history. The blacks believe that that history does not include them. They now want to make their own history! But, are clueless as to how to do that. Our President used 246million rand of tax payers' money to renovate his home! Every month something goes up in price. If it is not electricity then it is the fuel levy and if it is not that then it is food prices. Not one "normal" "average" person in South Africa is able to save money anymore. The majority live from pay cheque to pay cheque. And the poor - the poor are getting poorer by the day. People living in sqaullor! No electricity and no sanitation. Disease amongst them is rife. Then comes election time and these people, who are mostly uneducated, are bribed with food parcels and threatened that if they do not vote for the ANC government then they will not get the houses that they have been promised! These people are so grateful for the food parcel they don't even care about the threat. Then there is the huge factor of unemployment. South Africa has the third highest unemployment rate in the world!! Over half of SA’s parents would advise their kids to emigrate, according to the Parent24 Kids Nation Survey. The safety factor is worrying. Any exposure to the media is a reminder that there are crimes being committed on a frightening scale every day. The murder and eviction of whites in Zimbabwe has been commented on in the news but here in South Africa, whites are being slaughtered at an even higher rate. 

As with Zimbabwe, the media silence about the murder of whites there is almost total and in South Africa's case, even human rights groups are largely silent. South Africa is rapidly descending into crime, disease, filth, and savagery. White farmers have been murdered in farm invasions and attacks that number in the multiple thousands. More than half of the white farmers have given up and left their farms permanently, contributing to the region's looming famine. South African farmers now suffer the highest murder rate in the world, 274 per 100,000. In a study commissioned by a leading South African bank, Nedbank, it was revealed that the black attackers are deliberately targeting specific homesteads to kill the white victims. Robbery was not the prime motivation, in fact in 85% of last year's farm attacks, nothing had been robbed. In other words, killing the white man, raping and killing the white woman, raping and killing the white child are the real motivations. And yet this is not an issue in the media. The world has no clue as to what is really taking place in this country! Unlike Zimbabwe, the government in South Africa does not have an officially-announced policy of supporting these farm invasions and massacres. But, they do have a policy of looking the other way and doing next to nothing about it, a policy which encourages black violence against whites. Even the government admits that, under black rule, crime and murder are out of control. The murders I've been describing here are just the farm murders. The murder rate in the cities is even higher, for Johannesburg alone it is 600 per month. Many of the victims are white, and the attackers black and racially motivated, a fact that is never mentioned in the media. South Africa is also the rape capital of the world. A woman is reported raped every 23 seconds in South Africa. A small child is reported raped every thirty minutes. And remember, these are the reported and admitted rapes. This dismal record is partly due to the Congoids' innate savagery when released from the control of civilised men, and partly due to the black folk belief that raping a virgin will cure AIDS, which is rampant in this country. 

The beaten, battered and nearly frozen body of a young Polish woman was found, clad only in a soaked t-shirt, along the road to South Africa's Sterkfontein Dam. Her body was so cold it was actually blue. Her hair was wet and she was covered with bruises, open wounds, deep scratches, and mud. She was curled in a fetal position. She was still alive. To students of rape in South Africa she was another digit in the statistics. To Americans and Europeans who get their news from the major media, she didn't even exist. She was a 27-year-old newlywed on her honeymoon, a honeymoon that ended when three blacks murdered her husband in front of her eyes and then brutally raped her, beat her, attempted to kill her and left her for dead. The bruise marks around her neck indicated that her rapists had tried to strangle her. At the treatment center she was immediately given AZT by Polish Consulate authorities (treatment refused her by the South African government) in the hope that it would prevent the transfer of HIV, since two of her three attackers tested positive for the virus. She testified that after her attackers murdered her husband, they forced her in the trunk of their car, and went to a secluded spot where each of the blacks raped her in turn. They then attempted to drown her by stamping their feet on her head in an attempt to keep her head underwater. The woman has returned to Poland and refuses to set foot in South Africa again, even to testify. Completely understandable. Why would one want to come back at all!

The South African Police Service can’t cope with the horrendously high crime-rate and having to deal with the daily wave of rioting which is spreading across the country. To top that, one cannot even trust the police anymore either. The majority are black. It has even been reported that they have been involved in some crimes!! The ruling ANC has been plunged into an internal crisis which is leading to physical violence at their meetings and include political murders and this poor leadership is threatening to tear the security of the country to shreds. So, to those reading this...Welcome to South Africa. This is where I live! Gangi in Sicily...sounds like heaven right now....


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