Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Messages Ring So True

Wow! I am completely blown away!!! Stunned actually and at the same time soooo happy and overwhelmed! I have taken on a new opportunity over and above what I normally do. In this economy I just had to. I have been stressing BIG TIME as to how I am going to make this work and yes, stressing over all the details. I am quite honestly drained. I have even developed a frigging pain just below my right shoulder blade - like a pinched nerve or something - when I turn the wrong way I get this shooting pain through my back! Not nice :( - Getting back to my story - I have been having sleepless nights because my head is spinning with all the things on the "to do list" and yes, questioning my ability and my confidence. My insecurities are getting the better of me. But, being me - who I am - I am determined to make this work. I questioned it all at first but have now seen the potential. Damn - it is there! I have had some hunches but was too skeptical to pursue them and today I just thought - bugger this, I am going to follow my hunch. I am so HAPPY I did. The result from my hunch has opened a completely new door!! I am so stoked. At lunch I took a break and went on to FB and read from some of my favourite groups. I came across these two posts. I could not believe what I was reading!! It's as if these messages are directed at me!! Yesterday I also had a message that I posted here that I also felt was aimed at me. The message was to trust my true instincts and that is exactly what I did today! So, so, sooooo AWESOME!

Today's Angel Card Message for Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The first impression of this card is strongly advising you to open your heart, and shower yourself and others with compassion. It's a signal for you to give everyone, including yourself a huge break! An important opportunity is available, but you're spending too much energy stressing over every little detail. It's draining everyone involved, and creating high volumes of frustration, anxiety, and fatigue. Nothing good can come from this approach. The King of Autumn would suggest that you are working against yourself. Like him, you're very accomplished in your area of expertise and very talented. Instead of grinding away, you need to step back and celebrate your achievements. It doesn't make sense for you to feel insecure about the steps you're taking to bring some important plans or goals to fruition. You're on the right path. You may not see it in this moment, but everything is in effect going quite well! You just need to hang in there, continue with what you are doing, and take advantage of this time to improve how you go about reaching your destination. This card also represents a very sweet and kind person, like a new employer, that you might meet. It could represent your role as a leader of a team or division on your job. Whether you are in a leadership position, or it represents your respectability and influence to shape a particular point of view, you need to trust these impulses and take action about something you know is right.

I'm getting a strong feeling that you've been unable to rest adequately, because of some changes you're pursuing, or considering, in your life. These changes are giving you the chance to set some things straight, which are very important. These huge opportunities are going to make all the difference in the world for you and your loved ones. They will help you to have a completely different lifestyle, where you'll enjoy certain freedoms you couldn't possibly afford otherwise. The opportunity is available because you deserve it, and you're more than qualified with the outstanding skills and experience you have. In spite of knowing this, you are wavering in your confidence, and making the process more difficult than it should. It seems that you need to relax a bit more. The more you focus upon the list of things you need to fulfill the requirements, the greater your anxiety spirals out of control. It is counterproductive to your own flow of well-being and abundance, which is actually blossoming for you at this time. If you're working toward a specific goal, the king might indicate how close you are to succeeding. He may also represent how well you are perceived by others in an interview process, for example.

You are doing a really great job in your preparations. If you applied for employment, a loan, or perhaps met someone you're interested in, this card could highlight how well you're doing. It could show the level of interest in you from the other party. It feels like the faeries are giving you a thumbs up. This might come to comfort you and ease your fears about your chances in this situation. Again, I keep picking up on the need for reassurances, as unfounded insecurities are significantly high. The King of Autumn would suggest that the gifts you've prayed for are available for you to receive. You just have to stay positive and believe. Perhaps you are inspecting some financial prospects, but you're not sure if they are solid leads. This card would affirm your decision. It would also suggests that there is a quick financial turnaround and other possible rewards involved. It's a favorable investment, but it will require more of your time and focused commitment to get it up and running. You'll have to wear several hats at the same time. Even though it will seem slightly stressful, you will feel good about what you are doing. After the initial stages, things will slow down enough for you to have plenty of time and energy to enjoy what you have established.

The King of Autumn would suggest that you focus less on your concerns and put more energy into developing opportunities for yourself. He's surrounded by lots of grapes hanging from the vines. Growing up, my grandmother had two in her backyard. I could stand there all day and eat them. Of course, I did overindulge a few times and gave myself a sour stomach. However, there's no such thing as too good of thing when you are doing what you love. There are always new possibilities unfolding. Instead of never eating anymore grapes, I learned better not to worry about getting sick, but to pay attention to noticing when I have had enough. Some of you may have misjudged something in the past, overindulged, and paid some heavy consequences for them. Yet, this doesn't mean that you should stop trying. Don't take precautions by over analyzing what went wrong. And, don't try to anticipate your actions beforehand. Basically, you'll end up sabotaging yourself and what's important to you. Trust that you will know the right thing to do when the moment arrives. The same impulses that have stirred you in this wonderful direction will continue to provide the wisdom and insights at anytime you're unsure, and need assistance.

Another aspect of this card's meaning may signify physical clues, “chance” meetings, or having a spiritual vision or dream come true. Gifts appear in different forms. You may receive them very clearly and accurately while you're doing something creative or following up on a hunch you have. Don't be afraid of a sudden opportunity to speak or display your talents before an audience. Even if you don't feel ready, go for it! You are more than ready for the opportunity that has been set up for you. You'll feel a strong spiritual connection and will be surrounded by God's grace and love. When you feel drawn toward a wonderful new opportunity, trust that behind the door is an extraordinary blessing that's beyond your imagination of good. You haven't begun to see the peace and satisfaction you're meant to have. Think less about doing what's right, and start with doing what feels good! May the Source be with you always!


The following extract is from Doreen Virtue's Angel card for today, 11 October 2016.

What repetitive business ideas have you been receiving? Because your guardian angels are saying these ideas are answers to your prayers. Now it's time to trust and follow these inner messages which guide you to take positive action steps for your business idea, such as research, education, grant-writing, crowd funding, and so forth. Each step is guided and supported for you, including helpful people being sent to assist in the business idea's fruition. God knows exactly what you're capable of, and so gives you ideas about positive actions to take which bring blessings to the world. God also provides for your personal and business needs as you follow and fulfill your divine guidance. Today, envision your idea as already being fulfilled. Feel the sense of mission and passion you have for helping others with your business venture. Hold this vision and these feelings, and doors will open for you at exactly the right time and in the right way.

Even the two pictures of the cards are really awesome!

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