Sunday, May 15, 2016

Happiness!! I Have My Jolie Back

These last two months have been such a rollercoaster ride for me! One of the most devastating things to happen to me was when my cat, Jolie, who I have had for 12 years went missing after a house move at the end of February. I basically moved heaven and earth to find her again. The perseverence paid off! 

I received a call from a guy named Tim on Thursday morning - said Jolie has been in his garden on and off - he had no idea she was lost - ranted on FB the day before about people dumping their ancient cats (shame she has aged another 10 years!!!) - his daughter in CT had seen my posts and the daughters friend recalled one of my posters at the All Saints shopping centre and told Tim to go check if its not the same cat -he did so and called me - I went to his place - three roads down from me - he was showing me where she would lie under his carport - I was talking to him and then I called her but before I could even finish her name I heard this hoarse little meeow from the other side of the wall - she was in the neighbours garden - she then jumped over the wall and came running to me - oh my soul I was laughing and crying at the same time - she is filthy dirty and very very thin but otherwise ok - as I was leaving Tim's - he was closing his gate then he saw a blue car come down the road and as it reached his driveway he waved the guy down - an elderly gentleman - Tim told him that he had reunited the cat and me - in that split second I saw disappointment on his face - I actually felt bad - then he caught my eye and gave me the thumbs up and just drove on - I then noticed that the car is VERY old - I cannot even tell you what model it is but its that old station wagon shape - it then struck me that it is the exact same blue car as the animal communicator had told me a week before this - she had said she sees Jolie with an older couple and they drive an older model blue car!! - I watched him and saw he drove into a driveway two doors down from Tim!! So yes - I would think that Jolie must have been staying with them when she was not at Tim's. Also a while ago the communicator had asked me if the number 12 was significant to me - I said perhaps its validation that it is Jolie as she is 12 years old...but, the bizarre thing is I found her on the 12th!!! - 12 May 2016 - I am over the moon with happiness that I have my Jolie back - now finally things feel normal again....I took a pic of Jolie soon after I brought her home on my bed - she was so exhausted - after I gave her some food she just wanted to sleep....shame man...she is soooo thin!

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