Monday, October 10, 2016

Trust Your Instincts

A message aimed at me. Awesome!!

Today's Angel Card Message for Monday, October 10, 2016

The Queen of Autumn (Pentacles) reminds you to take time to consider what you want out of any situation, which may come up suddenly. Instead of reacting to something that occurs, tune in and seek out a creative approach, which will be an unexpected response. Yet, it will help you to manifest the best outcome, and be of great assistance to everyone involved. You may need to seek out someone like our queen, who is very adept at guiding you to shape an idea or goal in a very better way. This person might be of assistance in helping you turn your dreams into a success. Perhaps, you have been observing your situation from the wrong point of view. You're clear about what you want, which you are lacking, that it's distracting you from discerning what steps you should follow, in order to start experiencing it. However, there's a sense that some of the details of things you want to see are beginning to come into focus. You'll take some creative risk or advice, which will launch new possibilities and financial opportunities through this process. Pay attention to persons, who are dedicated to helping you fulfill your commitment to your dreams, and willing to provide some of the advantages you need to do so. Gifts transpire at the right moment when you are fully receptive.

Think of the Queen of Autumn as the goddess of the harvest season. There is an opportunity for you to reap the benefits of what you've sown. You can see that her ability to focus within allows her to tap into the infinite flow of abundance, which she's able to conjure at her will. She's reminding you that you have the gift to change your circumstances by giving yourself permission to believe you deserve what you desire. It's also a time of discernment. You can't keep offering more questions to answers, which are already inside you. When you choose the direction of your desire, more answers unfold naturally leading always toward further information and inspirational experiences. Her long flowing robes indicate, that she is always moving with the flow, even if the conditions aren't favorable. She knows resistance amplifies the unwanted. She's patient about what she believes in, and doesn't cut corners to achieve her goals. Her greatest joy is discovering new possibilities and opportunities, as they unfold within the process of shaping and sharing her desires.

The Queen of Autumn lives fully in each present moment and is receptive to all sorts of ideas and input. This way it allows her to draw from a variety what she likes. It provides her with choices, which she divines from within. If it doesn't resonate with her, she won't second guess her instincts. She has a keen sense about what's right and wrong, which is why most find her guidance to be sound and reasonable. Her heart is brave and strong. It feels like you're becoming more secure about what your heart really wants. Her creativity flows freely, because she always applies her talents to the things she loves. This aspect of your soul is calling you to make choices like this, which help you to shift into a position of prosperity and happiness. It doesn't mean that you have to drop everything at once, that you've been doing. However, you're being encouraged to allow yourself to embrace changes that are practical and appropriate for you to begin. You may not feel like you're ready for these important decisions, but your spirit is!

Decisive signs will appear to help you become certain of the best way for you to go. Listen carefully to thoughts that repeat in your heart, which seem to keep coming to you. It's similar to a tune that pops into your mind, and no matter what, you can't stop humming or singing it all day. These moments are not coincidences. You're receiving a message from your angels and God, which they are playing in your heart. No matter how much you try to resist it, it stays right there making you happy and fulfilled. It would seem there's no way to escape it. Another way they may get a message through is by using speech. I've had this experience of thinking to say one thing, when I keep repeating another during a reading or when talking to someone. I clearly have this strong knowing and conviction, that what I'm saying, not what I am thinking, is a message. You'll get it, because you can't override the impulse. They have a way of using impulses to foster or highlight clear signs of inspired action to pursue. It's equally important not to become derailed by a negative perception of the details. At this point, you may not be seeing all the facts in the best context, which is distorting the true outcome.

At this point, don't take conflicts too seriously. It's important to lighten up your attitude and find more ways to enjoy what you're doing. If you're not careful, you can easily overlook opportunities headed in your direction. Like the Queen of Autumn, you have to be ready for whatever comes to you by staying in touch with your inner desires and truth. No matter what happens, she never loses her connection to it or her intention. It helps her know which choices are suitable for her. She has developed a penchant for rewarding experiences, and people she can collaborate with. There's a synergy she can always spot. It helps her to read where a successful opportunity is possible. Her advice is to focus on goals that spark your heart and have strong impulses with many leads. Also, don't force anything to happen. Notice what's happening in relationship between you and your purpose. If it's for the best, you'll feel a strong surge of momentum and positive influence. You won't have to seek out the details you want, you will feel guided by them, as if you are being drawn to what you need instead. Trust your true instincts! May the Source be with you always!


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