Monday, October 24, 2016

Be The Creator Of Your Reality

I really love when I find a message that inspires me. The messages I have read lately all somehow feel that they are directed at me with regards to career. I love how there is always some advice that I can take from these messages...always something to help me along my path. Man, I feel really good!!

Today's Angel Card Message for Monday, October 24, 2016

It seems that you are feeling really good about a few things in your life and some decisions you've made. However, you may have some interference coming from loved ones and friends, because they don't agree wholeheartedly with the direction you're taking. This is placing you in a very vulnerable position, because it's questioning for you what your heart is compelling you to do. You have resorted to keep it hidden from them until you can get more comfortable with the choice you've made. Meanwhile, you've created a wonderful world where no one else exists and neither does their two cents of input! You feel really good about what you are doing and enjoying. Your soul is alive and your pulse for your life purpose is strong. This situation may also involve a romantic relationship. Although you have a solid connection developing between you, it's time to start looking at where this is seriously going. The only way to discover that is to see how it perseveres in the actual journey of your lives together and individually. Your heart's potential is open to successful outcomes. Whether you are pursuing a relationship or a career, a path is unfolding for you to channel what you have learned into really sustainable, stable, and prosperous opportunities!

Standing before you is a gateway into a whole new paradigm of existence and consciousness. It's a new world order, where you're truly ruling your reality from the heart. Your heart is orchestrating completely new conditions, as this Emperor is possibly exemplifying by the symbols of his reign. Your thoughts and actions are not solely dictated by reason and logic, but also motivated by your passions. They matter and are given more prominence in your decisions, as they rightly should. This card, in this regard, is also saying that you are doing what is best for you, and that you are learning to follow the structure and direction that your soul's path has carved out for you. It's also saying that you are not taking a back seat anymore, and that you are partnering and participating more consciously in the choices and developments of this divine plan. New foundations are being placed to stabilize the core of your connection with your higher self, and within the core of your relationships. As this expands, you come to realize that there was never an intention to separate you from the world of your Source and the physical world you interact with. This partnership and connection was provided to enhance and to secure your existence within the universal framework of life.

A fundamental issue is to play down the resourcefulness and powerful tools of your intuition’s ability to assist you in practical decision-making. It's not something that has an on and off switch. To deny its value is impractical and unreasonable. Its purpose is not only to inform you of what's ahead. It's sole reason is to constantly remind you of who you really are, and what it is you desire, that makes you feel happy and valued. There is no greater purpose for your divine guidance. It's a compass that knows “locations” (as in situations, relationships, environments) where you are most fulfilled and successful. These “locations” are vibrational realities where the potential is active, realized, embraced, supported, nurtured, and sustained by your inner being. A perfectly formulated and constructed well made plan is waiting for you to seek it out and experience it. Of course, this is not always easy to do, when there are too many other voices and other types of distractions occupying our minds and attention. The Emperor is asking you to stick to the well laid out plan of your heart, which may mean setting boundaries, making a schedule to curb idleness and frivolity, and being firm and determined.

The Emperor may indicate that you have great ideas floating around, but you aren't making any concrete plans or decisions to develop them into tangible goals. Perhaps, you are afraid to ask for help or seek out some advice from an expert. If you have issues with authority and giving up control, this is going to create an obstacle or some form of stagnation in your process. No one is going to steal your idea and alter it somehow. It's clear that you need some form of assistance, recommendations, or insights to expand your experience or goals. No one ever does anything completely without others. There's a reason why each of us has a speciality or a unique perspective that another doesn't have necessarily in the exact same way. Our diversity is there to bring options we couldn't have explored or expected, otherwise. You need the interaction to spark new ideas, and to possibly renew your motivation and passion. You have a strong desire, but you're lacking will and conviction to follow through. It's time for you to come down from those clouds, and begin building connections to help you get things done.

If you are dating or have been admiring from afar, it's time for you to implement the steps you have been guided to take. This goes for anything. Your focus of inadequacy is disabling you from experiencing the happiness you seek. It doesn't matter what you are thinking in your head. What matters is what you are hearing in your heart. Trust it. Don't worry about the outcome. The outcome is not the practical purpose of the action step. The universe always has a strategy to help you get uncomfortable being in your shell. You want to move from one shell to another, and have it always be and feel comfortable. But, what if being comfortable is the crutch? What if it's keeping you stuck in a similar pattern or environment, where you aren't gaining any real knowledge and understanding of who you are potentially? What if you you being comfortable is what's really making life uninteresting and unsatisfactory for you? So, what if it doesn't turn out the way you hoped? Look at it as an opportunity to discover another aspect of your strengths and weaknesses you weren't aware of, and that you have a chance to try something different. These experiences offer you an opportunity to refine yourself, in order to better align with your true purpose, passion, and potential.

Instead of taking action, based on an expected outcome, make the success of your goal purely about trusting your instincts and wisdom. You have to be able to rely on them as a Emperor in order to gain experience. For example, you're guided to apply for a higher position in your job. The outcome is obviously to be hired. Yet, the focus from your angel's perspective was to apply, because you deserve to know your potential. As you put together the information to complete the application, the resume process causes you to look at your skills and experience in a way completely different from your comfortable position. As you start to transfer the skills and experience that outwardly fit the position, you may start to see other things you've done since your last resume. Because of your current job guidelines, you may not have realized the extra skills you've picked up, which were indicating that you were ready for something more. You were too comfortable in focusing on the outcome of the reliable paycheck to ever pay attention. People don't take advantage of us, as much as, we just don't pay enough attention to ourselves in a credible way. The outcomes aren't as important as what you gain and learn about yourself along the way.

You have to start thinking like a leader or creator of your reality, and less like the outsider or underdog in your own world. Get uncomfortable in this situation. Sometimes, the universe will shake up your world for this very purpose, as the guidance was to assist this process. Once you are finally awake, you're ready for a powerful and true outcome worthy of your heart's valuable contributions and leadership. Don't wrestle against the plan to mold you into a better version of fulfillment and happiness! You are loved too dearly to ever let you stand still in such blandness. If doing something alone does not make a difference or brings unfavorable results, then get back up by asking for help from persons qualified to help you see yourself in the likeness of your Creator's vision of you. The plan is to inspire you to discover the best possibilities to make the progress you seek. Trust and believe in yourself and your intuition. You have strengths and power yet to be unleashed. Now is the time to forge them! May the Source be with you always!


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